Top 3 Cardano-Based Projects for Cryptocurrency Investors in 2022

Top 3 Cardano-Based Projects for Cryptocurrency Investors in 2022

Cardano Blockchain came on board a couple of years ago to break the Ethereum monopoly. Since its development, it has accommodated scores of cryptocurrency projects.

This is a list of the best 3 for cryptocurrency investors to check out in 2022:

  1. OccamFi

The Decentralized Finance (DeFi) space has seen some high-quality projects. However, OccamFi stands out, thanks to its impressive features that are superior to its competitors’.

Among other things, OccamFi users can look forward to using its wide range of DEX tools, launchpad capabilities, and a liquidity tool that make it arguably the best player in that sector.

Putting its versatility to work, it supports multiple DeFi applications in addition to serving as a platform for exchanging or borrowing/lending digital assets. It’s also an avenue for DeFi project developers to effortlessly raise funds for their projects or ideas.

Since it came on board, OccamFi has proven to be a major player in the DeFi space and will launch its DEX soon to enable it to offer its users improved services.

  1. Ravendex

From the array of decentralized exchanges is this unique platform that allows users to control their assets without interference by allowing them to keep their private keys.

Using the Automated Market Maker (AMM) protocol, the Cardano-based project reduces asset trading time and thus supports faster transaction time.

Ravendex also ranks borrowing and lending digital assets higher than other services it offers, one of the major reasons why it keeps appreciating and gaining more popularity among cryptocurrency investors.

Thanks to the Alonzo Hard Fork, Ravendex users can leverage smart contracts to deposit their assets and rewarded for such smart investment moves.

Users who wish to exchange their native tokens can perform such a function on the exchange that also uses its EUTXO future to convince exchanges of the need for liquidity pooling.

  1. Ardana

This project is backed collateral, making it a distinct project on the Cardano Ecosystem. Thanks to its innovation, the stablecoins campaign wouldn’t have seen the light of the day.

Ardana is also used to store digital assets safely while preserving their values notwithstanding the market’s volatility or stability.

Several projects such as the DUSD stablecoin built on Ardana on the Cardano Blockchain in addition to serving multiple functions that include minting, transfer, lending, and staking.

In its capacity as a financial institution, Ardana makes DUSD loans available for the Cardano community, especially investors with ADA assets to present as collateral. The goal is to take advantage of ADA’s growing value appreciation and popularity among interested crypto investors.

Ardana also opens its doors to DeFi projects that can’t figure out how to stabilize their project and drive it towards growth. ADA will come to such projects’ aids and help them achieve their objectives.

If you are a cryptocurrency lover, it’s advisable to check these three projects out on the Cardano Blockchain.

The exchange also allows its users to exchange stablecoins and some other stable assets such as wrapped or synthetic Bitcoin while minimizing their slippage.  More so, DanaSwap pool offers Ardana users an opportunity to earn passive income by depositing their assets in the pool.


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