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Top 4 Marketing Tips for Fintech Companies.

There is a growing competition within the fintech sector. Launching a new product, therefore, requires you, whether your company is a startup or an established one, to be very strategic. Here are key tips to help you with fintech marketing.

1) Do not Limit your Web Content to Certain Keywords

In online marketing, there is a high temptation of limiting your web content to certain keywords. Indeed, search engine optimization technique focuses on ensuring that certain words relevant to your business are easily located on the web. While limiting your web content to certain keywords may be useful for well-established businesses, it may be disadvantageous to start-ups. If you are running a start-up, chances are that very few people know about it, consequently, few will specifically search for its products. It is, therefore, useful to find out what people search for when looking for such a product and include such words in your web content to ensure that people locate your product.

2) Make Maximum use of the Social Media

Many financial institutions have not come to terms with the prevailing reality that social media has a much larger audience than mass media. Some will prefer spending considerable sums of money advertising on television or radio, ignoring the much more effective medium. Research has shown that the amount of time people spend on social media is constantly increasing. Be it twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or any other social media platform, the fact is that the current generation is inclined to social media. It may be thought that most social media users are young people who may not form a formidable market but this is not entirely true. Today, even some very old people are on social media and they are pretty mesmerized hence spending a considerable amount of time in it.

3) Have a Focused Marketing Team

It is not uncommon to find a marketer performing other roles such as internal communication and product management. While this may be informed by the need to optimize on human resource, it may prove counterproductive. Specialization is imperative if you are to get a sustained success. Employees who are required to perform multiple specialized duties end up being polished on none. Ensure you don’t end up with average marketers who will produce only average results.

4) Focus on Both Acquisition and Retention

Content marketing is a key strategy that, if well employed, would help retain existing customers and add more new ones. For a business that is growing, these two aspects are equally important. What you need to do is ensure that your content can serve both purposes. Your marketing team must be well versed with what new customers may be looking for and seek to present your product as the real solution. Similarly, the team must be able to find out what complaints, if any, the existing customers may have and deal with them accordingly. Retaining existing customers is about building on your strength well at the same time working on your weakness. Definitely, this means that you must be keen to listen to both genuine complaints and compliments.

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