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Top 10 Fun Scavenger Hunt Apps for Team Building in 2022

Mobile software programs called “scavenger hunt apps” enable treasure hunts or adventure games. These video games may be played on smartphones and tablets and frequently require players to travel to various locales. These apps promote user interaction with other players and their environments to provide a more engaging experience.

These technologies serve as a means of facilitating treasure hunts. Office scavenger hunts App and other types of team-building activities. The apps are perfect for online family reunions or Virtual Team Building Activities.

Apps for scavenger hunts, list

These treasure hunt applications are perfect for a range of groups and events. Your typical remote team-building routine will be upended by these games!


One of the top scavenger hunt applications for team building is Scavify. The software asks users to accomplish tasks in several different ways, including uploading images or videos, completing forms, selecting the correct answers to questions, scanning QR codes, or checking in at specific locations. Over specific times, participants can play according to their own schedules.


One of the finest DIY treasure hunt apps is TurfHunt. The application is an entirely customizable game of location-based treasure hunting. With a simple design and publishing tool, gamemasters can easily construct tests and courses. Players can download the app and join the hunt by inputting a unique code. The game encourages players to travel to various areas and presents them with challenges triggered by GPS.


Popular adventure-themed puzzle game TwoDots is recognized for its stunning visuals and zen-like gameplay. The game’s original single-player edition has leaderboards that list international participants weekly. You can often compare scores if you play on the same squad.


One of the more simple photo scavenger hunt apps is CameraHunt. Players have 60 seconds to locate and display as many objects as possible. Participants take pictures with cameras on their smartphones or tablets. Players merely need to show the things on screen; they are not required to take and upload images of them.


One of the more useful apps for event scavenger hunts is Eventzee. Users can select from pre-made party packs or request a game from the Eventzee staff for a particular occasion. The app is easy to use and doesn’t require users to be close to one another to play together.


One of the more straightforward free scavenger hunt apps is Actionbound. The portal began as a learning resource but has now evolved into a provider of digital scavenger hunts for businesses, educational organizations, and people.


One of the best outdoor scavenger hunt apps is geocaching. The website describes itself as “the largest treasure hunt in history.” A high-tech pastime called geocaching includes looking for items using GPS-enabled equipment. Participants conceal items in watertight containers and post coordinates for other players to locate the caches. Usually, after entering the find in an online log, players replace the caches so that other players can identify them.


Huntzzz is a hybrid of a tour guide and a treasure hunt. The program makes it easier to conduct virtual treasure hunts in actual areas by giving users a list of directions to take. Users can develop and share new games or pick from various pre-existing hunts. Players can vary the difficulty level of the suggestions throughout the game or trade virtual currency for them.


A platform for location-based clue searches is called ClueKeeper. You had the option of participating in a hosted hunt or starting your own. Additionally, the website has a search function to help users locate nearby and upcoming hosted hunts, many of which are free to join. Players sign up for the game using a mobile device, then reply to questions by exploring the city and entering the appropriate information into the app. The game is a terrific method to explore a place because each clue directs players to a different spot.

Hidden Through Time

The online hide-and-seek game Hidden Through Time is comparable to Where’s Stripey Guy. Players may use a smartphone, tablet, or gaming device such as a Playstation, Nintendo, or Xbox to participate. Users can build bespoke scenes by arranging pre-loaded graphics in the platform’s map editor. Then, those individuals can ask friends or coworkers to help them solve the original levels.

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