Top 5 Hacks for Amazon Fire Stick


Amazon Fire Stick TV is one of the most popular and widely used smart accessory available in the market. Currently, it has 34 million users, with 35% of the share of streaming platforms.

There are 2 models for Fire TV one is Firebox that supports both HDR video and Ultra HD, whereas Fire Stick supports a resolution of 1080p. So, here are tips, addons and tricks for Amazon Fire Stick, which one must know.

Here are the Top 5 Hacks of Amazon Fire Stick.

1) Control Fire Stick Content with Parental Control Features

Parental Controls have two areas where people can protect their loved ones. One can set the appropriate content and can make sure that nobody can download additional apps or make a purchase without permission.

The second area of adjustments is in the app itself. Applications like Netflix allow an individual to create separate profiles for itself, and it can further be customized based on age. 

To set parental controls follow the steps:-

i) Go to Settings >> Preferences >> Parental Control.

ii) The Viewing Restriction is set to the family by default. In this content, rated PG and below are available for viewing. 

iii) Well, people who want to change the preference can do by setting up a 4-digit PIN to keep a younger audience out of the mature content.

2) Ditch the Remote and Use Phone as a Remote

Losing your remote down the side of the couch is quite irritating. Now, those who have lost there remote or is tired of holding big size remote can use iOS or Android device to control his/her Fire TV.

What it actually requires is the smartphone with the same wifi network as the steamer. Essentially, it gives all the necessary control that one would generally get with the Remote. 

3) Get whole new Experience of Gaming with GamePad

Some of the popular games like PUBG takes the mobile gaming industry to the next level. Moreover, the experience which one can get on a large screen is immense. With just a small up-gradation, one can now easily play games on the Amazon Fire TV.

The game controllers come with dual joysticks, D-Pad as well as shoulder buttons to play hard games. Further, it features functionality possible with the regular remote of Alexa.

4) Alexa is Here 

Alexa is the biggest reason why Amazon Fire TV is so much purchased. Before the Alexa introduction in Fire TV, a voice search is the part of the streaming device that lets people control Fire TV as well as IoT devices. 

However, once the Alexa is bundled up with Fire TV, one can easily make use of it. Simply press the Alexa button on Fire TV Remote, and a pop-up will assist you. From movie based genre to searching an Amazon Music — Alexa can do everything. 

To find something more head over to Settings >> Alexa >> Things to Try and from there, check out the things he or she can do.

5) Personalize Screensavers with Photos

If a person leaves the Fire TV for too long, it starts rolling out with photos of some brilliantly shot scenery of the world.

Now, who doesn’t like the crazy shots taken from his or her last night out party? Well, one can change the display settings of his/her Amazon Fire TV. 

To personalize screensaver of the Fire Stick TV here are four simple steps which one has to follow:-

i) Go to Setting tan and open the Display & Sound Settings.

ii) Under the Screensaver Settings menu, open the ‘Collection.’

iii) Now once the collection opens, change the Amazon Collection (default) to Prime Photos.

iv) Moreover, the displayed media can go through the Slide Style, Slide Speed, as well as Start Time settings here too.

The Conclusion

So these are Top 5 hacks for Amazon Fire Stick. Share your experience regarding these useful tips and tricks that do it make a person a streaming wizard or not. 

For any queries or suggestions, comment below.

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