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Subscribe to Amazon Prime Video and are looking for the next binge worthy TV show? Well look no further than your Amazon Prime Video subscription for some of the best original series on any cable streaming service. From Sneaky Pete, to Goliath and Jack Ryan; there are a ton of underrated shows that need to be added to your queue. To get started on your weekend TV binge, here are the top five best Amazon Prime Video original series the TV streaming service has to offer.

 1) Sneaky Pete

Seasons: 3

Executive producer and star Bryan Cranston is bringing it harder and faster than ever with his new hit series Sneaky Pete. In the show ultimate con man Marius assumes the life and identity of his old cell mate Pete. Pete’s family has no idea or reasons to suspect that Pete isn’t actually Pete after years of no contact. Marius as the new Pete has to create lies on top of new lies to live this new life in hopes it won’t backfire in a life ending way.

Sneaky Pete has three seasons on Amazon Prime Video. Unfortunately for fans Amazon cancelled to make way for new content on the streaming service.

 2) Goliath

Seasons: 3

Lawyer Billy McBride has hit a terrible rough patch. His law firm he built from the bottom up fired him, his wife left him and he’s depressed. In an attempt to lift himself back up to his former glory, he reluctantly takes a case that is everything but ordinary. This case could set him back on track towards redemption or at the very least show up the law firm that let him go.

Goliath has three seasons on Amazon Prime Video with its fourth and final season already renewed. There is no official word of when season four will be available on the streaming service.

 3) Jack Ryan

Seasons: 2

Missing Jim from The Office? Check out his next hit series Jack Ryan where he’s the next up and coming CIA analyst. The show follows his journey from his first field assignment that launches him into a whole collection of investigations that threatens the world at a global scale.

Jack Ryan has two seasons on Amazon Prime Video with its third season already renewed and set to be released sometime this year.

 4) Patriot

Seasons: 2

Patriot follows the turbulent chain of events of an American intelligence officer named John Tavner. He tries to solve a problem, but it just makes more and transforms into this whirlwind of problems while he is on his unofficial /not government sanctioned operation. From smoking weed, to borrowing pee to pass a drug test then stabbing said friend the pee came from; John isn’t exactly as straight edge as he should be for an agent.

It is a love it or hate it kind of show, but unfortunately for fans of Patriot the show was cancelled just after a mere two seasons. There wasn’t a reason provided by Amazon for the cancellation, but that didn’t stop fans from speculating that the show won’t be returning due to the star actor departing from the show.

 5) Fleabag

Seasons: 2

This British comedy Fleabag, stars the creator Phoebe Waller-Bridge as she navigates through her life post tragedy in modern day London. The show inserts dry comedy into what would normally be normal annoyances and serious situations for anyone else as the main charter works her way through her grief.

Fleabag has two seasons on Amazon Prime Video with a third season up in the air. Fans of the show still have hope that the show can be renewed since it hasn’t been officially cancelled by Amazon.

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