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Top 3 Content Marketing Trends to Include in 2023 Strategy

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Since a few years ago, content marketing has become more significant, and this trend shows no indications of stopping. A terrific year for content marketers worldwide, 2022 saw the introduction of Google RankBrain, algorithms becoming more user-focused (therefore making them simpler to understand), and AI essentially taking over everything. What can we anticipate from content marketing in 2023 now that it has arrived? You might be shocked to learn that it’s a lot! The major trends that will emerge during the following five years are listed below.

Trends in Content Marketing for Businesses

More searches will be sparked by voice search. 

A novel and quickly expanding method of using the web is voice search. By 2022, voice search will likely replace text input as the primary method of web interaction, according to research firm Gartner.

It should come as no surprise that by the end of the next year, voice searches on Google will outnumber text searches. Marketers must adapt their content strategies to meet new search trends given the significant change in user behavior and expectations for how we find information online.

Using influencers

Instead of concentrating on the target market as a whole, influencer marketing focuses on influential individuals. Influencers might be well-known people, blogs, or figures on social media. These influencers are used by digital marketers to raise awareness of their products and increase client interaction.

Because it focuses more on developing personal connections with your audience through the publishing of videos, images, etc using social media scheduler than traditional advertising campaigns, influencer marketing can, when done effectively, help you stand out from the competition.

Influencer content has a reputation for being more trustworthy than other forms of online advertising. Compared to more conventional digital advertising formats like banner ads and pop-ups, it has been demonstrated to have greater conversion rates (source).

Apps for Social Messaging

Social messaging platforms are a brand-new, cutting-edge method of reaching out to clients. As opposed to uploading content on a public platform, they allow users to exchange messages with one another directly, setting them apart from other social media sites.

The advantage of messaging apps is that they give businesses direct access to consumers, allowing them to improve marketing efforts, hear what customers have to say, interact with them, and even produce content for their brands.


Use Groups to Create Content

Working with others to generate content is known as collaborative content development. Collaboration options include in-person meetings, phone conversations, video conferencing, and more. However, what matters is how well you communicate with your team members across departments. When coming up with fresh concepts, writing various blog post sections, and making sure your material satisfies the demands of all of your readers, collaborative content creation may be beneficial.

Collaboration simply implies that everyone participating in the project will communicate efficiently throughout the whole process—from idea creation to production and distribution—and is not restricted by time or place.

Trends in Content Marketing for Influencers

Content Created by Users

User-generated content, or UGC for short, is a fantastic method to involve your audience with your company. This is because content created by others is more likely to be trusted than almost anything else. According to research, 90% of consumers think they are more trusting of brands when they post user-generated content on their websites, and 63% of consumers are more inclined to purchase a brand that uses such content.

Customer identification with you and the brand is another advantage of user-generated content. How can I give my readers the impression that they are doing more than just reading what we write? you might be asking yourself. UGC is one method, though! It enables customers who have already used or purchased from your brand to express how much they appreciate it online through reviews and other media channels like blogs and social media platforms, where their opinions are most valued. All parties involved benefit from a stronger feeling of community as a result, which encourages them to support one another by making purchases and embracing any innovative concepts that may emerge in the future.

An Increase in Video Content

One of the most significant trends in content marketing is the use of video content. Video can be used to explain concepts, provide information, or demonstrate a process. A terrific approach to engaging clients and giving them a behind-the-scenes glimpse at how your business operates is through video content. Explainer films, which are brief (usually under two minutes) and entertainingly and engagingly describe what your firm does, are the most popular sort of video content. As part of their overall content marketing strategy, businesses can also leverage user-generated material or consumer reviews. Companies should look for ways to promote their content in addition to producing it. For instance, if a company wishes to attract more clients, It must ensure that the public is aware of the company’s existence and its services.

Utilizing narrative as a tactic

The use of stories as a strategy is more than just a sentimental notion. A crucial component that can help you engage customers, build trust, and promote change is content marketing.

First, stories stick in your memory. In contrast to ads, which only retain 10% of what viewers hear or see, stories are remembered by audiences up to 65% of the time. Second, storytelling has a higher level of customer engagement than conventional advertising techniques like sales pages and email blasts because it forges an emotional bond with your audience by appealing to their needs for connection and meaning by bringing us together through our shared experiences. Finally, because they foster closer ties between businesses and their clients—a crucial first step toward establishing trust over time—stories have been repeatedly demonstrated as useful methods for establishing rapport with stakeholders.

Personalized Content is a Pro tip

You must incorporate personalized content, a major trend, into your 2023 marketing plan. Personalization can assist you in connecting with your audience and winning their business. Additionally, it results in more captivating material, which, as evidenced by research, raises engagement levels all around.

