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Top 30 Lead Generation Tactics That Scale-Up Businesses

Scale-Up Businesses

Have you just closed a sales deal? Then great! Or perhaps, you struggling to convert a lead generated into your regular customer base? Or perhaps a deal just slipped out of your hand? It happens and that needs a serious rethought. Relax, lead generation can be a whole lot easier – if you have the tips for it! 

If you are in a business, it means that sales need to go on steadily. For this, lead generation is a must-have. For those who are into marketing or digital marketing, you will know how hard it can get to the right leads within a time frame. Be it via the online mode, seeing face to face, or going for those cold calling techniques, lead generation has been a tough nut to crack for years. Let’s face it, there is a lot of hard work behind this skill. That is why we love to pitch in and show you an easier way of getting things done.

Doubtful? Well, that’s pretty natural. What if you could just get the lead generation formula right? Won’t it be great?  So, you ought to try our tips first and then see the results. It worked well for our team and we have been devising such creative lead generation tips every since. So, once you try it and see how well you manage the below-mentioned lead generation techniques, it will be great for your business. If you are heading the marketing, team, spend the next 15 minutes absorbing the knowledge that we have shared right below.  

Just to give a head up, we don’t want to waste our time on the really traditional methods for lead generations, They ain’t applicable in today’s modern online business models. If your sales have turned into a flat, inactive metrics report, its’ time to undo that situation and reboot the business back into action.

What is Lead Generation?

With the online business popping up every second on the Internet, you must have heard the term Lead generation quite often now. It is an innovative process whereby you build on the interest levels of the target audience. This should pave way for a good sale of the product or service. That is what we are aiming at through various online marketing strategies. The more fruitful leads you get, the most chance you get to grow your business. 

To start with, you should understand that a lead is the contact information of a person who could be converted from a probable viewer to a loyal customer. 

For this, we have done our proven pattern of research to help you with 30 splendid ways by which you can generate leads, thereby building sales and scaling up the business in the long term. You can go through each of our tips and this will help you in a streamlined way. 

Useful Lead Generation To Build Customer Base

1. Understand the Demand Needs

We don’t simply put forward our business product or service to a viewer. What if they just reached here due to your great SEO work? What if they came to visit the website due to their curiosity? They may not even actually want the product. So, for a start, you need to understand why the people have even clicked on your Google ad, or Url, or even searched for a particular page on your website. For this, send you a quick inquiry form or give a quick call back. Understand and then decide if your product or service is meant for them. That way, both parties do not waste time. 

2. Write Good Quality Content

Next, it goes without saying, you need to give quality. See the world has over 6 billion websites and even more content is generated every other minute. If you need to get picked from this massive stock, give them authentic, original quality content. Your quality will drive in the leads for sure. 

3. Build a consistent content planner

Have a content plan for every quarter. Breakdown all the content you need to share about your product or service, For example, if you run a UX design company, you can give blogs with videos and tutorials that show how to perfect YX, what tools to use in UX, why UX is good for websites, and so on.

4. Avoid Fluff, Present Information Creatively

A person reaches your website for some cause and it’s best to respect their time. We need to give quality content, without much wasteful storytelling. That would deviate their interest level and may not convert into a successful lead. So, stick to facts, and use infographics or images to present them attractively. 

5. Use diversified technologies and platforms 

Never ever place all your eggs in one basket! A great tip to keep in mind for lead generation is to update on the various platforms you can enter, establish your profile, build your audience and grow your lead base. This can be accessed via various technologies, and mobile applications and will help you a lot. 

A great example of a new technology that companies have leveraged is reverse cell phone lookup services. With this, companies can follow-up on prospects, leads and see who calls their business. Pairing this along with a CRM can enable your sales team to do more follow-ups and close more sales.

6. Improve the SEO quality of your content

Know the search queries, and the search trends, research what people need, and then pick the SEO that relates to your product or service the blog. Add that SEO keyword (could be a single word or a phrase or a long tail keyword) to your web page content, blogs, and social media. That will help to get those searches flowing in!

7. Add Value to your Personality

If you know a particular subject, let the world know you and your expertise. Don’t simply promote a product, but say why your product or service, is actually worth buying, State your research knowledge and how man will benefit from it. Skip the sales angle from your SEO talks to a large extent, 

8. Be a Talking School of Expertise

Yes, you need to talk and share your knowledge. People who hear a lot of stuff these days, get confused. You can bust those fears and myths with social media proclamations, This will boost your image greatly. 

9. Do an Audiobook

We love the idea of how technology can help you attract an audience in a simple format. If your crowd is the youth, kids, or people who don’t have the patience to read, then go for an audiobook They can simply plug in, listen to your expertise, and send in an inquiry. You have a lead coming your way!

10. Join Virtual Discussions

Yes, the world has switched into a Zoom or a Google Meet mode. This means that you should find and interact with your target audience through repetitive, interesting virtual discussions. Here you can share knowledge about your product and let them see you for real. 

