Top 3 Play2Earn ICOs To Watch in 2022

What is a Play2earn ICO?

 Play2earn, or Gamefi as it is sometimes known, is the next red-hot trend in the Blockchain world. It’s the natural confluence of cryptocurrency and eSports. Play2Earn ICOs are just that, coin offerings for the tokens behind the mechanics of the game. Developers often use the capital raised from the token sale to fund the full-scale game and players can use the ICOs to grab a truckload of in game currency cheap.

1: Olympus Game

Olympus Game is a strategic, card-driven, 3D tower rush title set in a universe steeped in Greek mythology. Players buy in to game by purchasing a starter deck. These decks can be bought with $OLYM, which is the in-game currency. The gameplay is PVP and as players progress up the ladder, they’ll climb the slopes of Mount Olympus in a bid to ascend to godhood. After every six victories players will receive a time-locked chest. Contained inside each chest there could be in-game perks, NFTs, new cards, power ups and other rewards. Unlike other Play2Earn games Olympus Game promises to be gameplay focussed and there’s even a free-to-play version where players can practice their skills and learn the game’s mechanics. The Olympus Game ICO is imminent and there’s still time to get in on the ground level. 

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2: Supremacy

Supremacy is a big budget title and unlike some of the others on this list, it’s hailed as a Watch2earn title, but there’s also plans for a full-on Play2earn version too. Gameplay wise, the action takes place in a dystopian future where syndicates battle it out via huge AI controlled Mechs. Right now, players watch the battles and can influence the outcome by providing specific resources to their chosen Mech or by affecting the battlefield via real-time events like airstrikes. The in-game currency is the $SUP token. The core principle is like the plot of the Hunger Games novel series in which influential individuals attempt to manipulate the game’s outcome by airdropping additional resources into the arena. The rewards are distributed after each battle and are shared amongst the winning faction. Supremacy launched its ICO in February and the game seems to be picking up momentum.     

3: Platofarm

Platofarm is a new NFT-based world builder game. Players buy a plot of farmland. Then, over time they can develop their farms into little empires.  The game runs on two different tokens, the Mark token, which is the in-game currency and also the Plato token which is the real-world equivalent. Players buy in with Plato and the token also has other real world functionality. Everything in the game from the seeds to the chickens are NFTs and these can all be traded on external exchanges, as can your upgraded farm. This is where the Play2earn element comes in as players can either sell the NFT goods their upgraded farms produce or even sell the farm itself. Platofarm launched their ICO earlier in the year and the platform now boasts over 300k registered players.



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