Top 4 Facts About Fortis

Fortune favors the brave. This English translation of the Latin proverb “Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat” means that people who take risks reap significant payoffs. It appears the name Fortis was chosen because this proverb is true in everyday life, especially in the world of cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency market is rapidly evolving, with more people adopting it by the minute, and for a good reason.

Today’s financial sector, with fiat currency and commodities, is increasingly problematic. Its centralized system does not create equal opportunities for all people. Cryptocurrency can solve this problem globally, even for people in underdeveloped regions. Fortis’ motivation is to serve all individuals adopting and using cryptocurrency in their everyday lives and activities. Let us dive into some interesting facts about Fortis.

1. Fortis Fixes Arbitrary Financial Limitations

Let’s say you travel to another country for vacation or even work. On getting there, you have to pay for some amenities or goods. However, the issue is that this country uses another currency, and you get stuck. Even when you convert your local currency before traveling, there are situations where you spend all the cash you have and you need more. Arbitrary financial limitations, like the insane fees it takes to convert your fiat currency or the delays and transaction issues, may arise.

Fortis is set to break down the barriers between financial institutions in different regions by using blockchain technology and the high-speed Telos network. Telos is a third-generation blockchain platform for building quick, adaptable, distributed applications that support feeless transactions. It serves as a truly decentralized network that fosters collaboration and transparency. In addition to these systems and the three main elements of its ecosystem, made up of the Fortis App, Gateway, and Labs, Fortis is devoted to helping people overcome financial limitations.

2. Fortis Is the Coin of the People

Two features that Fortis offers stand out when it comes to helping people interact with the cryptocurrency market. The first feature is its Fiat on-ramp that aims to develop a payment framework for cryptocurrency. The on-ramp infrastructure will let Fortis users smoothly convert between fiat currency and cryptocurrency using effective payment options including debit or credit cards, Google Pay, and Apple Pay. This feature will enable users in the Fortis ecosystem to perform transactions seamlessly.

The second feature, the Fortis app, will be the first dApp built in the Fortis ecosystem. The app will grant users access to numerous products and services unique to its ecosystem but limited to other platforms. In addition to buying and selling crypto, users will also enjoy free time by playing games and connecting to other decentralized platforms in an integrated environment.

3. Tokenomics That Give Back to All Cryptocurrency Holders

Incentives play a huge role in encouraging and appreciating members of the crypto community. Fortis’ tokenomics, FORT’nomics, is based on an algorithm that gives back to its holders, regardless of their other cryptocurrencies. For instance, if you decide to stop holding a particular cryptocurrency because you are not gaining anything from it, Fortis can help.

Using the FORT’nomics feature, Fortis will burn FORT and other cryptocurrencies in the pools every month. All transactions in the on-ramp will be recorded and made transparent for individuals to view publicly. The incentives will be redistributed back to the active users in the Fortis ecosystem.

4. Fortis Ecosystem’s Ingenious Token

The Fortis Coin, FORT, will link Fortis users and the upcoming products and services available to the ecosystem. With the ability to power all the products and services, FORT will provide integrity, transparency, and autonomy to Fortis users. The token will also serve to strengthen the relationship in the community and foster partnership contracts.

Fortis users can use FORT to bid and stake, make P2P payments, participate in farming, and play social media games. Users will also join NFT rewards and new community projects through Fortis Labs.

Join The Community

Find out more about Fortis, including its feature that provides a reliable payments infrastructure beneficial to merchants and their customers and offers cryptocurrency as payment, by reading the whitepaper or joining the Telegram community. With Fortis Labs as its research hub, Fortis creates an environment for developing innovative ideas that will introduce straightforward solutions in the Fortis ecosystem and be applicable in real-life scenarios. Follow Fortis on social media platforms including Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and LinkedIn.

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