11. Hold a Podcast

Just like an audiobook, you can launch a podcast where your voice should convey the fact that you can be trusted, Give an easy option for them to connect with you also. 

12. Organize Webinars

Webinars are great platforms where you can teach and showcase presentations and they can be recorded and shared with ease with a wider audience. 

13. Speak at Meets and Conferences

The credibility factor builds up higher when they see face to face. For this, the stage meets, conferences, college meets, public functions, malm parties, and the like are great options for people to interact with you. 

14. Publish instructional videos

If textual content impressed our forefathers, today’s videos impress people. So, get on YouTube, and so many other platforms, and share your instruction in the form of videos. They love to see you speak via a video, and it gives plenty of options to share links that help them connect with you. This in turn establishes a sound lead where they follow you with your content.

15. Hold promotional videos about your worth

You need to promote your content via Google ads and ask influencers to speak for you. They have the power to bring in leads for you through social media. Promotions help to constantly remind people that you are the go to solution for their problems. 

16. Share expertise in Virtual communities

Be part of the wide plethora of virtual communities like Quora, Indiehackers, Clubhouse and so much more. Speak up and say why you are the best choice. Make sure that you share and speak only connected materials or else, it would be flagged off as spam content or profile 

17. Start your own niche interaction group

You can slowly start your own group also via WhatsApp or telegram, where you share all your podcasts, videos, lessons, etc. It provides a one-to-one platform where your target audience can reach out to you at any time of the day, 

18. Build your Linkedin professional community

It’s business and that means you need to connect with people who earn and also those who do entrepreneurship. So, brush up your Linkedin and flaunt your skillsets, customer base, and values at large. 

19. Create Online Courses

If people have loved your small videos mentioned above, develop that into a full course. It could be about anything using the product that you want to sell. This projects your product as a necessity and drives in leads. Build a profile on Teachable and many other course-making websites to showcase your expertise, 

20. Listen and Interact virtually

If you have to generate leads, it means that you need to have the patience to listen to their queries. Everyone wants the personalization factor and if you deliver it well, that would create long-term leads.

21. Storytell and share customer experiences

You don’t always sell, but you share your good moments too. Share reviews that help the audience to be convinced that it is worth associating with your products and services. 

22. Value-added personalized email technology

We can’t stress enough, that custom-made personalized communication is loved by all. You can generate leads when the emails are sent in a streamlined manner. Using automation tools can help you streamline this email process and ultimately save time on campaigns. Research and find innovative ways to probe their thinking and click the links to your website.

23. Design a lead follow-up planner

Make sure that you track and follow up with the target audience that you want to meet. Plan a chart every month so that you know the frequency of communication and the pattern of communication with people.

24. Follow up and build a rapport with the audience on social media

People need to know that you are serious about the product or service quality. For this, you need to get active on social media. Go share your videos,  add posts, and let them know your updates. To market on social media is one of the important lead generation tactics one can use and to make it easy you can use social media marketing tools available in the market. When people know that you are progressing, they will like to connect and be your lead. This will further convert your customer base.

25. Be an Author for Premium Publications

The alternatives to reach out to your customer base is abundant. Just like podcasts, and course videos, your writings will have a literary connection with people. So, try writing a page in magazines, on web pages, in newspapers, and see how people respond. 

26. Start creative polls, surveys, games

Be innovative and use polls and games to interact with your customer base on social media. This can be done on your mobile applications too. Your target audience today will be people who spend more time on smartphones and other smart devices. So, engage them with rewards, and cash prizes and see how they respond. 

27. Giveaways are productive options

If a game can excite the mind, so can surprise giveaways. You are here to generate leads that stick with you for a long time, For this, build their trust. Small giveaways, with a sample of your service, can make them happy. This inevitably spreads your goodwill over the internet. 

28. Write and sell your books/ebooks

If publications and videos are not your styles, then head for the ebooks or real physical books. Write your biography, or even how your products can bring about the change. This will give a better understanding to the outside world of how you intend goodness in terms of quality, price, and trustworthiness for the business. This holds good in case you are selling education mobile apps, healthcare products, and even fitness and mental health counseling sessions. 

29. Hold Interactive Podcasts with experts in your niche

We believe that we improve when we learn. So, even if you claim to be an expert, it is good to have good virtual meetings or podcasts with other experts in your niche. Sometimes, you may get more ideas and get to spread your product promotion in a very educational manner. 

30. Go Live, give solutions to prospects

People love to see how you work in your office, and that means you need to go live. You can take up Facebook Live, or Instagram Live where you show dedicated your organization is to deliver the best products and services.

Final Note

Lead Generation is not magic, but an art of convincing people to be a part of your customer base. If you are a new company, you surely need to use the above-mentioned lead generation tips to let people know about you. The process is continual, planned, and spam-free. So, make sure to find where your final customer lies, and what they need, and then build your lead generation strategies accordingly. 

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