Top 3 Best You Should Know about Volkswagen Cars at Malaysia

Volkswagen is a German automobile manufacturer that produces the vehicles world-wide. This company also produces luxury and the most expensive cars in the world. Volkswagen was founded on March 28, 1937, and its headquarters are located in Wolfsburg, Germany. 

Volkswagen produces the vehicles of all types, whether they are luxury, sports cars, or any other. 

Here are we are going to discuss some Volkswagen cars Malaysia.

Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace 2022

Tiguan Allspace 2022 is a spacious car that comes with 7 seats, SUV introduced by German automobile company, Volkswagen. There are two extra seats as compared to regular Tiguan. There is much space for your stuff in this car. You will have a comfort ride. 


There are two variants of this car, one is the Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace Highline which possesses a 1.4-litre TSI Engine. While the other is Tiguan Allspace R-Line that comes with a powerful engine, 2.0-litre TSI Engine. 


Tiguan Allspace Highline 1.4-litre TSI Engine produces 150 PS starting from 5,000 rpm to 6,000 rpm. It produces a torque of 250 Nm starting from 1,500 rpm to 3,000 rpm. On the other hand,  Tiguan Allspace R-Line utilizes from 4,500 to 6,200 rpm to produce 220 PS. it produces a torque of 350 Nm, utilizing from 1,500 rpm to 4,400 rpm.

Volkswagen Golf R 2022

This  has the hottest hatchback as compared to all the vehicles. Everything related about this car is just awesome, and this car has more engines. There is a whole – wheel drive system with the drift mode. 

High Performance

This is a smaller car that fascinates the buyers, and the performance of this car is beyond all. There is a sophisticated appearance of this vehicle. 

Its rivals are Mercedes, BMW, and Honda. This car competes with them all on the go.


There are LEDs, and DRLs. The design of  the car is sporty, and aggressive. There are advanced Adaptive LED headlamps.

Volkswagen Passat 2022

When it comes to luxuriousness, we always talk about Passat. Passat is a very luxury car which has just undergone a facelift in January 2022. This car gives you unlimited mileage service for free for 5 years, and is free service for three years. 


The look of this car is very smooth, aerodynamic looking front bumper. The beauty of this car fascinates the buyers. The tail light graphic resembles the Lamborghini Aventador. The rear bumper of this car has got redesigned, and this gives it an aggressive look.


Talking about Passat’s dimensions, the length of this car is 4,775 mm, and the width of this vehicle is 1,832 mm. The height of this vehicle is 1,462 mm. The wheelbase of this car is 2,786 mm. 


There is a revised four-cylinder engine, turbocharged TSI, which produces 190 PS, and produces the torque of 320 Nm.

Volkswagen Arteon 2022

This car has an aggressive and sporty look that enhances its beauty. There is an R-facelift that does not let its rivals like Mercedes-Benz C-Class, and BMW 3 Series. If you have spare money, and you could afford it, then you should definitely buy this car rather than buying any other car of the same price.

This car is designed in such a perfect way. The car is not too small that gives you smaller space, or having smaller legroom. And this car is not too big that would give you difficulty. It is designed in a way which is the most suitable.


The length of this Arteon 2022 is 4,862 mm. The height of this car is 1,450 mm, while the width of this car is 1,871 mm. The wheelbase of Arteon 2022 is 2,837 mm. The weight of this car is 1,720 kg (est.)


The driver of this car gets 14-way power. There is an adjustable egoComfort seat that comes with memory function for the driver. There are 11 speakers in this car, giving it the next level of sound.

This car has a voice control in the infotainment system, also there is  gesture control. Arteon 2022 has wireless connect for both, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. This car provides you with the feature of automatic climate control, and there is keyless entry.


We have discussed Volkswagen cars in a detailed way, and found them best for people who love sporty look cars. All cars from Volkswagen compete with bigger rivals. The production of the vehicles from Volkswagen is extremely beyond all.

Whether its engine, space, design, comfort or any other thing, these cars always give tough time to their rivals.

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