Top 5 Brands to Customize Your Mousepad According to Your Choice


Mousepads are often overlooked as a weapon in games, and no one but gamers understands the importance of high-quality brands mousepads. 

Mousepads make the most significant difference in the accuracy of mouse movements. If the surface on which the mouse is placed is uneven, dirty, or scratched, the Gaming Mouse’s sensor will pick up all those corners and gaps, resulting in inaccurate measurements. 

Custom gaming mousepads solve that problem. This is essentially a close friend of the mouse sensor and provides a smooth and accurate surface for scanning. This article offers the top 5 places to buy custom gaming mousepads for gamers.

5 Best Brands To Buy Custom Gaming Mousepads

Suppose you’re trying to make your brand visible to your clients and others. In that case, we recommend you provide a handy personalized mouse pad with a logo and company name. Branded business mousepads are perfect for offices, libraries, colleges, colleges, schools, or almost any business that uses a computer. 

Make sure to pick the most satisfactory brand for ordering mousepads. After experiencing our experts listed the following top 5 best customized mousepad brands:

  • Strumace
  • My Custom Mousepad
  • X-Ray Pro Customizations
  • Inked Gaming
  • Razer

#1. Strumace

In the race of customized mousepads, Strumace stands first, according to our experts. If you are a gamer, you have undoubtedly heard about high-Quality Strumace mouse mats.

If you want any gaming artwork or pictures on the mousepad is no wonder because Strumace will provide you with a high-quality personalized mousepad.

Every mousepad comes with a soft material and silky cloth exterior that gives a charming look to our mousepad. The best thing about Strumance is that they offer mousepads of all sizes and thicknesses. They also allow full customization within a small budget.

Suppose you want to get a mousepad of your desire within a low budget. Go the way to Strumance. They also offer thousands of premade designs and gaming artwork, so you may get a mouse pad on your gaming pc theme without applying an effort of design.

#2. My Custom Mousepad

If you want to create your gaming mousepad with your design and choose the size and accessories that come with it, we recommend MyCustom Mousepad. They allow you to create your DIY layout means doing a little more work, such as designing your own artwork or finding your favorite image to fit the size of the mousepad.

In addition, you can incorporate a variety of accessories into your mouse pad, including:  

  •  Silicon palm rest 
  •  Wireless charging function 
  •  RGB LED 

 Also, if you’re lazy and need custom artwork for your mousepad,  you can choose from several artworks templets. 

The disadvantage of choosing a My Custom mouse pad is that you can’t select the thickness of the mouse pad. Creating your mousepad is very satisfying. The cost of adding your artwork to your mousepad is slightly higher than buying an off-shelf one.

#3. X-Ray Pro Customizations

The custom mousepad provided by X-RayPad is a custom-sized gaming mousepad that can be created on order.  

They offer different prices depending on your length, width, thickness, type of corner, and type of artwork you want. The great thing about X-ray mousepads is that you can directly use any size. Just enter custom dimensions in millimeters or inches, rather than being limited to a specific extent. 

They even offer “irregular” mouse pad sizes to fit the strangest desk shapes-for example. It includes the L-shaped dimensions if you need a mouse pad to do an L-shaped desk. In addition, it helps to get the artwork’s correct dimensions at every step. 

If you need maximum flexibility when designing your mouse pad, this is the place to go.

#4. Inked Gaming

Inked Gaming is another custom DIY mouse pad solution that focuses on ready-made artwork and designs other custom items such as game mats, game bags, mat bags, and more. 

It offers sizes from classic (small-9 “x 8”) to XXL (2XL) extended mousepads, and you can upload your images. The outside of each mouse pad is soft cloth, the edges are stitched, and the thickness is 3 mm. 

 In addition, if you don’t need a thickness of 3mm, you can get a custom thin desk pad. 

The great thing about Inked Gaming is that it has a high-quality mouse pad, which is helpful if you want to see your selected artwork in the best possible condition. This service costs an additional $15. 

Also, if you don’t want to upload your own artwork, there are a variety of off-the-shelf mousepads designed by Inked Gaming and previous buyers.  

This is a great place to find off-the-shelf mousepads or create your own, with the peace of mind that the mousepad itself is high quality.

#5. Razer

You probably heard of the Razer brand and its stunning high-quality gaming peripherals. If you’re a gamer, it’s no wonder their custom mousepads are in great demand. 

The quality of each mousepad is the same as the other, but this one is a soft mousepad famous in the gaming society. 

The downside of the Razer Custom Mousepad is that you can’t upload your designs. You need to choose from the available design choices. These mousepads are also only available in medium size, which can be a big problem for those who like oversized mousepads.

According to their website, they have designs for:  

  •  Cyberpunk 2077 
  •  Guild Wars 2 
  •  Hero of the storm 
  •  Magic the gathering 
  •  Overwatch 
  •  Dible 
  •  War implements 

And with limited choices, the great thing about these designs is that they are copyright-free. Most DIY gaming mousepads don’t allow you to use copyrighted images. 


Can I add more than one photo on a Personalized mousepad?

No, This product is designed for only one picture. When you find your best photo, upload it to the website to get your personalized mousepad.

Wind Up

Good quality mousepad is essential for every gamer as their battle depends on the accurate leading of the mouse. So this article will be helpful to you in choosing the best brand for customised mousepads. We did an unbiased review of the top 5 brands, and I hope this will be helpful to you in deciding which one is best for your gaming PC table.

Still, If you have any queries, please visit our comment section.

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