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Top 10 Weapons Used In Star Wars

The Star Wars saga features some of the most impressive weapons in science fiction. Thousands of different types of weapons can be seen in the Star Wars series. When talking about the greatest weapons in the Star Wars universe, the lightsaber always comes up first. However, the galaxy’s arsenal is stocked to the brim with other interesting weapons beyond laser swords, including blasters, rifles, deadly clubs and staffs, and even weapons specifically created to combat Jedi.

Every weapon has a specific function or a favored way to employ it in combat. The weapons designed for Star Wars are indeed a combination of both creative innovation and meticulous attention to detail.

Top 10 Best Star Wars Weapons

There are so many different types of weapons in the Star Wars universe, we’ve selected the best examples throughout both the Legends and Cannon. Because each of the weapons, despite their seemingly insignificant roles, was designed to contribute in some way to the overall quality of the movie-going experience for the audience, a great deal of consideration went into their creation.

Without further hemming and hawing, here is a ranking of the 10 most powerful weapons in the Star Wars universe! The list includes some of the most awesome weapons from the Star Wars franchise, which you probably didn’t pay enough attention to when watching the movies.


Over the years, fans have been familiar with a wide variety of memorable weaponry featured in the Star Wars film, television, video game, book, and comic canon.  Without a shadow of a doubt, lightsabers rank highest when it comes to the best weapon. The lightsaber’s duel offensive and defensive use make it a crucial item to have on hand.  In truth, the Sith and the Jedi Warriors, defenders of justice and peace throughout the galaxy, each use these highly sophisticated swords. 

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The lightsaber is a unique weapon in the Star Wars universe, tailored to the combat style of each character. Since the lightsaber’s color depends in part on the user, there is a wide range of available blades. The colors red, green, and blue are the most common and easily recognized among lightsabers. 

Since lightsabers are so difficult to use effectively for those without a strong connection to the Force, it stands to reason that Force users are the ones who use them most frequently. The fact that these can slice through nearly anything is the primary contributor to their impressive level of power.

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The list of coolest and most eye-catching lightsabers is unending but here are a few examples of exceptional lightsabers that stand out from the crowd: Starkiller lightsaber, Sheev Palpatine duplicate twin lightsabers, Anakin skywalker’s lightsaber, Grand Inquisitor’s lightsaber, Ahsoka Tano’s white blade lightsabers, Yoda’s lightsaber, Kylo Ren’s cross-guard lightsaber, Count Dooku’s curved lightsaber, Mandalorian dark saber,  Rey’s yellow-bladed lightsaber, to name a few.

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The galaxy far, far away is filled with different variations of the blaster pistol, and many of the characters have their customized version. Ezra Bridger is one of the most iconic and well-known fictional figures because he wielded a unique lightsaber. Ezra bridger has added blaster components to lightsabers, making them a dual-purpose weapon. 

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The blaster pistol that Ezra Bridger uses in Star Wars Rebels was custom-made to suit his unique combat style. His blaster weapon was fashioned from discarded materials aboard the Ghost and was equipped with a blue-colored  Kyber crystal stolen from Lothal’s Jedi Temple. His weapon was fashioned in the form of a double bar and had a single movable blade, in addition to a stun-capable blaster pistol. It was designed to be used in combat situations.

Since the Imperial Inquisitors went for everyone who possessed a lightsaber, Ezra was able to avoid detection by the Empire for some time thanks to this one-of-a-kind weapon. During the battle on Malachor, Darth Vader slashed it to pieces, allowing Ezra to acquire a new, green lightsaber.

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Tragically, there is no longer any trace of his blaster weapon. But, this exceptional weapon still deserves to be named the best weapon ever.


The bow caster the Wookiees use is widely considered one of the most effective weapons in the entire Star Wars saga. This is perhaps the most popular weapon in the Star Wars universe, as it is Chewbacca’s preferred weapon and one that Han Solo seems to greatly respect.

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Wookiees’ Bowcasters were formidable firearms that delivered a tremendous punch. Bowcasters’ projectiles are metal rods wrapped in plasma that move “at a substantial proportion of the velocity of light,” making them significantly more destructive than standard blaster rifles despite their lower rate of fire. For propulsion, it employs metal quarrels charged with plasma energy and equipped with magnetic orbs at either end.  A bolt from this weapon has incredible stopping force, making it crucial for Wookiee’s self-defense.

Wookiees can use it to protect themselves from heavily armored Imperial forces and to hunt the deadly animals of Kashyyyk. Bowcasters are unique among weapons in that they are custom-made for each Wookiee.


A favorite among both bounty hunters and smugglers, the blaster is compact, stealthy, and packs a powerful punch. Undoubtedly one of the most memorable figures, Han Solo is renowned for his one-of-a-kind blaster and unconventional fighting technique.  The Han Solo blaster, which made its debut in Star Wars: A New Hope, is one of the franchise’s most recognizable and potent weapons.

A particular model of portable blast each blaster is used by Han Solo himself. The unique characteristics of Han’s blaster stem from the fact that it was tailored to the smuggler’s demands. His DL-44 blaster includes a motion-sensitive optic and given technology, both of which give the handgun the potential to deal greater damage while simultaneously reducing the amount of power it needs to do it.

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In terms of effectiveness, the DL-44 blaster pistol is superior to a great number of other weapons. In addition, it’s a lot less cumbersome to handle. Moreover, it contains a vibration mechanism that notifies the operator whenever there are just 5 shots left, so they won’t be caught off guard.

The heavy blaster pistol he uses possesses above-average potency while yet keeping precision, enabling him to fire twice as quickly and easily breach stormtrooper shields. The one caveat is that it quickly heats up and might become unusable if not handled carefully.

