Top 10 Mobile Apps to Download in Dubai

Are you planning a vacation in Dubai? Or maybe you have an upcoming business trip to Dubai that you are eagerly waiting for? Whatever it is, you will need help!

Dubai is undoubtedly the most futuristic city in the world. With endless business-friendly policies, awe-inspiring infrastructure, spectacular skyscrapers, and one of the most space-age metro systems in the world, Dubai has everything you will ever need to unwind!

However, exploring the riches of Dubai could be challenging if you are non-tech-savvy, as it is among the most cashless societies in the world – people use their mobile phones for literally everything in Dubai.

Since the pandemic, everything here is going digital. Whether you want to order food, book a ride, purchase grocery items, or even get something nice to gift to your loved ones back at home, you will need a mobile app.

In this blog, we have compiled a list of ten mobile apps that will make your Dubai trip unforgettable. So without further ado, here’s a list of 10 mobile apps you must use to double the fun on your Dubai trip.

1.     Talabat

Talabat is a food delivery app in Dubai enabling people to order their favorite local and international cuisine on the go. While there are a couple of good options for food delivery, like Careem Now and Zomato, Talabat is a clear winner here.

The first thing that makes Talabat awesome is the wide range of exotic cuisines available in the app. The second reason is its super-fast delivery to the doorsteps. The third reason is its modern GPS integrations that enable the riders to get to the exact location without any description. And finally, the last reason why I chose Talabat over others is its accurate time estimation. I almost use Talabat daily and have never experienced riders getting more than 2 – 4 minutes late than the estimated delivery time.

2.     Privelee

Do you get fascinated by the thought of luxurious pools, beach clubs, and fancy restaurants? If yes, then you will need Privelee a lot in Dubai.

Privelee is a membership-based app allowing unrestricted access to 50-plus hotels and beach clubs in Dubai. With only 529 Dirham per month, you get to enjoy 49 beach clubs, 100 plus five-star gyms, and other sports activities across the city without any extra cost.

3.     Duolingo

It feels so good to be able to communicate with the locals in their language. In Dubai, you will find lots of Arabs and even non-Arabs speaking Arabic.

If you have a long trip ahead or you are planning to move to Dubai permanently, learning the basics of Arabic will surely help you build stronger relationships with the locals. And you don’t have to hire a private language teacher or take expensive courses to learn Arabic. Duolingo is a remarkable app that can help you learn the fundamentals of the Arabic language for communication. And the best part is that it is totally free.

4.     Darb

The Darb app makes life a lot easier, especially for tourists who plan to explore the whole of Dubai on their trip. This app helps find information about metro and inter-city bus networks, including timings of arrival, routes, and more.

Darb’s precise pedestrian maps can also aid you in getting from one destination to another by walking, so it’s not exclusively for bus routes.

5.     Cafu

Tired of waiting in long lines to refill your tank at a petrol station? Why not have someone come to your house and fill up your tank instead? If you need petrol for your car, Cafu’s on-demand fuel delivery service will come to you no matter where you are.

This app is a must-have if you plan to travel more often in your upcoming trip. However, it’s better to schedule your fuel order and refill your tank rather than get stuck in the city and place your order.

6.     Helping ME

Helping ME is another incredible app providing cleaning and other home services on the go. You can book cleaning services in just 60 seconds using the app.

With a three-hour minimum, the service is given for Dh35 per hour, and there are additional fees for services like ironing and cleaning the stove or refrigerator. It is simple to book cleaners on a one-time or regular basis, either weekly or every other week, and you can even pay the staff more for them to bring their cleaning equipment.

7.     Fetchr

Fetchr is the FedEx of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. It’s a GPS-enabled courier service allowing you to send and receive parcels within 45 minutes across the city.

It allows you to schedule the pickup and delivery of your parcel, along with additional services like real-time tracking of the package and more. If you are planning to permanently move to Dubai and maybe start selling online in the future, you will need Fetchr a lot.

8.     Cinema UAE

With Cinema UAE, you can access hundreds of cinemas across the city to check their schedule. You can also check the availability of the seats and book your movie tickets using the app.

9.     s

The City Guard app lets you report any public issue you could see in the city, including potholes, streetlights that may be out in parks, trash piling, damaged benches, overgrown bushes along sidewalks, nocturnal noise that continues, and much more.

By using the app, you can pinpoint the location of the problem and submit a picture with a brief description of it. I know that issues have been resolved in a day to a couple of months.

10.  Washmen

As the name suggests, washmen is a one-stop shop for all your laundry problems. It’s a door-to-door laundry pickup and delivery app that allows you to schedule your pickups and delivery and return your laundry neat and clean.

If you are allergic to specific laundry detergents or want to add additional instructions, you can simply click on the instructions tab on the app before placing your order.

Wrapping Up…

We hope our list covers almost everything you were looking for. Dubai is going digital faster than any other city. There’s a good chance when you reach Dubai, there will be some new apps to explore.

All these apps are worth millions today. And only a decade ago, they were just ideas. If you think you have a million-dollar idea that can become the next Talabat or Cafu, consult with a mobile app development company and invest in it.

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