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Top 4 Tips for Writing Great Wedding Vows

Wedding Vows

As part of your wedding day, exchanging wedding vows is the most important event of the wedding. Wedding vows are the commitment and promise of the love of couples and a pledge to live the tough times and good times ahead together. But, how can you express your love towards your partner through words? You might feel nervous and anxious as the wedding day approaches, especially remembering the fact that you need to say the wedding vows in front of both your friends and families.

Your wedding vows are dependent on your intention. You can go with personal vows, traditional wedding vows, or even some hilarious and unique ones. But, don’t worry too much as wedding vows are very easy to write. You just need to sit down and gather your thoughts while writing wedding vows that would showcase your commitment. I

In this article, we will discuss the top 4 tips that will help you to write great wedding vows for your partner.

Reflect on the Relationship

Mentioning tough times of togetherness with a romantic sparkle will help you to personalize your wedding vows. Additionally, it will also make your vows entertaining and worth listening to. There are thousands of both good and bad memories you’ve experienced with your other half. It’ll be hard for you to express all the times you two experienced. So, try to pick two or three best moments and talk about the experience that made you fall in love more with your partner. Express how the relationship became stronger with time. These self-reflection moments will make your wedding vows more heartwarming and genuine.

Avoid Extreme Silly Jokes

One common mistake people make is that they include tons of jokes in their wedding vows. Remember that excessive jokes will hinder the other information of your wedding vows. Hence, make sure the jokes are light-hearted so that you can have time to express your thoughts. Don’t forget that your family members as well as your partner’s family members will listen to your speech. As per Shutterfly, don’t say anything that will embarrass you and your partner.

Plan Before Writing

This is one of the most important steps to a wedding vow. You need to plan what points you’re going to include in your wedding vows. You might think that coming up with instant ideas at the wedding ceremony is genuine, but without proper planning, you might fell short of words. Additionally, wedding vows are not written only for the partner but also for all the guests who are attending your wedding ceremony. You need to decide what type of vibe you should provide. Will it be okay to include some jokes? Or the tones need to be serious? However, despite your motive, you should focus on writing unique wedding vows. Also you can buy best men’s rings and to get best deal get code now.

Promise and Upcoming Plans

Another important part that you should include in your wedding vows is the promise as well as the plans you made for your partner. Marriage is not the conclusion of a relationship. Moreover, it’s the starting of a new journey and tons of new opportunities that you would experience with your partner. So, ask yourself, what promises will you make to your partner? How can you ensure that your marriage remains healthy in the upcoming years? By adding these promises, not only your partner but also all the guests will appreciate your words.


These are the top 4 tips you need to remember while writing wedding vows. The vow is very important to express your professionalism and dedication to commitment. Make sure the words are relevant as well as family-friendly. Additionally, don’t ever use any private information on your wedding vows. Just showcase your vocabulary skills and your genuine affection towards your partner.


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