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Han Solo considers this blaster to be the best weapon available; he keeps it in his arsenal throughout the entirety of the Star Wars saga. Thus, this particular kind of blaster pistol is widely regarded as one of the most potent examples of its kind anywhere in the galaxy.


Fans are fascinated by the wrist rockets that appear in the Star Wars universe. This is one of the many fascinating devices that may be found in the Star Wars universe. The fact that these rockets, which have tracking capabilities, can be shot easily from your wrists is one of the fantastic things about them. This incredible weapon has a slightly higher rate of accuracy than a standard blaster.

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Many characters made frequent use of these to advance their goals. These weapons are a standard part of the armory of bounty hunters. Jango Fett is credited as being the one who popularized it. At a later time, Jango Fett’s son improves his father’s wrist rockets to the point where they are devastatingly effective against a wide range of foes. This nifty wrist rocket was a signature weapon of the infamous bounty hunter Boba Fett ( Son of Jango Fett).

The fact that they are attached to your wrist makes them especially accurate while also making them slightly more convenient to carry around. As a result, the vast majority of characters utilize these. In addition to being able to fire homing missiles, the wrist rocket’s internal computer system can also track the target’s motion.

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Wrist rockets come in a wide variety of designs, each optimized for a specific use, yet they are all formidable enough to be considered among the best weapons in the Star Wars canon.


The thermal detonator is perhaps the most iconic. This weapon appears to be equally popular among both good and evil forces in the Star Wars galaxy. Very few extraterrestrials have the grenade-like weapon because it is considered unlawful in most parts of the galaxy. It is indeed an incendiary device that is about the size of a palm and can only be deactivated by the person who initially activated it.

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This weapon is usually employed by bounty hunters in the Star Wars universe. Cad Bane is the most adept user of thermal detonators among the bounty hunters.  Bane’s success in the battle against the most skilled Jedi Knights can be attributed in large part to this weapon.

You may refer to this weapon as “the bomb,” and that’s because it is what it sounds like: a bomb. Due to the explosive’s ability to kill up to one hundred people at once, anyone with access to a thermal detonator potentially eliminates the necessity for firearms and direct physical conflict. They are also less dangerous because they cannot explode unless first set off by an external trigger.


The Z6 Riot Control Baton is fantastic weaponry. This is a weapon that you have undoubtedly seen a good number of stormtroopers employ. It serves as a good illustration that not all amazing armament needs to be destructive.

This amazing weapon is intended for close-range, nonlethal fighting, especially against lightsaber wielders.  Although traditionally used for settling disputes through duels, the weapon has taken on a more ceremonial role in the hands of the First Order.

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In addition to its plasma blade, Z6 also contains an electric current that allows it to stand toe-to-toe with a lightsaber. With the right gloves on, it can spin in a fight for added effect.  The conductor contacting vanes is extended by a fighter thrusting the weapon outward, and the gun is then spectacularly spun into place.

The purpose of this weapon is to scare its opponents as much as to cause physical harm. As seen in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the Z6 Riot Control Baton has proven its effectiveness by successfully deflecting a lightsaber blow, even though its rotating motion makes it tough to fend against.

8. Electrostaff 

Several Star Wars characters favor the usage of the deadly weapon known as an electro-staff.  Magna Guards, General Grievous’s bodyguards, Imperial riot, Heavy, and clone shock troopers all make use of these lethal electrical signal-producing weapons.

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This cool weapon is quite similar to Phasma’s in several respects; however, the most significant similarity is that it is an electric variant. The fact that the power they release can be altered from a “stun” to a “deadly” setting is what gives them their unique and impressive quality.  

Its primary purpose was to initiate a fight with another lightsaber wielder; without a lightsaber, blocking their attacks would be extremely difficult. Thus, these electro-staffs, in addition to having an awesome appearance, are crafted from a substance that is immune to the effects of lightsabers, making them powerful weapons to use against Jedi.

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The fact that these weapons have the potential to stop anyone’s heart after coming into contact with them for longer than five seconds is the most terrifying aspect of them. It’s a tool that can stand up to even the most formidable foe, yet can never be used against its owner. Last but not least, they have multiple power settings, which means that they do not necessarily have to execute their adversary; instead, they typically merely debilitate an adversary.

10. Death star Superlaser

The death star super laser is the most famous doomsday tool in the Star Wars universe, and for good reason: it can wipe out whole planets. Every one of the Death Stars in the Empire’s arsenal is centered on a deadly super laser. The super laser channels the force of a lightsaber into a powerful laser beam whose intensity can be adjusted.

Death Star Superlaser

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For over two decades, the Empire built the very first Death Star in secrecy before unleashing it to annihilate Alderaan. On the other hand, due to the massive size of the laser, the recharging process takes almost a whole day. If, on the other hand, you just destroyed an entire planet, you have the luxury of eternity on your hands. Although the first Death Star was devastating, the second was much more so because its laser only needed a few minutes to charge and it could attack warships in addition to planets. Moreover, it included upgraded power regulators and focusing sensors for more accurate shooting.

11. Missile launcher 

A self-propelled, self-guided projectile can be fired from a weapon known as a missile launcher. These kinds of firearms, which might also be called rocket launchers or warhead launchers, were used to fire explosive projectiles. These Missile Launchers were utilized in many different types of conflict and by a wide variety of armed forces and individuals. There was a wide variety of launchers, ranging in size and purpose from handheld weapons that could be used by a single person to bigger launchers that were integrated into starships.

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They were put to service during both the Clone Wars as well as the Galactic Civil War. Because of the incredible potency of these superweapons, they are capable of obliterating enormous numbers of infantrymen.

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