This is how it goes: Consider a reader who has previously visited your website without making a purchase. In this situation, customers may get a customized page with recommendations made specifically for them based on their prior browsing or purchasing history (or both). This kind of personalization enables you to shape the user’s experience so they only receive the information they desire and are assisted in finding what they are looking for—increasing the possibility that they will make a purchase from you and continue to read your blog posts!

Trends in Content Marketing to Increase Engagement

Applied Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Content is produced using machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI). To evaluate the impact of content, AI and ML methods are being deployed. Last but not least, content sharing on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn is being done with the help of AI and ML tools.

To evaluate the effectiveness of the landing pages on your website, AI and ML methods are being employed. and where your customers reside so that they can be targeted with relevant ads across different geographic locations (geo-targeting).

To make it simpler for visitors looking for specific information on a product or service supplied by your business to get exactly what they need with the least amount of effort, you may optimize your site based on user behavior patterns with the aid of AI and ML tools.

More IoT and wearable technology fusion

Long overlooked, wearable technology is suddenly becoming much more well-liked. Wearable technology made up 3% of the worldwide wearable market in 2019. As more individuals continue to use these devices for a variety of reasons, this number is anticipated to increase.

Because the use of wearable technology in content marketing will increase in 2023,  you must begin formulating a strategy around this issue to be prepared when it comes time to use these tactics in your company. You can include wearable technology in your content strategy in the following ways:

Use Fitbit data to help you reach your fitness and health objectives – Using Fitbit data as a gauge of your progress toward your fitness and health goals is one approach to achieving these objectives. You might write articles that offer advice on how others have utilized Fitbit data to accomplish their goals, or you could even design a quiz that allows users to compare their performance to prior Fitbit device results (or other wearables). You might also use this kind of content as an opportunity to advertise goods or services, like vitamins, supplements, or gym memberships, that are directly or indirectly tied to health and fitness goals.

Make “how-to” videos that demonstrate how to use wearables. We all enjoy watching videos in which someone demonstrates a process. And what better location than YouTube? Several tutorials explain how various wearables function, including everything from fundamental functions like step tracking to more complex things like using analysis tools.

The Rise in Visual Search Functionality

The most anticipated trend in content marketing for 2023 is visual search. Although visual search technology has been around for a while, people are just now starting to adopt it.

Because more individuals own smartphones and use them while on the go, smartphone usage is continuing to rise. Additionally, as more mobile users utilize social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest, visual content consumption is rising.

Over the next five years, visual search is anticipated to be one of the most significant trends in digital marketing because it makes it easier for consumers to find information online by enabling them to take a picture or a video of what they’re looking for, which is then analyzed by machine learning software, which then returns relevant results based on keywords within that picture or video (think Google Lens).

Pro Tip:

Interactive Content

Customers can be engaged, made to feel more connected to your brand, and given faster access to information by using interactive content.

By giving readers additional chances for informal answers, interactive content also aids in bringing your brand’s personality to life. Anything from surveys and assessments to competitions or even straightforward game elements like “find the difference” puzzles might be used for this.

Additionally, interactive content has a great deal of potential to raise social media post engagement levels and advertiser click-through rates.

Content Marketers have a lot to think about

The process of content marketing is intricate. It’s crucial to conduct research, set priorities, and make a plan if you want to guarantee that you’re producing the greatest content possible.

You can use a variety of content kinds to advertise your company, including blog articles, infographics, videos, and images.

Careful planning is necessary to produce outstanding content that stands out from the competition, especially if you want it to be shared on social media.

Before developing any content, make careful to understand your target audience to tailor it to their needs and interests. Remember that different platforms have various types of users (for example, Facebook users tend to be younger). Your objectives will also assist in deciding how much time and money should be spent on each


The prospects for content marketers are excellent. There are several trends to take into account as we enter the new year. We’ve selected a few of our favorites here, but we hope this list inspires you to consider what else may be in store for your brand or company in the future. Without a question, technology will grow at an exponential rate in the future, thus it’s time for marketers worldwide to start preparing!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What trends can you anticipate in content marketing?

A. AI-driven content marketing is the trend that is most likely to make a big influence and disrupt the game. As a result of changes to the search algorithm, long-form content and semantic search are now given more weight.

Q. What will marketing look like in 2025?

A. Future marketing trends for 2025 will put a greater emphasis than ever on interactive, compelling customer communication and simplifying advertising.

Q. What’s new in content marketing in 2023?

A. By linking each component to the main goal, 2023’s trends in content marketing will favor writing and formatting that is more unified. To achieve a successful strategy, marketing teams must spend more time during the phases of research, planning, and execution as a result of having access to this data.

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