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Top 5 Book Authors To Follow To Learn Frame Control & NLP Techniques


You’ve just taken the first step on to the ladder of success. If you’re intrigued by the science of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), then these five books are for you. They explore the brain science and psychology of pitching ideas successfully by teaching you the fundamentals of influencing others to make decisions in your favour.

Take the next step by reading on, to discover the best books to read in order to become successful in your profession and relationships.

Book #1 – Pitch Anything: An Innovative Method for Presenting, Persuading, and Winning the Deal by Oren Klaff

Apply the tactics and strategies outlined in Pitch Anything to engage and persuade your audience and you'll have more funding and support than you ever thought possible. Buy your copy on Amazon today.

Over the past 13 years, Oren Klaff has used his one-of-a-kind pitching method to raise more $400 million. Pitch Anything is his award-winning* book that divulges the formula for memorable and successful business pitches.

With unparalleled credentials, Klaff becomes your mentor in the world of sales. He’s considered the best in the business with his long standing, tried and true method of persuasion – and now it’s yours.

Whether you’re selling ideas to investors, pitching to clients, or asking for a raise, Pitch Anything will give you the tools you need to get the outcome you want.

“Better method, more money,” Klaff says. “Much better method, much more money.”

Pitch Anyyhing is more than a book; it’s a manual to fast track your way to the top. Get your copy on Amazon today.

*Gold Medal Winner – Tops Sales World’s Best Sales and Marketing Book.

Book #2 – NLP: Frame Control: Using the Mindset of Power to Get What You Want in Relationships, Business & Life by Modern Psychology Publishing

Do you wish that you had infallible confidence? Do you sometimes feel as if there is some secret key to social influence, and if you just knew what it was, you could be more successful, have more money, influence people more easily? Get your copy of NLP: Frame Control on Amazon today.

NLP: Frame Control is a book that divulges the secret to becoming confident and influential in social situations. As a philosophy and skillset that many successful entrepreneurs and politicians already know, this could well be what’s missing in achieving personal and professional success.

Modern Psychology Publishing specialises in providing resources dedicated to guiding you on a journey of self-mastery and unlocking your true potential.

If you struggle with confidence or find you are taken advantage of, then this is the book for you. You’ll learn social authority, the brain science behind it, powerful techniques and language patterns to ensure people automatically look to you for direction.

NLP frame control is about knowing what it takes to win, and understanding what influences you so you can influence others. By mastering this simple concept, you will be sure to notice a huge change in your relationships.

Get your copy on Amazon today to begin your journey to become a leader.

Book #3 – The Art of Frame Control: How To Effortlessly Get People To Readily Agree With You & See The World Your Way by Josh King Madrid

Do you ever wish you could have unshakeable conviction and absolute certainty in yourself? Do you ever get the feeling that there is some sort of hidden key to social influence, and that if you just knew what it was, you could have more success, more money, and more easily influence other people? Then let JetSet help you with The Art Of Frame Control! Get your copy from Google Play.

The Art of Frame Control is one of the most relevant psychology books for today’s generation.

It’s written by Josh King Madrid – better known as JetSet – who is an internet celebrity with nearly 1 million combined followers. He made his first million dollars at the age of 19 after dropping out of university, and has sold more than $20 million dollars in products and services online since.

Madrid is the founder of a millennial entrepreneur movement called Team Jet Set. He also writes about sales psychology, NLP, neuromarketing and frame control for publications such as Entrepreneur, Forbes, Fast Company and Rolling Stone.

This year, he has released The Art of Frame Control to teach others on how to become successful in every part of their life. Using scientifically proven techniques outlined by Madrid, readers can learn to influence the choices of others, gain power in social situations, and develop control over their internal and external psychology.

Put into practice these skills will increase your level of success in all aspects of life, from money and power, to relationships and business. This book is for you if you’re prepared to have unshakeable conviction and absolute certainty!

Get your copy today from Google Play to begin influencing your way to the top.


Book #4 – Frame Control: Subconscious Conversational Dominance by George Hutton

Whoever holds the strongest frame will determine the meaning of the conversation. Whoever controls the meaning of the conversation, will control the outcome. Are you getting her number, or is she getting your attention? Are you making the sale, or is the customer gathering more information before they shop around some more? Get your copy on Amazon today.

George Hutton is a certified hypnotist, author, scientist and a frame control veteran whose content was studied by Josh King Madrid when first starting out.

Frame Control: Subconscious Conversational Dominance is a book that will help you to improve your communication, goal setting, and skills of influence, while helping you to conquer any internal blocks, such as fear, anxiety, and indecision.

These skills will give you a significant advantage over others by outlining how to define your frame, and how to make it strong enough to control any situation (and the outcomes!).

Grab your copy from Amazon, and get started with being a more confident and assertive person.

Book #5 – The Power Bible by Brendon Lemon and William Beteet III

To have power over another one must first have power over one’s self.The Power Bible teaches how power operates on both an interpersonal, individual level and a societal level. Arming the reader with tactics and skills on how to triumph in the contest of life. Get your copy on Amazon.

As the most in-depth and tactical book on the market,The Power Bible is the ultimate guide to sales and influence psychology.

Although you wouldn’t know it from the title, this book contains an arsenal of powerful frames and NLP philosophy, with real life examples on how to use them.

This bible equips the reader with all the skills needed to get to the top of this highly-competitive world. It’ll enable you to thrive in every field of work and goal in life.

The Power Bible gets an A+ for applicable and highly useful content, but a C- for disguising it behind an incongruent title! Nevertheless, this Trojan Horse isn’t about marketing, this is an invaluable hidden gem about using frame control to gain power.

Get your copy of The Power Bible on Amazon.

Grab your copies to make your life more successful. You’ll discover how to improve your social skills and influential tactics to make more money, while building your confidence in every part of your life.

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