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Top 5 Best Electric Commuter Bicycles Under $1000

Electric commuter bicycles have impressed the world with their convenience, efficiency, less budget, and environmental-friendly features. Some official statistics have proved this: according to the roundup, there will be 300 million e-bikes in use worldwide by 2023. No wonder you can see e-bikes anywhere.

Indeed, electric commuter bicycles are really attractive, but their price tags have ruined many people’s imaginations of owning one. The report also mentions that the average price of e-bikes sold in the US is about $1,825. “Buying an e-bike much cheaper than $1,000 is risky…electric bikes are not cheap machines”, supplemented by Electric Bike Report. So, for those with a tight budget under $1000, how do they get the most cost-effective electric commuter bike?

First – Notice the Discount.

Rest assured – There are two ways to get one: buying a high-performance e-bike at its lowest price, which usually happens on black Friday, or during its early crowdfunding period. Of course, you can always pay attention to this information and grab the best electric commuter bikes if you are lucky enough.

Then – Analyze the Features.

The key to choosing a cost-effective electric commuter bike is finding the most powerful one at a relatively lower price than the cheapest one. The 10 factors below are for your reference: 

  1. Price: Not the cheapest, but the reduction margin. 
  2. Smart: With smart accessories, your electric commuter bike will be not only a transportation tool but an intelligent assistant. 
  3. Gear shift & PAS level: This is for a smooth and fast riding experience.
  4. Frame material: Aluminum frame with high-strength and durable features is a good option.
  5. Tire: You are suggested to choose the one with better friction and good strength. 
  6. Lights: Choose the one with front and backlights to protect your safety. 
  7. Display: A display on the handle can help you monitor the e-bike’s condition at any time.
  8. Battery: The larger capacity of your battery, the farther you can go.
  9. Waterproof ability: Ride on rainy days with no troubles.
  10. Design: A coolest electric bike is eye-attracting.

Top 5 Best Electric Commuter Bicycles Under $1000

Based on the above 10 features, we have concluded a list of best-buy electric commuter bicycles: 


SAMEBIKE MIX10 is a fashionable, smart, reliable electric commuter bicycle dedicated to outdoor sports enthusiasts and city dwellers. You can ride through winding mountain roads or enjoy relaxing in the park with friends.


  • $707.3 USD off, takes only $885.62
  • Comes with a smart SAMEBIKE APP, assisting your riding
  • Adjustable PAS level from 0-5 & SHIMANO 7-speed gear shift
  • 6061 aerospace aluminum frame
  • 700*45C Kenda tires with super adhesion
  • Equipped with a headlight and taillight
  • Clear LCD display
  • Removable battery with BMS protection runs 80-100km per charge
  • IP54 waterproof components, withstand bad weather
  • 6 color options

Rad Mission High Step

It is a slick single-speed electric hybrid bicycle. It is lightweight and simple, designed for walk-up apartments.


  • $300 off, price $899
  • 500W motor
  • Kenda Kontact Tires
  • Auto-on headlight and taillight
  • LED display
  • 3 colors


  • No APP supports
  • Single speed, no derailleur
  • No IP rating
  • 72+ km per charge

Folding Electric Bike KBO Flip

This bike is compact and foldable, designed for maximized portability.


  • Save $200, price $869
  • 3 levels of pedal assist and SHIMANO 7-speed derailleur
  • Headlight and brake light
  • LCD display
  • 60+ miles per charge


  • No APP supports
  • CHAOYANG 20″x3″ tires
  • No IP rating
  • Only offer black-and-white options

NAKTO Camel Step-Thru Electric Bicycle

This electric commuter bicycle is especially for ladies with a clean and modern look.


  • Affordable $739
  • Kenda or CST tires
  • Comes with a front basket
  • 3 colors


  • No APP Supports
  • Only one pedal assist level and SHIMANO 6 speed
  • 250W motor
  • Steel frame
  • Up to 35Km per charge
  • The display only shows the battery capacity 

SWAGTRON EB5 Pro City & Campus Folding E-Bike

This tiny and foldable electric bicycle is designed for campus riding and city commuting.


  • Save $220, only cost $549.99
  • 3 colors


  • No APP supports
  • No gear
  • Not removable battery
  • 25 Km per charge
  • Frame material/tire/light/display not mentioned


Price indicates quality. There are quite a few options for electric commuter bicycles under $1000, but not the cheapest the best. A suggestion is that you can notice the e-bikes whose original price is more than $1000 and buy them at the best price. The discounts usually appear in two circumstances: Crowdfunding and sales activities. Take SAMEBIKE MIX10 as an example; its enormous $707.3 discount counts on the fact that it is in the early crowdfunding period (in which you can get the early bird price), and Black Friday is coming. The main point is, do not miss the chance to grab a high-performance electric commuter bike at its lowest price!


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