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Top 3 Cisco Instructors 2022

The Orhan Ergun website was created by Orhan Ergun with a mission to teach aspiring engineers about Network Design to prepare for Cisco’s CCDE, a Network Design exam. He successfully became the world’s first creator of CCDE study material, courses, and videos on demand. Apart from CCDE, the website also has other training courses like MPLS, BGP, and Service Provider Design. For all the courses, he offers certification and practical sessions for students to better understand the courses.

The website was an innovative step taken by Ergun to bring the teaching and training courses online so that more people across the country could have the opportunity to train under his guidance without having to travel onsite. We’ve picked out three of the best Cisco instructors like Orhan Ergun, to discuss in this article. So, if you are looking for an alternative to Orhan Ergun for Cisco instructors, you’ve come to the right place.

Micronics Training and Consulting

Micronics Training and Consulting houses a team of expert instructors and trainers who strive to do their best when helping empower their students and helping them reach their goals of becoming network designers or engineers.

To achieve its mission, Micronics Training and Consulting delivers only the latest courses to keep all its students up to date. On top of this, they make sure that the students learn through hands-on training, ensuring that the knowledge they learn can be applied in real-life scenarios.

You can quickly and efficiently enhance your Cisco technology understanding by taking up their CCDE training courses. The best part is that they are certified by Cisco as legit advisors and consultants on their networking and security systems, so you’re sure to gain 100% genuine information in your selected field.

Although everything is online, it doesn’t mean that their delivery of information is lacking in any way. Everything is built to be as interactive as possible so that students are empowered to learn on their own. Plus, the hands-on practical sessions make it easier to process the information easier and quicker.

The CCDE certification course provided by Micronics Training and Consulting is inclusive of an all-around syllabus that is intended to help all candidates learn real-life responsibilities when it comes to designing security and networking systems. 

In addition to this, the CCDE curriculum they follow is comprehensive; in that, it seeks to prepare aspiring security and network designers to come up with applicable solutions for high-level infrastructures. 

The consultants or trainers on the website are well-equipped to organize advanced workshops on CCDE, which has gotten positive reviews from past students. It is well received by attendees who swear by the unmatched practical knowledge they learn through these workshops.

MNB Network

MNB Networks is another organization that offers Cisco training to aspiring students of engineering in network specialization. Jeremy Filliben and Malcolm Booden are the experts who lead both self-paced and instructor-led formats of teaching the courses.

Since 2021, Jeremy Filliben has retired from the course and passed the reins to Booden to take over as the lead instructor for all the courses. On the MNB network, you’ll find that there is a huge array of training resources in various fields such as designing networks, building them, and security.

The mission behind MNB is to be the leaders of a new world where IT knowledge is bestowed upon the learners through knowledge that can be applied in real-life scenarios. For the trainers at MNB, it doesn’t matter if you are looking forward to a career in network designing or already an experienced network designer looking for a fresh perspective and gaining some new knowledge; they have all the right tools to fulfill your needs.

The objective is to help build a strong community of IT network designers where users join not just for the sake of the certification but also to emphasize the practical knowledge they learn from the course. The best selling point of the website is that they are striving to provide solutions for real-life challenges so that their students can tackle any challenge thrown at them.

As the lead instructor, Malcolm Booden is working to provide world-class knowledge to all the students in need. He is a certified CCDE expert with years of experience in the industry. Along with a qualified team of experts in different fields, he works tirelessly to bring the latest and most accurate information to the students under MNB networks.


Sprintzeal is a website that offers online training for more than 100 different courses. All the classes on the website are conducted and monitored by certified tutors and trainers who are qualified in their respective fields.

These trainers offer broad knowledge coupled with practical experience to all their students. All their courses are available to anyone across the globe, which is accessible for all. The only prerequisite for taking up these courses on Sprintzeal is to have the basic knowledge of computers, how to operate them, and a good internet connection.

The training approach undertaken by Sprintzeal is a combination of practical, affordable, goal-oriented, and structured knowledge that is imparted to the students through different online means.

One of the most popular courses on the website is the CCDE course which is a Design Expert Certification Training Certified by Cisco. The objective is to enable students to apply the theoretical knowledge practically, hence manifesting a higher chance of passing the CCDE examination.

This course is helpful for those who are interested in gaining proficient skills in the field of network designing. Through this training, you’ll be exposed to a number of different networks designing skills and principles which can help you handle and manage even those most complicated network systems.

Apart from CCDE, you can also expect similar training courses on Sprintzeal, which help you learn hands-on knowledge about your specified field of interest, along with 24×7 support from your instructors and trainers for any queries or issues you wish to address.

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