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Top 10 Video Surveillance Tips: Protect Your Business from Theft

Video Surveillance


Video surveillance has become a crucial aspect of safeguarding businesses from the rising threat of theft. To maximize the protection of your valuable assets, it’s essential to implement effective video surveillance strategies.  

In this article, we present you with our top 10 video surveillance tips that will help you secure your business perimeter and keep potential intruders at bay. These actionable tips, combined with the power of technology, will enhance your business security, and give you peace of mind. 

Without further delay, let’s begin with our first tip. 


  1. Regular Security Device Testing: Ensure Continuous Safety 

Regularly testing your security devices is paramount to ensure their optimal performance. Conduct visual inspections to check for damage or wear and tear. Collaborate with your security installer to perform functional, analytics, and network testing. These tests will identify vulnerabilities, adjust your security system, and prevent security breaches. 


  1. Provide Disarming Options: Minimize False Alarms 

To prevent false alarms and enhance operational efficiency, provide your employees and subcontractors with the means to disarm the security system. Mobile applications, remote controls, and access control systems offer convenient and secure options for authorized personnel to disarm the system, reducing delays and promoting a sense of ownership among employees. 


  1. Illuminate Your Property: Catch Intruders Quickly 

A well-lit property acts as a deterrent and facilitates effective video surveillance. Sufficient lighting enables clear video footage and accurate analysis by AI systems and remote security operators. Install lights strategically around your site, avoiding cameras with built-in infrared. Clear images are essential for real-time monitoring and reviewing footage later. 


  1. Maintain Clear Camera Views: Prevent Blind Spots 

Blocked camera views create blind spots and compromise the effectiveness of your video surveillance. Regularly inspect and maintain your camera fields of view. Trim branches, remove flags that obstruct the view, clean spider webs, and ensure the lenses are free from dirt. By keeping camera views unobstructed, you minimize the chances of unnoticed intrusion. 


  1. Test Voice Talk-Down Audio: Deter Potential Intruders 

Voice talk-down audio is a powerful tool to discourage intruders. Conduct regular audio testing to ensure the system effectively warns trespassers that they have been detected and must leave the premises immediately. By scheduling these tests, you enhance the overall effectiveness of your security measures. 


  1. Strengthen Perimeter Security: Invest in a Solid Fence 

A sturdy and undamaged fence serves as a physical barrier and psychological deterrent to intruders. Regularly inspect the condition of your perimeter fence, promptly fixing any holes or tears. A well-maintained fence reinforces the perception that your property is protected and discourages unauthorized access. 


  1. Live Surveillance Warning Signs: Create a Visual Deterrent 

Placing live surveillance warning signs in prominent locations on your property sends a strong message to potential intruders. Not only do these signs deter criminals, but they also provide a sense of security to your employees, customers, and visitors. Complying with legal requirements and ensuring visibility, these signs play a crucial role in enhancing your overall security. 


  1. Strong Locks for Enhanced Protection: Safeguard Your Property 

Investing in robust locks is a fundamental step in securing your business. Strong locks act as a deterrent, protect your assets, fulfill regulatory requirements, and instill peace of mind. Consider options such as deadbolts, padlocks, electronic locks, smart locks, or biometric locks, depending on your security needs and budget. 


  1. Smart Tip: Implement Video Analytics for Enhanced Monitoring


Leverage the power of video analytics to enhance your surveillance capabilities. Video analytics software can detect suspicious behaviors, track objects, and send real-time alerts. By integrating this technology into your video surveillance system, you improve monitoring efficiency and response time. 


  1.  Smart Tip: Embrace Cloud-Based Surveillance for Flexibility and Scalability 


Cloud-based surveillance offers numerous advantages, including remote access, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. By storing video footage in the cloud, you can access it from anywhere at any time, ensuring continuous monitoring and easy retrieval of critical data. Additionally, cloud-based solutions allow for seamless scalability as your business grows. 



By implementing these top 10 video surveillance tips, you can significantly enhance your business’s security and protect it from potential theft and intrusions. Regular device testing, disarming options for employees, adequate lighting, clear camera views, voice talk-down audio, a strong perimeter fence, live surveillance warning signs, robust locks, video analytics, and cloud-based surveillance all contribute to a comprehensive security strategy. Embrace the power of technology and smart security practices to safeguard your business and gain peace of mind knowing that your assets are well-protected. 


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