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Top 5 Best Papa Pairings

When searching for pizza delivery near me, you may think that pizza is the only option you have. However, you may be surprised that with Papa Pairings, you can enjoy pizza and more. You also save money, as each item is only $6.99 when you purchase more than one option. And the options are almost unlimited, although there are some favorite pairings.

1. Garlic Knots and Chicken Wings

One of the best pairings is the tasty garlic knots and wings. The yummy knots are brushed with a garlic herb butter and baked. They are a great accompaniment to the various wing options. Stick with buffalo wings, or spread your own wings and try a unique tasty combination such as hot lemon pepper, honey chipotle, BBQ, or garlic parmesan. Each wing order also comes with your choice of a dipping sauce.

2. Pizza and Breadsticks

It is hard to beat the mix and match pizza deals. On the Papa Pairing menu, you can choose any medium one-topping pizza. Perhaps you are a meat lover and want pepperoni, Canadian bacon, salami, sausage, or Philly steak. Or you can choose from one of the many veggie toppings available.

Pizza and breadsticks are the perfect combination. After picking your pizza, choose between the original breadsticks and the garlic breadsticks, both which come with the sauce of your choice.

3. Papadia and Cheesesticks

Maybe you are looking for a change from pizza. If so, a Papadia is the perfect option. These sandwiches are loaded with delicious combinations and served with a sauce to dip them into. Some of the yummy options include:

  • BBQ chicken bacon
  • Grilled buffalo chicken
  • Philly cheesesteak
  • Meatball pepperoni
  • Italian
  • Create your own

In select locations, you may even be able to try the Cool Ranch Doritos Papadia, which is available for a limited time.

Pair this Papadia with cheesesticks. Made with Papa John’s traditional dough and topped with gooey cheese, these come with a side of pizza sauce.

4. Pizza and Double Chocolate Chip Brownie

Pizza makes an appearance again, and this time with a sweet treat. You may also be interested to know that, along with choosing your topping, you can also choose the pizza sauce. Stick with the traditional red sauce or try something different, such as buffalo, alfredo, ranch, or BBQ.

The brownie is a chocolate lover’s dream as it is rich, gooey, and served warm. There is also enough to share, as it comes with nine squares.

5. Poppers and Cinnamon Pull Aparts

Another sweet treat is the cinnamon pull aparts, and this time it pairs well with the chicken poppers. These are boneless and available in the same flavors as the chicken wings.

The cinnamon roll is topped with sugar, cinnamon, and cinnamon crumbles. After baking, it is drizzled with an icing made with sweet cream cheese. You can them pull them apart into bite-sized pieces.

Although these are five popular pairings, you can choose your own. You also do not have to limit it to two options, as the $6.99 price is available for two or more items.

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