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Top 5 AI prompts marketplaces

The advent of generative AI technologies has ushered in the opportunity to create fresh industries and professions that engage with artificial intelligence in various capacities. As you are aware, all renowned neural networks like ChatGPT, DALL-E, Midjourney, Chatsonic, and others are under the control of AI queries. The quality of the results they produce hinges directly on the precision and competence with which these queries are crafted. Recognizing the pivotal role of this process, a burgeoning industry centered around the trade of AI prompts has swiftly emerged. In this article, we will provide you with an overview of five popular marketplaces for exchanging such content.


PromptsIdeas stands as one of the largest and most esteemed marketplaces of its kind. This service offers a comprehensive repository of supplementary content suitable for GPT, DALL-E, Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, Leonardo AI, ClaudeAi, and Bard algorithms. PromptsIdeas is part of the universal query marketplaces where users can buy or sell prompts for both text and graphic AI generators. On average, these prompts are priced between $0.99 and $9.99 each, with sellers receiving 70% of the selling price.

The platform presents a wide range of search options by categorizing its catalog into thematic divisions, such as art and illustrations, logos and icons, graphics and design, photography and content creation, marketing and business, games, and 3D. Users can expedite their workflow by utilizing the feature that allows them to search for prompts tailored to specific language models. Each group contains numerous narrowly defined topics organized alphabetically, making the content discovery on PromptsIdeas swift and straightforward. A simple query in the search bar on the site’s homepage is all that is required to locate the desired content.

Among the additional features of this marketplace, it’s worth noting the selection of new, recommended, and popular queries, complete with their respective names and prices, conveniently placed on the homepage. Moreover, educational content is readily available for query developers, guiding them through the registration process and enabling them to start earning from their skills.


For those seeking free ideas for querying AI digital visual art generators or prompts for popular language models, PromptHero comes highly recommended. It boasts one of the internet’s most extensive prompt libraries for neural networks. The platform’s catalog comprises millions of high-quality queries for ChatGPT, Midjourney, Openjourney, and Stable Diffusion, all available free of charge. However, this presents both an advantage and a drawback since query developers cannot monetize their work on this platform.

PromptHero offers a straightforward and user-friendly interface. The homepage prominently features a search bar for quickly locating content generated by various AI neural networks. Additionally, users can select a specific language model to refine their search. The site’s top menu provides links to useful sections labeled Featured, Hot, Top, and New, making it easier for those seeking ChatGPT queries or hints for other popular algorithms to bypass the general catalog and navigate to the appropriate category.

Furthermore, PromptHero offers thematic sections with descriptions, such as portraits, photography, anime, fashion, and concept art, accompanied by a system of filters for expediting content search.

Among the other features of the service, the Course Academy portal allows users to access training courses to master the skills of developing AI prompts. The community section permits users to seek answers to their questions and engage with like-minded individuals. Additionally, the AI Jobs portal offers the opportunity to post or respond to job openings in the AI/query creation field. A new AI Models section, featuring models for chatbots and image generators, has recently been introduced on the platform.


The ChatX platform provides an extensive repository of requests suitable for Midjourney, DALL-E, ChatGPT, and Stable Diffusion. The majority of these queries are available free of charge, which significantly contributes to the platform’s popularity.

ChatX offers a straightforward and uncluttered interface, providing functional and effective queries that allow users to flexibly manage AI algorithms for various tasks, such as crafting product descriptions, logos, interior design, and illustrations. Moreover, ChatX provides an avenue for prompt developers to monetize their creativity, offering a payment of 39 Canadian dollars for each approved description added to the catalog. The content featured in the catalog is accessible to all free of charge, and users can also request custom prompts for 39 CAD per piece.

A valuable tool within the service is the built-in query generator for ChatGPT and Midjourney, which allows users to create their own prompts easily with its simple yet functional interface.

The ChatX homepage prominently features a search bar for swift and hassle-free content discovery within the platform’s library. Additionally, the platform offers an informative blog filled with original articles about neural networks and their practical applications.


PromptSea is a unique marketplace for trading hints for AI systems that distinguishes itself from other similar platforms with its innovative approach. When descriptions are uploaded to its library, they are transformed into digital NFT tokens and then bought and sold in tokenized form. This innovative approach has prevented the platform from amassing a massive content base like other popular sites. Nonetheless, you can still find a considerable number of top requests for DALLE 2, ChatGPT, Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, Jasper, Novel AI, NightCafe. For convenience, they are categorized by digital art, photography, graphic novels, social media posts, and textual content.

A catalog of prompts with images generated from them is placed right on the PromptSea homepage. Users can familiarize themselves with the name, vendor, neural network (for which they are intended), cost, and prevalence (queries for generating rare images are more expensive) of each of them. In addition, this marketplace has its own system for buying and selling prompts. They are encrypted in such a way that they can be read only by the seller-owner of NFT and the buyer. The marketplace accepts only Polygon, Tezos, and BNB Chain cryptocurrencies as a means of settlement.

The tokenization process embeds the cues into the blockchain, which requires some time and resources. At the same time, this opens up greater opportunities for their further use. As we know, NFT is a reliable method of confirming the authenticity and uniqueness of any digital object. Turning a clue into a token protects it from copying and other fraudulent actions, turning it into a full-fledged work of art.

Buyers can resell the AI-powered digital art creation queries purchased here on NFT marketplaces at higher prices. PromptSea charges a 10% commission on each transaction. A free account allows a maximum of 200 MB of content to be uploaded to the site. A paid account provides unlimited space and waives transaction fees.


Concluding our review, we introduce you to the FlowGPT platform, where you will find an extensive library of ChatGPT queries. This marketplace is exclusively dedicated to tips for the popular chatbot from OpenAI, which has allowed developers to create a diverse and extensive catalog. The service offers a typical interface for similar platforms. At the top of the main page, you will find a search bar with various functions, allowing you not only to search for queries in the library but also to engage in a dialogue with three built-in AI algorithms in chatbot mode.

Below the search module on the homepage is a content catalog with convenient sorting functions. Users can find the titles they need by applying various tags, including language-specific ones. The library’s tips come with titles, descriptions, illustrations, tags, and a set of symbols (Trending, Most Popular, Most Liked, Most Saved, Latest). The main sections of the FlowGPT marketplace include comprehensive collections of thematic content selections, covering topics like LinkedIn, virtual character creation, UX development, schooling, and sets of top tips of various types, among others.

All hosted GPT neural network hints in the library are accessible to users free of charge.

Additionally, FlowGPT offers a valuable feature for query testing directly through the backend, allowing users to select the most effective hints for ChatGPT. Other features of the marketplace include a vibrant forum, a query hackathon, a bounty system, and an extensive knowledge base with detailed information on all sections of the site.

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