Top 4 Budgeting Apps For Students

Budgeting Apps

Life as a student can be financially challenging, to ensure that your money goes further it’s important to learn how to budget. If you’re not a budgeting pro, no worries, these apps have got all you need to improve your student finances.

1 ) Wally 

Wally is a great budgeting app, helping users to track their income, and avoid overspending. Students can use Wally to access spending insights, and organize their payments into categories. With the help of the app, you can create a personalized budget that suits your lifestyle. Students can also use the app to split payments, (it’s pretty handy for when you’re paying for a group meal or drinks). Other features of the app include:

  • Set targets based on your spending goals.
  • Make use of the ‘budget trackers’ to monitor your progress.
  • Access interactive charts to understand your spending.
  • Scan receipts and notes to monitor transactions.

2) Pocket Guard 

PocketGuard is a personal finance application that can help students to make better spending choices. Using PocketGuard you can link your accounts, savings, and bills to get a clear understanding of your finances. The application designs a budget and syncs your financial activities to help you make the most of your money. 

PocketGuard designs a budget based on what you can save, and how much you can realistically spend. The app provides you with a budget for various categories, including transport, food, study resources, etc. The app also allows you to use hashtags to organize your spending for a particular trip or activity.

3) Mint

Mint is a handy app to help students track their accounts, create a budget, and set bill reminders. The app allows you to create different budgets and goals, based on your current financial status. Mint splits your spending into sections, providing a suggested budget for each one. If you need to adjust any of these budgets, it’s simple to do so. Any money you have leftover at the end of the month is automatically added to next month’s budget. Mint is one of the best apps out there to help you manage your finances.

4) You Need A Budget 

You Need A Budget is an excellent app for money tracking and budgeting. Using YNAB you can sync your accounts via the app and access spending reports. The application makes it easy to create a budget and offers plenty of tips and tools to help you stay on track. YNAB helps users take control of their finances with the help of four simple rules:

  1. ‘Give Every Dollar A Job’: The app encourages you to plan how you will spend your money before it hits your account.
  2. ‘Embrace Your True Expenses’: YNAB helps users to save for one-off larger expenses, to stay on budget.
  3. ‘Roll With The Punches.’: This one is about adjusting your budget as your needs change.
  4. ‘Age Your Money.’: YNAB supports you to hold onto your money for longer, as opposed to spending it right away.

Living as a student isn’t always easy and there are several Things to consider before taking out a student loan. It’s important to create an action plan, to help you stay financially healthy while you are studying.

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