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Top 4 AI-based Face Recognition Applications

Some popular face recognition apps

The inception of biometrics has revolutionized the digital world with some trailblazing innovations, just like face recognition apps. The concept of facial recognition apps seemed like a fantasy around three decades ago. But now, these applications perform many tasks like controlling false arrests, lowering the cybercrime rate, diagnosing patients with genetic disorders, and combating malware attacks.

The global face shape analyzer market, valued at $3.2 billion in 2019, was anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 16.6% by the end of 2024. There is a growing trend in face recognition software, and this segment will uplift the entire digital and technological sphere. If you are planning to develop a face shape app to stay ahead of the competitive curve, here’s a brief list of some of the best face recognition apps.

List of Splendid Face Recognition Apps

Luxand: Luxand face recognition is more than an app; it is an entire hi-tech portal commenced in 2005 with an array of services and applications within. This face shape detector app comprises face SDK ideal for surveillance, biometric identification, and other purposes employed by industry giants across the globe.

Luxand face recognition has aided mammoth brands like LG, Phillips, Unilever, Universal Pictures, Ford, Badoo, P&G, and Samsung. Moreover, Luxand also serves gigantic authorities like the United States Department of Defence Cyber Crime Center, Korean National Forensic Service, and Singapore Ministry of Home Affairs.

Several mobile app development companies look to Luxand to create an app with similar robust features. This app does everything from detecting 70 unique facial features to recognizing faces in live video streams or footage and authenticating the profile identification.

FaceApp: This face detection app was initially launched for iOS devices in 2017. Later, with the increased popularity, FaceApp was also found on Android. This is a tech-savvy AI-based styling features app that enables users to replace the background with a single tap and use color filters and lens blur by using this app.

The face app online instigated a fad of posting photos of their old versions on social media, which became a hot trend. Even the celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Justin Bieber were connected with these applications, which skyrocketed customer engagement and retention of the app.

AppLock: AppLock is one of the most sought-after applications by users. You can choose to partner with any of the top android development companies to create a similar app. This application tracks software that makes it so that only a user can have access to their personal information, financial accounts, and social media apps.

Besides mobile face recognition, voice recognition is also used to enhance security. The user’s voice and face work as a password and is like the biometric key to unlocking all the apps. AppLock amalgamates the speaker and face recognition technology to impart a seamless and secure user experience. Moreover, this app creates a backup authentication option to use your backup method if conditions are extreme for face or voice.

Face DNA Test: This is an ancestry facial recognition application that takes a person’s facial profile and calculates the unique facial points in a row. Face DNA Test app uses around 68 different facial points while comparing a person’s anatomy to another, just like facial identification.

The facial recognition app also helps compare the similar features of two people or know if they are related. While you can compare the facial profiles of siblings, you can also verify the relationship between the family members via the app’s algorithm.

Winding Up

Facial recognition is the future of the digital and technological ecosystem. Investing in a face app for iPhone and Android devices can bestow you with the highest yields. To build the best free facial recognition app, hire a proficient app developer for android and iOS applications. AppStudio is one such mobile app development company that offers robust and error-free applications to skyrocket your business prospects. Connect with them to know more.

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