Top 10 Video Call API & SDK of 2023


The current scenario of the globalization of digital trends is witnessing changes in modern messaging applications. Video SDK provides the best API for integrating chat/video into your application. It allows users to achieve better video engagement with a reliable video conferencing setup. It works with the latest technologies, such as JavaScript, Reacts JS, Reacts Native Android, Swift, and Flutter, to deliver seamless interaction across platforms.

What is the Video Call API?

The Video Calling API is an app development kit that complements the app that supports video calling functionality on your app, allowing you to connect communities and customers. These SDKs are built with interfaces designed in a good way to attract users and are developed by companies with effective creative SDK ideas.

In addition, due to the increase in remote work, video conferencing has become popular within and outside companies. To learn more about the Video SDK, let’s understand its meaning and understand how it works. Video conferencing is considered one of the most effective business tools in light of the pandemic situation, and the Video SDK efficiently delivers it.

The video call API enables efficient use of resources. It contributes to various cost reductions directly and indirectly. The visible cost is cut. The designed SDK helps eliminate costs with its integrated features. Video Calling API saves you a lot of time and benefits you deliver faster. They are integrated and help to create a video conference for business.

Best Video Calling API and SDK Providers of 2023

Speaking of video SDKs, it is very common for any business to require secure, fast, and reliable video calling capabilities on mobile and web apps.

In this article, we’ll pick out some of the most popular video-calling SDK providers of 2023.



ZEGOCLOUD is the No.1 Video call API and SDK provider in our list of best API providers of 2023. With ZEGOCLOUD’s ZEGOCall SDK, you can quickly integrate video calling functionality into your app or build a video-calling app without involving developers, even if you have no prior development experience. Building a set of real-time video systems is a complex task. Still, many Video APIs can help you solve the complex operation that underlies it. They only need to focus on the higher-level business logic. ZEGOCall SDK offers many features, such as Google login, online user list, voice and video calling, offline notification, etc. And the open-source sample code and technical documentation for these features are completely available for you.


  • The expert team offers a good solution to quickly make the right ultra-clear voice function to meet anyone worldwide.
  • It supports one-to-one or group voice and video calling.
  • ZEGOCLOUD Supports outbound communication to online and offline users.
  • You can enable and disable the microphone and camera and swap between the front and rear cameras.
  • Supports settings such as video resolution, frame rate, and bit rate.
  • Supports settings such as sound quality and sound effects.
  • View Settings You can set the view displayed during the call as needed.
  • Automatically test your microphone, camera, and speakers before making voice or video calls.
  • During a call, it updates call quality data and network data in real time.

2. Sinch


For personal conversations, Sinch works professionally and finds something efficient to make the right video calling SDK for Android forever. With the help of quality video chat API, we can integrate well with relevant results. They can quickly identify well and develop video chat APIs that do a good job for your desires. They will integrate and develop a smooth solution to implement some high-quality video chat APIs and development companies. With video calls on iOS and Android, this developer has given find a clear voice for integration on the video chat live API.


  • Voice priority is their main option, and focus on it
  • Control of media streams is a good thing that you should focus on unique platforms and data directly.
  • They are well configured with SDKs that cover the ios Video Calling SDK, Android, and JS. This team has quality developers keen on developing live video chat APIs in an affordable package.

3. Twilio


Twilio is a fully customized and scalable video SDK that contributes to developing and enhancing the best video chat apps. They can build capitalism and build connectivity across applications. It permits programmable chat and video-based interaction in real-time with scalability details.

Being the perfect fit for the company supports the organization in engaging its users at all levels of the conversion journey. The solution has a highly flexible API, including built-in intelligence and global infrastructure.


  • Read a receipt
  • File sharing
  • Video calls and recordings
  • Group Video Conferencing
  • 7×24 support via email and chat
  • More functionality through an intuitive interface

4. PubNub



Pubnub is an in-app chat for real-time chat meetings. It retains full control, features, and customization without the time and expense of building in-house. It provides outsourcing to clients with products such as custom chat, effortless scalability, in-class integration, and chat UI support. They have a strong research window looking to develop APIs for clients.

Built for business and enterprise virtual conversations, meetings, and conferences, PubNub delivers the highest quality integration with its core WebRTC API.


