Top 5 Auto Dialer Software In The Market Revealed

Custom reports can be generated by an auto dialer program, which aids agents in understanding any real-time statistics and whether there are any problems. This user-friendly interface offers data based on real-time reports, which managers may use to evaluate the effectiveness of their personnel. Therefore, it should not come as a surprise that the industry has seen an increase in demand for advanced auto dialer software, particularly from companies that require a call center. 

Here, we look at the top 5 advanced auto dialer software in the market.


ICTBroadcast is a unified communications auto dialer and call center software with voice, fax, SMS, and email communication and is the greatest and arguably the most advanced auto dialer software in the market. ICTBroadcast, an all-in-one software solution based on the open-source asterisk communications switch, offers numerous dialing modes, including progressive dialing, predictive dialing, power dialing, preview dialing, and manual dialing. It is, without a doubt, the most comprehensive inbound and outbound auto dialer and call center software solution that supports several types of campaigns.

Available with a free trial, ICTBroadcast has some pre-installation requirements such as the availability of a dedicated server, good internet connection, static Ip to access a server remotely, and call/fax/SMS termination and origination services. The minimum hardware specifications for the dedicated server include a 3.2 GHz or higher Quad Core processor, 4GB or higher RAM, and a 500GB or higher Hard Disk. They also offer a great agent performance dashboard portal and a variety of add-ons, unlikely to be found anywhere else. 


Five9 is an auto dialer software and a leading cloud contact center software provider. In order to rethink the consumer experience for organizations, Five9 offers complete assistance. Call centers can leverage their Intelligent Cloud Contact Center to engage customers on their preferred channel, streamline operations, and employ the cloud, automation, and practical AI to boost business agility and satisfy customers. World-class enterprises rely on Five9 every day to complete their tasks because they are passionate about transforming call and contact centers into centers of excellence for client interaction.


PhoneBurner powers 1000s of clients and millions of calls daily. PhoneBurner enables teams to start calling from anywhere, with no specialized equipment, in as little as one day, using its highly customizable interface. Their technology, which is based in the cloud, combines power calling, contact management, email monitoring, intelligent lead distribution, and reporting to support dramatically increased sales. PhoneBurner, which is available with a top-notch CRM, is perfect for storing clients’ contact information in a simple and secure manner.


CloudTalk is the greatest tool for handling all calls from one location by quickly linking branches, departments, and team members, and is the third most advanced auto dialer software available. With the majority of well-known CRMs, help desks, and business solutions, including Pipedrive, Hubspot, Salesforce, Zendesk, and others, CloudTalk offers native connectors. Utilizing their 2-way sync solutions, clients can now access phone call details in their own CRM or view the caller’s CRM information in CloudTalk. Agents using CloudTalk can send messages using an HTML extension or a Chrome browser.


ICTDialer is the best auto dialer and call center application. It is a hosted and cloud-based platform that supports voice, SMS, and fax communications technologies. It enables call center representatives to interact and market to customers utilizing a variety of communication technologies. Additionally, they provide a vast array of capabilities, including support for call centers, fax, SMS, IVR, Web TRC, IVR Studio, camping scheduling, DNC, Rest APIs, AMD, and real-time reports. Other factors contributing to their popularity among international clientele include their reasonable call rates and coverage availability.

Conclusion. Although each auto dialer software in the list is good in its own right, upon careful comparison, ICTBroadcaster clearly emerges as the go-to advanced auto dialer software for leading call centers.

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