Top 25 ICO Listing Sites

If you’re at all interested in investing in a crypto-fueled upstart, or perhaps even toying around with the idea of launching your own offering, then list sites are a resource you cannot ignore. These sites are designed to offer both a bird’s eye view of the ICO landscape, as well as more granular details of the individual companies launching. While most listing sites share the same basic goal of offering the right mix of company data and supporting content to give potential investors context, not all listing sites are created equal.

Included below is a round-up of 25 listing sites, all distinguishable from one another, but all serving the overarching purpose of providing transparency to the ICO landscape.

1) ICO Reports – A fast-growing site in the ICO listing space, ICO Reports publishes important dates and project specifications for a wide range of current and upcoming initial coin offerings.

2) ICO Charts – New to the growing ICO listing field, ICO Charts maintains an up-to-date database of quality current and up-and-coming coin offerings. In addition to offering background information on each project (as well as links back to websites and whitepapers), ICO Charts also maintains a Shortlist section featuring the projects they feel have a high probability for success.

3) ICOAlert – If you don’t want to check in on new listings each day, you can opt-in for ICOAlert’s Alert offering, which will send you the latest news regarding current and impending token sales.

4) ICO Finch – ICO Finch is an ICO listing and rating platform that monitors and analyzes projects automatically, using tools developed by ICO Finch team, as well as manually by experts, and gives each project an independent objective rating.

5) CoinSchedule – In addition to publishing updated listings and reviews of token projects, CoinSchedule is also filled with content and resources essential to anyone looking to gain an in-depth understanding of how the crypto space is evolving.

6) TheTokener – TheTokener publishes project details as well as community reviews of current, upcoming, and closed ICOs to give readers a comprehensive look at opportunities in the crypto space.

7) ICOBench – In addition to listing details, including project specifications and dates of interest, ICOBench also draws from its deep “bench” of experts to publish reviews based on a project’s product, vision, and team.

8) ICOIndex – ICOIndex’s listing site is designed to make it easy to filter through tokensales and assess which should be avoided. Listings are organized by Ongoing, Upcoming, Finished, Spam, and Suspicious.

9) ICO Watchlist – ICOWatchlist allows site visitors to easily see how projects are progressing with their sale countdown and timeline bar.

10) Coingecko – Coingecko’s ICO list prominently features the social links and statistics of each project published on the site. From this list, it’s easy to find a project’s community and begin engaging with other users and potential buyers.

11) TrackICO – TrackICO features an easy-to-follow calendar, organized by sale dates. Site visitors can find information on all sales starting imminently. Alongside these listing are details like type of sale and site rating.

12) ICODrops – The ICODrops site is organized by active, upcoming, and ended ICOs. Interested visitors can also check out the site’s bounty list to find opportunities to get involved in upcoming projects.

13) ICOCountdown – ICOCountdown features a second-by-second ticker of upcoming sales dates so to ensure visitors don’t miss out on coin opportunities.

14) ICOQuest – ICOQuest publishes straightforward listing details on featured, current, and upcoming sales. The site also offers industry news updates to help visitors stay up-to-date on the crypto space.

15) – Bitsify’s ICO calendar features an import integration tool that allows site visitors to sync specific ICO launch dates with their Google calendars to ensure that any sales of interest are not overlooked.

16) icoSource’s listing database includes important listing dates and links to websites, whitepapers, and social profiles of projects. The blog portion of the site is used as a space where the icoSource team can publish their reviews of projects and provide even more detail to prospective investors.

17) – From project summaries to sale details, Coinist’s ICO directory is a clear and streamlined resource aimed at helping potential buyers find and connect with crypto investment opportunities across industries.

18) CoinMarketPlus – Time is of the essence in the ICO world and CoinMarketPlus’s second-by-second ticker places the countdown of individual sales front and center. Alongside the countdown feature are ratings, project details, and community votes of each listing.

19) ICO Check – If you’re looking for a site to help you weed out any spammy ICO listings upfront, ICO Check is a fantastic resource. Their listing hub includes a transparent rating up front.

20) ICOScroll – ICOScroll’s calendar reveals important dates and project details to help potential investors assess whether an upcoming token opportunity is a right fit for them and their investment interests.

21) CryptoRadar – If you’re interested in browsing upcoming sales based on several types of criteria, including date, industry, and platform, CryptoRadar’s streamlined listing system allows site visitors to easily filter through coin offerings.

22) ICOQuest – ICOQuest’s concise listing database is supported by project overviews and links to each project’s social profiles.

23) ICOMarketData – Every ICO submitted to ICOMarketData is subject to thorough review and analysis from the site’s team. The analysis is based on the site’s research into the team, product, token economics, media presence, and business evaluation.

24) ICOTimeline – In addition to project details and sale countdowns, ICOTimeline also allows community visitors to vote in support of coin-based projects.

25) ListICO – With company and project descriptions, ListICO is a straightforward hub that makes it easy for interested crypto investors to learn about and track the progress of current and upcoming coin offerings.

While this list is comprised of 25 reputable listing sites, it is in no way comprehensive. Just as more ICOs pop up on the digital landscape each day, listing sites are also continuously emerging.  

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