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Top 4 Flat Fee MLS Listing Services in Florida

Looking forward to selling your home but do not want to bear the high cost of commission fees? The good part is, that you can choose to avoid the high fees and sell your home yourself.

Many homeowners are not aware that they can sell their homes without taking the services of a real estate agent. The same is possible if you take a Flat fee MLS Florida service.

But what is a flat fee MLS listing service? How does it work? What to look into a flat fee MLS listing service? Who is the best Flat fee MLS listing service provider in Florida? Here are the answers to all your queries.

What is a flat fee MLS listing company?

A flat fee MLS is one of the cost-effective ways to selling your home. In this concept, you need not hire a traditional real estate agent. If you decide to sell your home yourself, which is also called FSBO or for sale by owner, a flat fee MLS listing company can play a key role. They assist you with marketing your home by listing your property on the local Multiple Listing Service or MLS.

How does it work?

The MLS is a primary online database that is used by real estate agents. Real estate agents can list homes on the platform and help the buyers find a home. There are many local MLS databases available in the country. The real estate sites like Zillow,, Trulia, etc. use MLS too. So, if your home is listed on the local MLS, the buyers and real estate agents will be able to view your house and contact you.

Since MLS can only be accessed by realtors, you need a realtor to post your listings on the local MLS. If you don’t have your home listed on the local MLS, you will not have the visibility of your property and the likelihood of selling the home fast will be negligible.

By charging an upfront fee, a Flat fee real estate service will get your home live on the MLS. Many flat fee MLS listing service providers in the US also provide add-on services. They do not work like a traditional real estate agent who provides full service such as pricing your home to negotiations, flat fee MLS listing services offer limited services. However, if you sign up for the higher package, you can avail many extra services from their “a la carte” menu.

Top Flat Fee MLS companies in Florida

Here are the most reputable Flat fee MLS Florida that provide services in Florida. You must ensure to make your listing appear in the local MLS databases to get the highest exposure.

Flat Fee MLS Realty

Stephen Hachey is the person behind Flat Fee MLS Realty. He has more than 20 years of experience of being a real estate attorney as well as an agent. The company is responsive to the client’s needs and offers magnanimous support to sellers who are not experienced.

Flat Fee MLS Realty provides the following packages

  • Silver package priced at $79: This package does not include a CMA. The sellers who know the value of their house can sign up for this package.
  • In the Gold package which is priced at $99, you get to answer your questions and support from the company.
  • In the Platinum package of $299, you can upload professional photos, drone footage, and additional help to market your home.

Flat Fee MLS Realty may not offer complete services in your area. They also need you to pay a minimum buyer’s agent commission of 2%. Flat Fee MLS Realty is an excellent option for beginner sellers in Florida as you get tremendous support from the local broker.

Jack Keller

Jack Keller, Inc. is one of the leading Flat fee real estate in Florida. They have been in the business since 1975. They are a company that offers packages for land and multi-family residences too. They also include commercial properties and rental properties in their portfolio.

Jack Keller, Inc. has many satisfied customers as they have provided them with a premium level of service, ahead of the customer expectation. If you need more personal support, they are always there for you.

Jack Keller’s offers these packages:

  • The first Flat Fee MLS Package is priced at $75, in which you get basic services for boat docks, vacant land, commercial real estate, etc.
  • In the Flat Fee MLS Package of $150, you get similar services and list uncommon types of properties such as mobile homes, multi-family properties, etc.
  • The expert Seller Package of $350 allows you to find buyers and you get direct buyer leads. You also get unrepresented buyers who save your buyer’s agent commission.

List Now Realty

List Now Realty comes is another Flat fee MLS Florida that is best for both experienced as well as beginner sellers. The company offers just one package.

List Now Realty package is priced at $299. It is a comprehensive package that includes answering all calls from buyers, providing them with your information, dealing with inquiries, etc. The company suggests you pay them a buyer’s agent commission of 2.5%. List Now Realty is one of the highly recommended options for sellers in Central Florida. 


Best of all, Houzeo offers the best combination of savings, incredible customer support, and maximum listing exposure. Houzeo offers these packages:

  • The Bronze MLS Package at $199 includes a listing period of 3 Months, 6 Photo uploads, and no cancellation fee.
  • Silver MLS Package at $299 includes a listing period of 6 Months, 24 Photo Uploads, no cancellation fees, and unlimited listing changes.
  • The Gold MLS Package at $399 allows a listing period of 6 Months, unlimited Photo Uploads, no cancellation fees, and unlimited listing changes.
  • Platinum MLS Package at $999 allows a listing period of 1 year, maximum photo upload, no cancellation fees, and unlimited listing changes.

When you think of selling your home, one option is to pay 5% to 6% of the sale price to the agent. Since it is a big home selling expense, most homeowners want to skip hiring a real estate agent and bear such a whopping amount of fee. Instead, they opt for For Sale By Owner or FSBO and save money. To list on the MLS and get their property the most exposure, they choose a flat-fee MLS company.

A flat-fee MLS company offers tiered packages to the sellers as per the additional services. To ensure a smooth home sale process, pick a reliable flat-fee MLS company that can handle your listing well.

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