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Top 3 Luscious Braised Duck Pride of Johor Bahru Malaysia

Johor Bahru Malaysia

Malaysians love duck cuisines, especially in the daytime. It is a simple, quick and delicious meal made with noodles or fragrant white rice as the mattress. The duck meat is served with slices of sweet, savory duck meat with gravy. Imagine the braised golden brown braised duck meat, which is soft and juicy, and soaking up the titivating gravy. It can be either a darker and more gooey Teochew version, or a milder Teochew. This is heavenly satisfying!

These are the top-rated Johor Bahru braised duck restaurants that serve delicious duck meat and braised duck dishes.

1. Restaurant Ya Wang

Finding Restoran Ya may be difficult as it is not located on the main street. Heading to the curry fish head restaurant is the easiest way to get to City Square Mall. After you have passed it, you can jaywalk across the main street on the right. Restoran Ya Wang can be found right in front a parking garage.

Customers come here to enjoy their roast duck noodles. They are famous for their noodles because they are all QQ, but the sauce is a regular soya sauce. Their signature herb roast duck rice and crispy outside roast pork are also very popular.

You can order the roast duck if you’re coming with a large group. Its renowned roasted duck arrives at your table with an aroma waft and glowing mahogany skin, which covers the rich and succulent meat beneath.

The subtle herb sauce that is drizzled over the meat works well with the duck and the fluffy rice. To finish your meal, you can drink their Lotus Root Soup.

2. Kedai Mee Itik Sin Hai Cheng

Sin Hai Cheng is also a famous restaurant that serves duck mee in Sri Skudai (Johor). The duck meat served at this restaurant is quite well-known. It is thinly sliced and made tender by being sliced thin.

The braising sauce, which is the main component of this dish, is mild and tastes slightly savoury, with subtle traces herbs. People who aren’t a fan of duck’s natural gaminess will find it hard to detect the duck flavor.

Customers will often order another dish from the restaurant, which is their signature dish: mixed braised duck innards. This includes liver, heart, and gizzard. Each of these dishes has its own unique texture. The innards are generally cooked well.

This restaurant serves braised duck as well as kway Teow. They will also douse the kway Teow with braising sauce and top it with fresh spring unions or fried shallots.

3. Kedai Makanan MIS Restaurant

Skudai Duck Mee is a well-known brand. It started out as a roadside stall in 1975. It has been transformed into a corner shop unit in Taman Sri Skudai. This is a large, spacious shop with comfortable round table seating. Customers can now enjoy their meals in a quieter and more comfortable area.

Skudai Duck serves Teochew braised duck. It also offers braised eggs, pork and pig’s ears.

The innards are firm and chewy. Their main dish, braised duck meat, is succulent and juicy. It has a light brownish colour due to the decades-old braising sauce.

The slightly firm meat was moist when you chewed it. It quickly became smokey and tender as soon as you ate it. It tastes sweet, slightly herbaceous, and savoury. Add some braising sauce to the meat and stir in their famous kway Teow. This is a great accompaniment for the duck and its innards!

Are you drooling when you see this? If you haven’t eaten everything about “duck”, then you must try these places, and you must not miss it!

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