Top 13 Must-Follow Cryptocurrency Experts on Twitter

Cryptocurrency is a widely used currency but before investing it in you need good knowledge. In this social media age, where you can easily connect with anyone, Twitter is a platform where people put their raw thoughts. In the, where everyone is putting their hard-earned money in this. You should be well informed. 

Many crypto experts always share their ideas and thoughts on this widely talked topic. In this article, we will talk about the top 13 cryptocurrency experts whom you can follow on Twitter. 

1. Vitalik Buterin

Who could be more reliable for giving information about cryptocurrency other than the founder of Etheruem? Ethereum is one of the cryptocurrencies quite popular after Bitcoin. 

His tweets are mainly related to the future of blockchains and cryptocurrency. This makes him one of the most influential experts of cryptocurrency. 

2. Andreas Antonopoulos

If you want to learn from the best in the industry about cryptocurrency, you must follow this trader, speaker, and author. He always posts about the prediction of cryptocurrency’s future in a very concise and compelling manner. 

He has the expertise of 5 years in the field of cryptocurrency including all the details of this currency. 

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3. Nick Szabo

As the creator of Bitcoin is anonymous, most people term Nick Szabo as Satoshi Nakomoto’s Twitter account but this is yet to be confirmed. Apart from this fact, Nick is also the original developer of smart contracts which are used in distributed technology. 

This technology is used in Blockchain technology to confirm transactions. 

4. Brian Armstrong

If you are a Coinbase user, a cryptocurrency wallet. You should follow the developer of the wallet. He mainly tweets about predictions of cryptocurrency, coin base performance, and any development in cryptocurrencies exchange. 

Many of his predictions related to cryptocurrency proved to be true. 

5. Venture coinist

Venture coinist is the Twitter username of Luke Martin. He is a blockchain startup advisor and investor. He generally posts about ongoing trends in cryptocurrency trading. If you are also a crypto enthusiast, you must follow this Twitter account. He gives valuable advice about trading and investment. 

6. Crypto Hustle

This Twitter is of a full-time crypto trader, who shares his real-time experience with others. Where other crypto influencers share heavy predictions about the crypto market. He makes it more real by sharing the lighter and ridiculous side of cryptocurrency. 

You can follow him to learn from his experiences which he shares glimpses in his tweets. 

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7. Bitcoin benny

Bitcoin benny as the name suggests shares some solid information about cryptocurrency. He shares his perspective with other crypto enthusiasts in a very straightforward manner. He came in light for sharing blogs, news reviews about cryptocurrencies on his websites. 

8. IOHK_Charles

Charles Hoskins uses Twitter under this username. He has a lot of working experience in the cryptocurrency industry. He is CEO of IOHK, a company that designs blockchains and cryptocurrencies for institutional use. He is also the former CEO of Ethereum. All his experiences make him able to share his valuable knowledge about cryptocurrency on Twitter. 

9. Udi Werthemier

If you want to be updated with what’s new going on in the crypto world, you must follow this Bitcoin programmer. He has immense knowledge about Bitcoin and Blockchain technology. He shares his experience and knowledge with people on Twitter. 

10. Crypto Yoda

To enhance your technical and fundamental analysis skills about crypto, you can follow this Twitter account. Crypto Yoda is mainly popular for its unbiased and intellectual knowledge about the crypto market. He shares his view on the market and gives you an idea to make good calls. 

11. Zeus Zissou

This Twitter account is worth following for traders, crypto enthusiasts, and even for the newbies who want to learn about cryptocurrencies. In his tweets, he covers all technical skills, market analysis, and even education links to get more knowledge about cryptocurrency. 

12. Crypto Medici

This is one of the rare crypto experts who value the fact that human emotions affect our business sense. He does not just react to market trends but shares his philosophical views to make our decisions about the crypto market. 

He shares his speculations with a philosophical approach to give an insight into the market. 

13. Coin_Shark

He gives special advice about crypto investment. He too is an investor and shares his investment opinions and also information about ICOs

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