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Top 5 Career Opportunities After Online MBA in Tourism Management

Online education is becoming the preferred choice of millions of students around the globe. After the COVID pandemic, some students don’t want to pursue their education through distance mode as they are getting the same degree value as an online mode of education.

MBA is a highly chosen course with multiple specializations like regular programs. One top specialization that is trending these days is Tourism Management. The course is of a two-year duration and comes with a great platform to explore the world.

The course empowers students with the technical and soft skills of an online MBA course. They provide various skills and education like how to coordinate with others and manage the team of the tourism department.

Students can easily compare their university with other online business schools and colleges through an online comparison portal. One of them is College Vidya. It offers top-class services and features to compare your university with others providing the same degree.

The industry of tour and travel is one of the most flourishing industries in the country that provide many career opportunities. We have provided some of them below:

1.Event Manager

Every event needed to be scheduled or organized in a planned manner. A professional is needed to manage various activities in coordination with supporting staff. These professionals are known as Event Managers.

These people are in charge of hiring vendors, and contractors, and executing various activities to make the event successful. It’s a very challenging job and needs quick supervision to make things possible.

The event manager position is highly reputed and used to lead a team of supportive staff and other professionals.

The salary package is very good with various perks.

2. F&B Manager

It’s the top position in the hotel industry but now with the infusion of technologies, it has brought to the tourism field also. The food and Beverage managers used to ensure and inspect the quality of the food and drinks served to the tourists.

These managers used to manage and facilitate hotels and resorts for the customers and clients. They need to look after various types of supplies, manage staff and look into the complaints of the customers. This manager is used to coordinating with many people in the team for allotting them assignments to serve foods and beverages in a very planned manner.

3. Tourism Coordinator

One of the top profiles in the Tourism industry is the Tourism Coordinator. These professionals used to manage trips and various activities. They have the responsibility of making tours efficient and effortless for the tourists and clients. These professionals are paid good salary packages with various perks.

4. Global Development Manager

These professionals used to research marketing perspectives related to the tourism industry of many countries. They used to coordinate and organize various types of Franchises with the guidelines of the Tourism industry of the country. These top-level people used to find agents, check supplies and manage travel overseas.

5. Tourist Guide

After completing an online MBA in Tourism Management, you can easily become a senior tourist guide. The primary task of this professional is to maintain collaboration with tourists and clients and guide them related to various historical places, venues and tourist spots.

They have the responsibility of managing various activities, planning and activities related to providing actual information and data to the tourists. It helps them to find and roam the world very easily.


In conclusion, the world of tourism management is full of exciting and unique career opportunities that can be pursued by those who have completed an online MBA in this field. From managing a luxury hotel to planning unforgettable events, the possibilities are endless.

Graduates can work in diverse environments, such as hotels, airlines, cruise ships, and travel agencies, and can choose to specialize in areas such as sustainable tourism, adventure tourism, or cultural tourism.

These careers offer a perfect blend of creativity, business acumen, and customer service skills, making them an ideal choice for those who are passionate about the tourism industry. With an online MBA in Tourism Management, individuals can expect to have a fulfilling and rewarding career that is both challenging and unique.

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