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Top 3 Blockchain PR Agencies You Might Have Missed That Will Skyrocket Your Startup

For blockchain tech startups, PR is the fastest and the most efficient way to increase brand awareness and credibility in this crowded industry. Once you decide to bring your rising business to the higher level, the next move is to hire experienced PR specialists or turn to specialized agencies.

Why we’ve compiled this list

To date, there are hundreds of public relations service providers available in the market. So reviewing all of them and choosing the one that suits you best can seem like a tough nut to crack. The internet is crawling with dozens of listicles featuring the long-established players like Bitcoin PR Buzz, Wachsman, and MarketAcross. However, if you look hard enough, you will find agencies with unique competitive advantages and approaches to the promotion of blockchain early stage projects.

Large-scale PR firms that mostly operate like conveyor belts can be less flexible and responsive when it comes to interaction with the client. This may affect the speed of communication, the workflow, and, consequently, the quality of PR efforts. That’s why budding blockchain entrepreneurs may want to get turn-key communication strategies designed to pave the shortest way toward meeting their business needs.

If this sounds like you – buckle up as we embark on the review of the blockchain PR agencies undeservedly ignored by other similar compilations. They all become an extension of your team, working alongside your employees and providing you with the most personalized experience.

Top 3 PR agencies that provide customized services for blockchain startups

Outset PR

Starting off our list is Outset PR agency, the recent brainchild of Mike Ermolaev. Mike is known in the industry as PR and content professional, market analyst, and interviewer running his exclusive signature series “Crypto Opinion with Mike Ermolaev” for Within almost 6 years in blockchain and crypto public relations, he has built a persuasive network of 2400+ media connections across the globe and has gathered a well-coordinated team of 10+ passionate PR folks. This led to Mike kickstarting his own agency in November 2022.

Having eagerly absorbed Mike’s expert vision and experience in promoting emerging brands in various blockchain ecosystems, Outset PR provides complete PR support to startups looking to:

  • Attract investment
  • Grow user base
  • Enhance brand awareness
  • Improve visibility
  • Establish themselves as thought leaders

The agency fully immerses itself into your project to understand your business goals, budgets, and timelines and crafts the value story you can further “sell” to investors, partners, or community. Outset PR accompanies you throughout this journey, building right strategies that emphasize your impact through the mix of promotion methods such as media coverage, community management, influencer marketing, and personal brand development.

In this way, the agency’s team has helped a number of blockchain-related startups like MyNearWallet, Münzen, and NearPay to earn recognition and get prepared for funding rounds.

Blockchain PR Buzz

Are you planning to launch a remarkable ICO? Blockchain PR Buzz is at your service, having the fastest blockchain press release and data-driven marketing approach. The agency has been engaged in creating custom PR proposals for more than 5 years, making you feel that your business is their top priority. The team of Blockchain PR Buzz strongly believes that each blockchain project is unique and cannot be introduced using the same standards.

You can think of the agency as the guideline that will help you navigate through all stages of the ICO process and can be a good option for companies who need to:

  • Increase visibility
  • Reach out to investors
  • Get PR, marketing and business consultancy pre- and post-ICO
  • Get their token listed on the top crypto exchanges
  • Manage communities

Blockchain PR Buzz offers advertising on 300+ websites with the traffic exceeding one million unique users and 1500+ media platforms with worldwide outreach. So you can let people know about your initial coin offering through extensive media coverage available in 30+ languages. The agency also offers paid campaigns that may imply banner ads, sponsored content, and many other services for increasing both the traffic and conversion on your website.

As of today, Blockchain PR Buzz has created over 90 successful ICOs, including but not limited to B21, Cryptelo, and XinFin, while its promotional efforts have resulted in $500 million raised for blockchain companies during token sales.


The last but not least is LaunchIT, a digital marketing agency that helps crypto and fintech startups to overcome the barriers and avoid the mistakes they may face when just entering the market and scaling further. With tremendous experience in PR, marketing, and product expertise, LaunchIT acts as a dedicated marketing unit, providing transparent, goal-oriented reports with an eye towards ROI.

LaunchIT should be a great choice for projects that need to:

  • Prepare for investment rounds
  • Test different channels and hypotheses
  • Highlight product releases
  • Acquire users through ad campaigns
  • Manage organic web and mobile traffic

LaunchIT provides full-scale PR services from copywriting to publishing texts in top-tier media outlets, along with launching ad campaigns in display networks and social media. Founded by Arthur Shakurov in 2020, this digital marketing agency has successfully provided PR, digital advertising, SEO, and ASO services for dozens of blockchain and fintech startups such as Relite Finance, GBC.AI, Minto, and many others.

Final thoughts about choosing from reviewed blockchain PR agencies

The purpose of this piece is to introduce you to the fantastic trio of PR agencies for blockchain startups that got unfairly undercovered due to the prevalence of big one-stop marketing service providers. Their major competitive advantage is full integration to the client’s project, which goes alongside vast knowledge of the specifics of the blockchain industry and a result-focused approach to public relations.

Although the mentions of Outset PR, Blockchain PR Buzz and LaunchIT are not widely disseminated by the media, their reputation is squeaky-clean and their portfolios are impressive, featuring many booming blockchain tech startups.

So rest assured — you can put your business in the hands of any of these agencies with a peace of mind. The only thing you need to decide upon is your own vision that determines the specific blockchain PR expertise you aspire to get.

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