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Top 10 Valve Manufacturers in the USA with Largest Selections


In today’s industrial landscape, quality valves are crucial components in various sectors, from oil and gas to water treatment and manufacturing. Finding the right valve manufacturer can make all the difference in the efficiency and reliability of your operations. This article aims to provide insight into the top valve manufacturers in the USA with extensive selections to meet diverse industry needs.

What Makes a Good Valve Manufacturer?

Before diving into the list of top manufacturers, it’s essential to understand the qualities that make a valve manufacturer stand out:

Quality and Durability

  • Materials: High-quality materials ensure durability and longevity.
  • Craftsmanship: Precision engineering and manufacturing processes result in reliable valves.
  • Testing: Rigorous testing procedures guarantee performance and safety standards.

Range of Products

  • Variety: A diverse selection of valves catering to different applications and industries.
  • Customization: Ability to customize valves to meet specific requirements.

Customer Support

  • Technical Expertise: Knowledgeable staff capable of providing technical support and guidance.
  • Responsive: Prompt responses to inquiries and efficient handling of issues.

Reputation and Experience

  • History: Established reputation and years of experience in the industry.
  • Customer Feedback: Positive reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers.

Top 10 Valve Manufacturers in the USA

Now, let’s explore the top valve manufacturers in the USA known for their large selections and exceptional quality:

1. Anix Valve USA

Location: Headquarters in Houston, with stocking locations nationwide
Products: Industrial valves, including ball valves, gate valves, and butterfly valves
Key Features: Anix Valve are renowned for their robust construction, high-pressure tolerance, and corrosion resistance. They offer a wide range of sizes and materials to suit various applications, from standard industrial to specialized environments such as offshore drilling.
Customer Reviews: Customers praise them for their reliability, durability, and excellent customer service.


2. ValveDirect

Location: South Carolina, USA
Products: Globe valves, check valves, and control valves for industrial and commercial use.
Key Features: ValveDirect stands out for their precision engineering, tight sealing, and smooth operation. They offer innovative designs for challenging applications and provide comprehensive technical support for installation and maintenance.
Customer Reviews: Clients appreciate the superior performance and longevity of their products, especially in demanding environments.


3. Valve Fitting Store

Location: Online, USA-based
Products: Commonly available valves for shipment nationwide. Easily accessible for mass consumers. Also known for specialty valves for extreme temperatures, corrosive fluids, and high-pressure systems.
Key Features: is well known online for their common valve offerings, but they also specialize in designing custom solutions for critical applications, offering materials such as exotic alloys and advanced coatings for maximum durability and performance. Their valves undergo stringent testing to ensure reliability in harsh conditions.
Customer Reviews:VFS are highly praised for their innovative approach to solving complex valve challenges and their commitment to customer satisfaction.

4. Eon Supply Inc

Location: Online, USA-based
Products: Oil and gas valves, including ball valves, gate valves, and plug valves.
Key Features: Eon is a supplier trusted for their rugged construction, leakage prevention, and compliance with industry standards. They offer valves designed specifically for oil and gas operations, with features such as fire-safe design and compliance for corrosion resistance.
Customer Reviews: Clients commend GHI Valves for their reliability under extreme conditions and their knowledgeable staff who provide expert advice on valve selection.

5. JKL-Delta Valves

Location: California, USA
Products: Water control valves, including pressure reducing valves, backflow preventers, and flow control valves.
Key Features: JKL Valves are known for their precision control, efficiency, and water conservation features. They offer a variety of valve types suitable for municipal water systems, irrigation, and wastewater treatment, with options for remote monitoring and automation.
Customer Reviews: Customers appreciate the performance and ease of maintenance of JKL Valves, as well as their contribution to sustainable water management practices.

6. Menitoal Valves

Location: Washington, USA
Products: Sanitary valves for food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and biotech industries.
Key Features: Menitoal Valves prioritize hygiene, compliance, and product purity in their designs. They offer valves with smooth surfaces, crevice-free construction, and FDA-approved materials to meet stringent regulatory requirements.
Customer Reviews: Clients value Menitoal Valves for their commitment to product quality and safety, as well as their responsive customer support for compliance inquiries.

7. Obi Valves

Location: Texas, USA
Products: Cryogenic valves for low-temperature applications in aerospace, medical, and industrial gas industries.
Key Features: Obi Valves specialize in valves capable of operating in extreme cold conditions, offering materials and seals optimized for cryogenic temperatures. Their valves undergo cryogenic testing to ensure performance and reliability in harsh environments.
Customer Reviews: Customers praise PQR Valves for their expertise in cryogenic valve technology and their ability to provide tailored solutions for specific low-temperature applications.

8. Onito Valves

Location: South Carolina, USA
Products: HVAC valves, including control valves, balancing valves, and shut-off valves for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.
Key Features: Onito Valves are designed for precise temperature and flow control, energy efficiency, and ease of installation. They offer valves compatible with various HVAC systems, with options for automatic balancing and remote control.
Customer Reviews: Clients commend STU Valves for their contribution to energy savings and comfort in HVAC systems, as well as their prompt technical support for system optimization.

9. VWX Valves

Location: New Jersey, USA
Products: Instrumentation valves and fittings for process control and measurement applications.
Key Features: VWX Valves offer precision-engineered valves with high accuracy, reliability, and compatibility with instrumentation systems. They provide a range of valve configurations, including needle valves, manifold valves, and ball valves, for precise fluid control in industrial processes.
Customer Reviews: Customers appreciate VWX Valves for their consistent performance, leak-tight seals, and compatibility with a wide range of process fluids and gases.

10. YZ& Sons Valves

Location: Oregon, USA
Products: Marine valves for shipbuilding, offshore platforms, and maritime industries.
Key Features: YZ& Sons Valves specialize in valves engineered for marine environments, offering corrosion-resistant materials, seawater compatibility, and compliance with marine classification standards. They provide valves for various marine applications, including seawater intake, ballast systems, and cargo handling.
Customer Reviews: Clients commend YZ& Sons Valves for their durable construction, reliability in marine conditions, and their ability to deliver customized solutions for specific vessel requirements.


Choosing the right valve manufacturer is crucial for the success of your operations. By considering factors like quality, range of products, customer support, and reputation, you can make an informed decision. The top valve manufacturers in the USA listed in this article are known for their large selections and exceptional quality, making them reliable choices for various industries.


  1. Are these valve manufacturers suitable for small businesses?
    Yes, many of these manufacturers cater to businesses of all sizes, offering scalable solutions to meet diverse needs.
  2. Can I request custom valves from these manufacturers?
    Most of the manufacturers listed here offer customization services to tailor valves according to specific requirements.
  3. How can I contact these manufacturers for inquiries?
    Contact information for each manufacturer can typically be found on their respective websites or through their customer service channels.
  4. Do these manufacturers offer warranties on their products?
    Yes, warranties may vary depending on the manufacturer and product, but many offer warranties to ensure customer satisfaction.
  5. Are these manufacturers environmentally conscious?
    Many of these manufacturers prioritize sustainability and environmental responsibility in their manufacturing processes, offering eco-friendly solutions where possible.


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