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Top 10 Global Big Data Companies.

 Network management, customer services, and security all benefit from the use of Big Data. Over the past few years, Big Data has emerged as an important commercial success; it has exploded in popularity as more and more companies launch programs that help them gain insights from a large volume of data at their disposal. Here are examples of 10 popular global Big Data Companies and influencers:

  1. SMS Marketing Services, Inc.

SMS Marketing Services, Inc. is a provider of world-class services in the marketing industry. The company works with top brands, brokers, agencies and Fortune 500 firms to provide amazing data-driven multi-channel marketing solutions.

  1. Tableau

Originally, Tableau was a research project at the Stanford University. It started out by providing visualization methods for analysing and exploring relational databases and data cubes. Today, the Tableau has expanded, offering visualization of data from many sources and works on everything from an iPhone to a PC.

  1. Kognitio

Kognitio is a pioneer in high performance scalable, Big Data analytics for Business Intelligence and Data Science. The company supports OLAP, BI, and analytical applications on large and  complex data.

  1. New Relic

By using a SaaS model, New Relic monitors mobile and Web applications in real-time that run on-premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid mix. The company makes sense of 250 billion data points daily from millions of applications.

  1. Blackstone + Cullen

Blackstone + Cullen is a leader in business intelligence solutions and data warehousing.  For over 25 years, the company has assisted the world’s leading companies to gain a sustained competitive advantage in their respective markets through the integration of business intelligence (BI) consulting, data analytics, business process, people, and technology.

  1. Alation

Alation is a Data Company that empowers employees inside of data-driven enterprises to find, understand, and use the right data for better, faster business decisions.  The company’s customers include eBay, MarketShare, Square, and some of the world’s largest finance and retail firms.

  1. International Integrated Solutions.

International Integrated Solutions is a top technology solution provider with more than 20 years of helping businesses to execute with greatness. The company’s clients include Fortune 500 companies, mid-sized enterprises, fast growing start-ups, higher education, and government agencies at the local and state levels.

  1. Adaptive

Adaptive is a market leader that provides access to the best professional services team that offers training, mentoring and consulting around data quality, metadata management, enterprise architecture and data governance. The company has software that is designed to collect, store, manage and distribute corporate information assets.

  1. Zeta Interactive

Founded in 2007, Zeta Interactive is a data-driven marketing technology pioneer that uses proprietary technology, actionable data, and insightful analytics to obtain retain and engage Middle Market brands and Fortune 500. The company has more than 1,300 employees and operates in four continents.

  1. Caserta concepts

Caserta concepts is an innovation consulting and technology services company that helps customers leverage technologies to bring advancement in business leadership. The company designs and builds big data, data warehouse, and business intelligence.

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