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Top 10 Forex Entrepreneurs in the World Revealed

Summary: Forex trading is an ever-evolving field with new players every term. Let’s look at the world’s top entrepreneurs right now.

It is the most successful forex traders who work quietly, away from the spotlight, building their profits. A few Forex traders are indeed more successful than others, and we will examine both the noteworthy and super successful ones.

Here’s a compiled list of the top ten forex traders in the world. 

Number 1: George Soros

According to media reports, Soros profited more than £1 billion from a short position in the pound sterling by correctly predicting certain circumstances. This event can easily be added to the list of one of the greatest Forex trades and the trader responsible for them. As of September 2020, George Soros’ net worth amounts to $10 billion. 

Number 2: Stanley Druckenmiller

Duquesne Capital has developed an esteemed reputation for Druckenmiller due to his ability to handle billions of dollars. Due to his years of profitability in the double digits at Duquesne, Druckenmiller has an impressive history in the trade. Druckenmiller has an estimated net worth of over $2 billion. 

Number 3: Bill Lipschutz

Despite having no previous experience in currency markets, Bill Lipschutz earned hundreds of millions of dollars at Salomon Brothers’ FX department. With an estimated net worth of $8.3 billion, Lipschutz is a foreign exchange market trader and the co-founder of Hathersage Capital Management. 

Number 4: Andrew Kreiger

Traders of the era consider Kreiger to be one of the most aggressive and well-known. Markets spiraled downward by roughly 20% following the October 1987 crash. Kreiger identified the New Zealand dollar as highly overvalued at this point. Using the leverage of 400:1, he entered into a short position on the currency, which exceeded the currency’s actual circulating liquidity. The currency moved 5% against the US dollar in a couple of hours, resulting in $300 million in profit for him. 

Number 5: Paul Tudor Jones

He started his career as a clerk on the trading floor after earning a degree in Economics from the University of Virginia. Afterward, he worked as a commodities trader on the NYSE and founded Tudor Investment Corporation. His firm generated $100 million in profits in the same year he made 62% profits. 

Number 6: Michael Marcus

Commodities Corporation Company was founded by Michael Marcus, one of its original members. Around US$300 million in German marks were held by Marcus during Ronald Reagan’s presidency. 

Number 7: Jeff Hamilton

Born in France and raised in New York, Jeff Hamilton made a comeback to Europe at the age of 21 in Madrid, Spain. Working odd jobs till his breakthrough with crypto investments and his pet project, Mayotrade. His experience spans over 12 years through various ventures and strategic partnerships. 

Number 8: Richard Dennis

When Richard Dennis began trading, he borrowed $2,000 from a relative. With his initial investment, he turned it into $200 million within ten years. 

Number 9: Axel Merk

He regularly comments on the latest Forex market developments and runs Merk Investments, a company he started in 1994. In 2001 he moved his business to the United States, where he launched a fund aimed at taking advantage of long-term Forex trends. 

Number 10: Joe Lewis

In order to target the Forex market, Lewis moved to the Bahamas after successfully running and selling his father’s business in Great Britain. The fact that Joe Lewis owns large Forex profits and is an investor in leading real estate, restaurant, and resort businesses makes him one of the best Forex traders to follow around the world. 

The entrepreneurs mentioned on this list provide budding investors with great insight and expert advice. Keep yourself well informed on the market news provided by the titans mentioned above in the industry.

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