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Top 10 Social Media Marketing Tools For Business

Social Media Marketing

In this digital age, many online marketers are using social media as an essential part of their marketing strategies. Social media has billions of active users that enable businesses to create strong brand awareness and increase engagement.

The truth is that social media is a high-performance platform both small and mid-sized businesses can use to connect efficiently with their potential customers and increase sales. These days, shoppers are turning to different social media networks as their online sources of information before settling for a particular product. You too can use social media to increase your business performance.

However, it can be a daunting task using social media to achieve successful marketing campaigns. This is because every social media network works with different approach including the style of content, fans, and tone of the network. To save time and get the most out of social media, you need to use the best social media marketing tools.

These tools will help you to curate, engage, measure, analyze and improve your marketing efforts on multiple social media networks in one dashboard. Therefore, if you are ready to take your marketing campaign to the next level, then use these best social media marketing tools.

1) Tweepi

Tweepi is one of the best twitter management tools you can use to quickly get more twitter followers and grow your brand. Many big companies are using it to increase engagement with twitter users. Tweepi has a powerful search feature that will help you locate followers who are interested in your tweet. Locating your targeted followers makes it easy to mention them in your tweets, and include them in your list.

Tweepi is designed to help you discover the activities of your followers on twitter. The tool allows you to view the list of twitter users that are following your own followers. Tweepi is an effective social media marketing tool you can’t afford to miss if you really want to find and engage online users on twitter.

2) LikeAlyzer

This is a free Facebook analytics tool that will help you improve the performance of your Facebook page. LikeAlyzer is developed to analyze and monitor the success of your Facebook pages. You can as well use it to monitor and explore different opportunities that will improve your marketing efforts.

LikeAlyzer is one of the best social media marketing tools you should include in your toolbox. It will provide you with useful information on issues harming your page performance and insights on how to solve those issues. With the in-depth reviews and insight this tool offers, you can increase engagement on your Facebook pages.

LikeAlyzer has a review page that will show you the complete overview of your Facebook page. It’s the best way you can employ to get relevant feedback and focus on more important areas that will grow your business.

3) Buffer

More and more marketers are turning toward this social media tool because of its usefulness in marketing. Buffer is a powerful social media management tool you can use to easily share content on your various social media networks. The tool allows you to schedule posts and it will help you share them at your specified time across your social media channels.

Publishing content at the appropriate time your followers are active on the web is a good tactic you can employ to keep them engaged. Even when you are busy pursuing other important things, Buffer will make sure your posts are published on your pages. It has a dashboard where you can add your content and select which of your social media channels you want to publish the content.

The good part is that buffer allows you to publish different types of content to all of your social networks including video, text, photo, and much more. Buffer has browser extension and mobile apps to help you schedule content from anywhere.

4) PostPlanner

If you are looking for an effective marketing tool to increase your social media engagement, then use PostPlanner. It is a free Facebook marketing that will help you to schedule and manage posts on all your pages in one dashboard.

In this age information age, many social media managers are using PostPlanner to improve their Facebook marketing campaigns. The scheduling features of PostPlanner make content creation and posting very easy. You can use it to uncover quality content and schedule posts to publish at any time you want.

If you have evergreen posts that are driving more traffic to your site, this marketing tool can help you to automate and re-post them. It has smart analytics that measure the performance of your content. PostPlanner can help increase followers that will improve engagement on your pages.

5) Oktopost

This is an amazing social media marketing tool that allows users to schedule, publish and analyze all their social media posts in one dashboard. If you are posting and linking to multiple social media pages, Oktopost will help reduce the possibility of forgetting some important things in your marketing campaign.

You can use it to manage all your social marketing campaigns and measure the performance for engagement, clicks, and conversions for your posts.

Oktopost has autoposter that will help you to create different posts and it will automatically fill in the gaps. If you are managing multiple social media platforms, this tool will help save your time. Many professional B2B marketers are using it to measure and amplify their social media marketing campaigns.

6) Pic Monkey

Pic Monkey is an online photo editing and graphic design tool you can employ to beautify and take your photos to the next level. Pic monkey is loaded with tons of features to make your photo a masterpiece. It has a clone tool that allows you to completely remove an object in your picture, hide scars, dissolve under-eye bags and stretch mark.

Pic monkey comes with a collection of beautiful designer templates you can customize to suit your need. You can choose any template you want and change it into business cards, wedding or birthday party cards.

Pic monkey has several touch-up effects tools including wrinkle remover, rock stars, and nip tuck. It offers premium text effects which you can use for the beautification of any font.

7) BuzzSumo

Buzzsumo is an important social media tool you can use for your content marketing and SEO campaigns. BuzzSumo will help you discover what content is performing well in any industry. With all of the insight it provides, you’ll easily engage in a successful content marketing campaigns.

If you want to view which topics related to your business get the most shared, then try BuzzSumo. You can use it to uncover content that’s performing well in a niche by searching for phrases or terms.

BuzzSumo is one of the best social media platforms you can use to generate viral content. It will show you the influencers who shared viral and trending content.

8) Pexels

Pexels is a perfect image search tool for all your image needs. The tool allows you to search for creative commons images. Marketing involves not just text-based content, but the use of attractive images. With beautiful pictures, you can quickly catch the attention of your audience and engage them on your pages.

Taking photos for your marketing campaign can be time-consuming, but with Pexels you can get great and good looking photos that have creative commons license for commercial use.

9) Piktochart

Piktochart is a powerful visual content tool that will help you to create engaging infographics, reports, and presentation. With these important elements, you will drive more traffic to your site. Infographic is an important tool marketers and bloggers are using for their marketing campaigns. With infographics, you can break a complex topic into more digestible form and help people to easily understand your content.

Piktochart allows users to create impressive charts and maps that their audience can understand. It has built-in social media options you can use to easily share your work on the web. You can also copy the HTML code of your work to insert to your website.

10) Tagboard

Tagboard allows you to use hashtag, term or topic to search for interesting and trending content on various social media networks. The use of the hashtag is important in social media marketing campaign. The proper use of hashtags will help people to locate your topics and conversations on social media.

Hashtags are just like keywords people are using to search for products and services online. Tagboard will help you discover profitable hashtags that will attract an audience to your pages. It’s a useful tool that can help you check what people are saying about brands and products. You can also use Tagboard to generate new topics and ideas for your campaigns.

With these top social media marketing tools, you will surely create strong brand awareness and attract potential customers to your business.

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