  • Transfer metadata before the call
  • Extensible plug-ins
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Messaging broadcast
  • WebRTC Signaling
  • Push Notification

5. Vonage


Vonage has gained the high trust of video conferencing companies with its video chat API and SDK. As a consequence, we were capable of providing a secure and robust framework. They are thinking of the best solution for stable video chat software development companies and help groups.

Vonage provides an efficient video API to help you make live interactive video calls. The best thing about the Vonage API platform is to provide global performance and scale for video, voice, SMS, and social message communication channels.


  • Support for one-to-one, group video calls, and large broadcast sessions
  • Screen sharing and large broadcast sessions
  • Secure Data Exchange
  • SIP Interconnect

6. MirrorFly Video Calling API


MirrorFly provides separate audio and video calling APIs and SDKs that provide solutions for large and small organizations. It is a versatile messaging solution working as a major product in the market. This tool is highly customizable compared to other ones. It goes quite with iOS, Android, and web applications. With this, everyone can get a complete chat app solution that offers a design-enhanced UI/UX. Here you can get an intuitive build with a plethora of other features. It incorporates WebRTC, enabling HD-quality video interaction and VoIP functionality to provide a dynamic voice experience.


  • Real-time language translation.
  • Get a 100% customizable solution.
  • Private 1-to-1 chat with offline messages.
  • Interactive live broadcast with SIP call functionality.
  • Push to Talk function with VoIP call function.
  • Versatile messaging solution with infinite functionality.

7. Enablex


Enablex provides a video calling API in a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) model. It’s not just for web applications; it’s also for desktop and mobile platforms. It also provides Web SDK for JavaScript and video conferencing SDKs for iOS, Android, React Native, Flutter, and Cordova.


  • Automatically adjust video quality
  • Call Phone
  • Call analysis
  • Relay calls via the nearest server
  • Call Encryption
  • Support for GDPR and HIPAA

8. Video SDK. Live


Video SDK is a company that develops products with cutting-edge technology. It provides clients with products based on voice chat and video calls. With a fully customizable user interface and rich APIs that can scale from one to many with sub-second latencies, developers are busy embedding voice and video calling functionality into their communications.

With reliable, high-quality real-time audio and video and fully supported Video SDK’s pre-built user interface and additional low-level APIs, Video SDK provides UI/UX’s full flexibility to engage audiences anywhere in the application.


  • Code with embedded UI and fully customizable
  • Video/Audio Calling and Conferencing
  • Cost-effective tools for long-term solutions
  • Unlimited channels and quality
  • UI support and auto-scalable parallel conference room
  • HD Recording of Global Infrastructure with RTMP Streaming

9. Comechat


Comechat is a communications platform that provides secure, scalable, and easy-to-use solutions to drive peer-to-peer engagement on your Web site. The platform has an SDK designed to help you build apps without wasting time and resources. Android, iOS, and Web platforms work together, making cross-platform easy.

An intuitive messaging experience allows users to do more without leaving your platform. There are one-to-one and group text chats and users can send messages in public groups and private or protected conversations. You can use Webhooks and Bots to send notifications to your application whenever an event you set occurs. Overall, it’s a great solution for all your use cases, whether dating, social communities, marketplaces, live streaming, Edu-tech, or on-demand.


  • Voice and video calls
  • Typing and reading indicators
  • Rich Media Attachments
  • Customer Support Chats and Customer Messages
  • Online Presence Display

10. Apphitect


Apphitect is the leading provider of video call and conferencing solutions for associations of all standards, from small to large. Its video-calling API is 100% customizable and can be tailored to the exact needs of any chat app. This video-calling solution provides multiple communication channels, including 1:1 video calls, group video calls, and video and audio conferencing to address business meetings, webinars, presentations, and other virtual communication needs.


  • Available in HD audio and video quality on any WiFi/3G/WiMax/LTE device
  • Advanced video quality control for network failures
  • Scalable media server
  • Up to 100 interactive video conference participants
  • Load balancing

Final Thoughts

The trend for video calls is now very simple. Video Calling API/SDK providers have a fairly huge number in the market and can add video conferencing to your website or mobile application.

Video call APIs and video conferencing solutions will no doubt be the most sought-after assets of any organization, or business, to strengthen their communication gap during this global crisis. Choosing the best video calling solution is a complex issue; whether the solution meets the requirements, you have to consider the solution’s parameters. According to our analysis, ZEGOCLOUD is considered the best provider that meets all the requirements and gives the best results.

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