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Top 3 Business Softwares for Supplier Management, Training & Document Control

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So, your company is growing and you are finally finding it difficult to handle the vast amount of manual documentation and control a little bit too much. Perhaps you were aware of the developing situation and have already started to use a couple of software to help you, but are finding it increasingly frustrating as they don’t cater to your exact requirements.

In both cases, you can now breathe a sigh of relief as Harrington Group International has a suite of different software that can help you in controlling your documents, managing suppliers, and training them. Each software provided by the HGINT group has been created from scratch. The development comes from the vast experiences of the team, each one bringing in its exposure to different industries and helping in creating software that is the best in the business.

Document Control Software

Documentation is important, but manual documentation can be stressful. Maintaining folders, record rooms, getting approvals and signatures, including sending documents through mail can all be time-consuming, slow and tedious. If you have offices in more than one location, this can compound the problem.

Harrington’s Document Control Software digitizes everything and reduces the inefficiencies involved in paper handling. Another major issue faced in manual handling is the revision systems. An updated document means that distributed previous versions need to be retrieved and replaced. A manual exercise always has room for error, something that can be disastrous for a firm. Digital documentation means that updates are made instantly and old versions are removed.

The Document Control Software also helps in instant retrieval of documents, saving time and helping in audits, bringing in increased transparency and even reducing the carbon footprint of the firm.

Supplier Management

Businesses are all about taking input, processing them, and creating products and services that add to the value, enabling profit generation. As such, having good management of suppliers and their materials is essential. Supplies & Supplier Management Software Information by HGINT is an enterprise-level solution that helps firms around the world ensure that their suppliers and the materials are well managed in a secured database that allows for easy retrieval of supplier data and manages inflows of materials.

The HGINT solution caters specifically to help organizations manage:

  • Procurement: Whether goods, raw materials services, or turnkey solutions, the purchasing is made streamline.
  • Cost Analysis: Having multiple suppliers means that every time an order is to be placed, a proper cost analysis can help in identifying which supplier will be cheaper in the long run.
  • Purchasing Turnover Time: Automation helps in placing orders whenever an inventory falls below a set level, reducing the time required to determine when to place an order and in how much quantity.
  • NCRs and CARs: Non-conformances and corrective actions can be immediately identified and appropriate actions taken, ensuring smooth operations.
  • Contract Management: In-built contract management enables better handling of vendors and reducing chances where a supplier may not be able to deliver or have issues leading to disruption in the supply chain.

Total Quality Management

Quality is not limited to what you deliver in terms of services and products. It has an array of intrinsic values and core beliefs that can drastically affect the output. The Total Quality Management Software by Harrington Group International comes here to give organizations the best in TQM and business.

With different components that are independent to look at, but are interlinked and affect the quality, each module is developed with a holistic approach:

  • Customer Compliance: Ensuring that each customer’s needs are fully met, especially in an environment where different variations of products exist.
  • Production Tasking: Assigning the right task to the right person/department at the right time with clear-cut responsibilities and roles.
  • Employee Training: Deep analysis of TNA and implementation of the identified training mean that employee efficiency is maximized.
  • Audit Management: Helping companies comply with different standards and regulatory requirements, including those of any specific requirements of a customer.

These and other modules enable firms to lower costs, increase customer satisfaction, build a good team, develop loyalty and make it easy to be in line with different laws and regulations.

Why Choose Harrington’s Business Software Solutions?

With 30 years of developing different business software solutions, Harrington Group International is a globe-spanning organization that caters to a wide variety of high-performance industries, such as aerospace, construction, general manufacturing, healthcare, oil, and even technology.

HGINT comes with an arsenal of automation and leverages the use of data management and computers to deliver solutions that are efficient, secure, fast, and help in reducing risks, costs, and precious time.

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