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Top 10 Highest Paid Technology Jobs

The recent boom in the technology industry has led to a significant change in how business is conducted. As a result, every business is keen to tap into the benefits of technology to reduce cost and make more profit. Consequently, technology experts have become some of the most sought after professionals. This article brings you 10 highest paid technology jobs. The figures represent the annual median salary.

1) Data Scientist

These are experts in data mining, big data analytics and predictive analytics with a median salary of $134,000. Current technological development trends call for all business enterprises to keep abreast if they are to remain relevant in the market. Being behind technology can see your business edged out of the market by those that embrace technology. Thus, data scientists have increasingly become some of the most sought after professional.

2) Android Engineer

With a median salary of $131,000, android engineers are the second best paid professionals in the tech industry. The recent increase in smartphone demand has led to a corresponding demand for mobile developers. Android mobile phones are relatively cheaper than their iOS counterparts. As a result, many middle class consumers and majority of consumers in developing countries prefer android mobile phones. Tech companies are therefore keen on acquiring android engineers, even on high salaries, to boost their production to match the demand in the market.

3) Machine Learning Engineer

The median salary for a machine learning engineer is also $131,000, thanks to the current developments in artificial intelligence. These professionals are experts in both statistics and data science. Their work is to continually engineer machines making them faster, smarter and better streamlined. Tech firms are therefore keen on hiring machine learning engineers to produce artificial intelligent machines for the market.

4) Software Architect

On average, software architects pocket a salary of $130, 890. Some of their roles include designing new software for a company, oversight of improvements, revisions and future implementation. Software architects are usually in high demand in tech companies because of their pivotal role.

5) Software Development Manager

Earning up to $123,000, software development managers are the equivalent of product managers in other fields. Their work is to oversee the development of an idea into a software useful to consumers. Their work requires a combination of experience, organizational and communication skills.

6) Solutions Architect

They earn a handsome salary of about $122,000. Their work involves liaising with some consumers to develop a software solution for an issue that may be of concern to the consumer. Although they are experts in programming, much of their career involves customer relations. Indeed, it is only through constant communication with customers that they are able to know the issues of concern that need software solutions.

7) Analytics Engineer

Analytics engineers earn a median salary of $116,000. They need advanced knowledge in statistics, data mining and analysis as well as programming.  Analytics engineers are able to filter statistical data in such a way that it becomes beneficial to the firm.

8) IT Managers

With a salary of $115, 500, information technology (IT) managers are responsible for development and maintenance of computer systems of a company. They must keep pace with emerging technologies to ensure that their firms do not lag behind.

9) UX/UI Designers

User interface and user experience designers are closely related. They usually consist one career. Their average salary is $97,000. These professionals are well versed in design platforms such as Illustrator and Photoshop. They must be able to visualize how a consumer will interact with a particular interface.

10) Database Administrators

They earn an average of $88,000. Their work is to monitor and ensure security of databases. Additionally, they deal with database configuration and administration.

If you are interested in pursuing a career in the tech sector, then you should consider one of these fields. It will be advantageous to you to do what you like doing while at the same time getting a good salary. The salaries provided here are averages computed after considering salaries in several countries. In some countries such as the US, salaries may be slightly higher than those paid for the same job in a developing country.

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