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Top 5 Elden Ring DLC Best Early Weapons

The recently released Shadow of the Erdtree DLC introduces a huge array of powerful new Elden Ring items for Tarnished warriors to wield as they delve into the ominous realm that lies beyond the Erdtree. With terrifying enemies and challenging new content around every corner, having strong gear is essential to survive the perils of this darkened land. However, many of the most powerful weapons require taking down challenging bosses or exploring deeper into the DLC.

Elden Ring Best Early Weapons Shadow of the Erdtree

For newcomers first embarking on their journey through the Shadow lands, obtaining a set of reliable early game weapons is crucial. In this guide, we’ll break down the 5 best weapons that you can acquire within your first hour of playing without needing to defeat any major bosses. Mastering these easily obtainable arms will give you a strong foundation to push further into the DLC and build customized builds around them. So without further ado, let’s take a look at the top 5 early weapons you don’t want to miss out on in Elden Ring’s Shadow of the Erdtree DLC. If you’re tired of grinding, you can always buy Elden Ring runes at the best store – AOEAH.

  1. The Backhand Blades
    These lightweight and fast-attacking daggers are found very early on in the DLC on the path from the Grave Lake Site to the Scorched Ruins. They come pre-equipped with a unique Ash of War but can be modified to scale with a variety of stats, making them a versatile choice for multiple builds. Their rapid tandem moveset allows for relentless pressure against enemies. While not the strongest weapon, the Backhand Blades excel at hit-and-run tactics and catch opponents off guard with their swift attacks.
  1. Dragon Hunter’s Great Katana
    Found in the Ravined Precipt Cave accessible through Stormfoot Catacombs, this unique great katana combines high poise damage with bloodloss buildup and a ranged ash of war. It’s a solid all-rounder that inflicts multiple damage types. Though heavier than most early game weapons, the Great Katana retains decent mobility. Its intuitive moveset and intrinsic advantages over dragons make it a top pick for beginning your DLC quest.
  1. Death Knight’s Twin Axes
    Located in Rift Catacombs after dropping down a hidden ceiling, these dual wielded lightning axes shine with their mobility-enhancing Ash of War. It allows lightning-fast repositioning combined with strong follow-up damage. While riskier than most options, their affinity for hit-and-run play pays off against powerful enemies. The Twin Axes offer a rewarding playstyle for those willing to master their nuanced moveset.
  1. Greatsword of Solitude
    A strength-scaling greatsword found very early on at the Solitude Ruins, it brings the fun of magic-infused weapon arts to a primarily melee build. Its projectile-slash Art of War allows engagements from a safe distance before closing in for follow-ups. Despite a standard moveset otherwise, the Greatsword stands out for giving strength builds novel ranged utilities on par with magic tools. Its early availability makes it a strong early-mid game carry.
  1. Starlight Greatsword
    Deeper into the DLC but still accessible within the first hour lies Liurnia Shoreline, home to this dexterity-scaling legendary katana. Its four-hit flowing art dish outs enormous damage while looking spectacular. Combined with innate bleed buildup, the Starlight Sword shreds opponents with style and efficiency. Its diverse scaling also makes it a long-term option for specialized INT/DEX moonveil-esque builds. Truly one of the most visually striking weapons in the game.

Mastering the damage types, weapon arts and playstyles of these top 5 early Elden Ring DLC items will grant you strong foundations to delve deeper into the Shadow lands as you customize your build. Each introduces novel mechanics within their class and rewards experimenting with their nuanced movesets. Overall they provide a well-rounded early selection of weapon types to effectively engage the many threats that emerge from the darkness beyond the Erdtree. May these arms guide you on your quest and their mysteries illuminate new heights of the eternal Lands Between.

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