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Top 5 Events to follow for Winter Olympics 2022

The Winter Olympics live 2022 is right around the corner and the excitement of fans is just reaching to another level. Plus, the current Winter Olympics is packing some of the best games. There have been additions of some more games which will all be a treat to watch.

Additionally, speaking about the start dates for the Winter Olympics 2022, the event will begin on the 4th February 2022. Yes, the masses are expected to come in great numbers, without any issue. On top of that, each of the COVID-19 norms are been kept in place.

Currently, let’s go ahead and unveil some more event information regarding the Winter Olympics 2022.

Top 5 events to Follow for Winter Olympics 2022

If you are looking to find the good events that you need to follow at the Winter Olympics 2022, come along as we unwrap each of those events, one by one.

  1. Alpine Skiing

Speaking about one of the biggest events in the history of Winter Olympics 2022 will bring Alpine Skiing into the spotlight. This event is basically the backbone of the entire Winter Olympics.

People from all over the world come together to witness the great Alpine Skiing event from their home comfort.

Additionally, in this event, both Men and Women take an active part. With that, for the girls and boys, each one can witness Alpine Skiing in an online or even offline way.

There are plenty of matches in Alpine Skiing where you will love to watch each of those games.

With that, if you are a fan of Alpine Skiing, Winter Olympics 2022 is bringing this event live for each of the fans.

2. Ice Hockey

Secondly, if there is another event after Alpine Skiing which is a great one, Ice Hockey has to be the good name. For years, Ice hockey has been an event that has been an integral part of the Winter Olympics.

Right from year 1998, players have been playing the Ice Hockey games. Currently, the competition Ice hockey is on another level where the players are playing to their absolute potential.

One thing is for sure that you will witness some of the best and craziest Ice hockey events at Winter Olympics 2022.

3. Speed Skating

In at number three is a great Speed Skating event. It has been one of the most original events where it still thrills the crowd to the best extent. There are millions of Speed skating fans and every single day, this number is increasing.

Here, the standard race is 400 meters around while 111.12 meters is the shorter race.

With that, you can witness some of the best speed skating events online.

4. Biathlon

This is one of those prestigious events which combines cross-country skiing along with target shooting.

In the event, each competitor will have to complete a racecourse within a shorter time. Plus, they will have to perform marksmanship all along the way.

Each of the poor aim assists will result in a penalty to every athlete’s race time. Additionally, you must know that Biathlon has Nordic roots and it’s no sort of a surprise that the Scandinavian countries dominate such types of events.

5. Freestyle Skiing

Last but not least, Freestyle Skiing is one of those good gymnastic aerial shows where the Skiers perform off the jump and do different stunts.

Here, the athletes perform stunts such as somersaults, twists, and many more to perfection.

Plus, there has been a recent addition where the athletes perform cross-race jumps, stuns, and much more.


The top 5 events to follow for the Winter Olympics 2022 are all given right here. Indeed, at least one from the above will be your favorite one.

Rest, you can choose the best streaming option and watch the events live, from your sweet home comfort.

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