Top 5 Cloud Data Security Tools to Safeguard Your Sensitive Information

Cloud computing has become an indispensable tool for organizations, serving as a reliable means of managing both sensitive and routine information. The majority of these operations are being executed through cloud-based solutions. As a manager of our organization’s valuable data, it is imperative that we prioritize the safeguarding of sensitive information entrusted to us.

Amazon has taken proactive measures to address security concerns by introducing GovCloud, an exclusive platform designed solely for government agencies. This platform boasts top-of-the-line security measures to ensure the utmost protection of sensitive information. But organizations not related to the government still need to focus on using the right tools to implement the proper security of their infrastructure.

5 Tools to Safeguard Sensitive Data on the Cloud


It is possible to perform cloud data security by putting in place various safeguards, such as the proper level of monitoring, encryption, and other similar safeguards. These protect your information and secure it in the event of an invasion. The breach may be discovered quickly, and the attacker will have a difficult time accessing the information in its unencrypted form. Let’s talk about them a bit.


Sentra is a cloud security solution that discovers and correctly categorizes sensitive data stored within an organization’s cloud infrastructure. It also carries out monitoring to ensure that sensitive data, like PII, always has appropriate access controls.

Sentra works by automatically analyzing every aspect of the data’s security posture, automating risk analysis, and detecting possible threats to the data. It contains built-in security features that enable the security teams to prioritize vulnerabilities and their fixes by fully automating alerts. Finally, It has the ability to delete private, sensitive information, which aids in compliance and lowers storage expenses. As a result, it can be a useful tool for any company trying to secure user or customer data in the cloud.

Zscaler Data Protection

Zscaler is a cloud security tool that protects data and makes sure cloud applications are safe. It has many different kinds of products, like CASB/DLP. Its cloud-based method lets organizations protect their data and applications from anywhere in the world. Zscaler is not restricted to any specific cloud service provider. So, it doesn’t matter whether you use Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), or any other service.

Its “zero trust” design enables users and applications to talk safely over the internet. It keeps the network safe from online attacks and can be used for everything to do with cloud security.


CloudMask is a data security platform that uses proprietary cryptographic algorithms to encrypt and secure user data stored in the cloud. This data can only be accessed by authorized users. The data is encrypted using the HYOK method, which implies that the organization retains control of the encryption keys the entire time.

It includes several kinds of security techniques, including data encryption, data masking, and sophisticated access control capabilities, enabling businesses to secure their data without altering their current IT infrastructure. Data kept in any of the cloud apps, like Google Drive, Box, and Microsoft Azure, can be safeguarded with the assistance of CloudMask.

Orca Security CSPM

Orca Security is a cloud-native security application that was designed mainly to support organizations in identifying and avoiding security risks in their cloud environments. Orca Security has a few valuable capabilities, the most vital being providing a complete list of all assets across all cloud accounts, even inactive or hidden ones. This feature assists organizations in locating potential security risks that may be masked within their cloud environment and defending themselves against those risks.

Orca Security provides real-time visibility over all of an organization’s cloud-based assets by utilizing a combination of technologies that include agentless and deep-packet inspection. It is able to uncover vulnerabilities and misconfigurations that may put an organization at risk of experiencing security breaches.

Trend Cloud One

Trend Cloud One offers a full range of security services for cloud environments. It is intended to assist organizations in defending their data, applications, and cloud workloads from various cyber threats. Workload security service is one of Trend Cloud One’s fundamental features.

This solution offers real-time security for cloud workloads, including virtual machines, containers, and serverless operations. In addition to intrusion prevention and vulnerability assessment, it has advanced threat detection and response capabilities. Organizations may shield their cloud workloads from both known and unidentified risks by using workload security. Additionally, it features container security and offers thorough documentation that will assist the organization in understanding all of the problems and how to fix them properly.


A significant number of businesses are moving their operations to the cloud these days, and cloud data security is an essential component of this shift because it safeguards not only the data but also the resources that are associated with it.

Here, we covered a lot of key tools that we can use to keep our data safe while it is stored in the cloud. There may be additional ways to keep data safe while it is stored in the cloud. These tools manage not just the access controls but also the logs, encryption, and other similar aspects of the system. These solutions are absolutely necessary for any company that stores sensitive data in the cloud and is looking for an effective safety precaution to take.

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