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Top 10 Fintech App Development Companies In 2023

As we all know, fintech isn’t an incredible financial technology that offers automatic delivery of financial services. According to Statista, the financial app development market is expected to reach $305 billion by the end of 2025. Nowadays, the demand for fintech mobile applications is increasing. Several entrepreneurs want to invest in advanced technology software development for maximum revenue generation in the upcoming years. Fintech applications are secure and profitable as they provide multiple transactions in 24 hours which is in demand due to today’s culture. This blog is for you if you’re a business entrepreneur planning to invest in fintech app development. In this blog, we will talk about some of the top 10 fintech app development companies that might help you. 

What are FinTech Applications?

Fintech application is the combination of money and technology”. Any app, software, or technology that allows people or businesses to manage their finances or make financial transactions digitally is considered a financial app.

Top 10 Fintech App Development Companies

The time has come to review the most incredible Top 10 fintech app development companies. In this section, we have compiled a list of fintech app development companies with some of their important ones that might help you choose. 

  • Yalantis

Yalantis is a software development company that offers value to its clients by delivering projects on time with excellent solutions. It is known to be one of the best fintech app development companies, which provides services like web app development, full-cycle mobile app development, web app development, cross-platform, MVP, iOS development, fintech app development, and many more. 


Launch Year Employees  Hourly Charges  Location
2008 201-500 employees $25 to $50  Larnaca, Cyprus 

  • Dev Technosys

Dev Technosys is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified web and fintech app development company located in Rajasthan, India. The company has years of experience in web app development with a team of skilled, dedicated developers. Knowing that the Dev Technosys team is passionate about designing or developing innovative solutions is vital. The company specializes in Enterprise Mobility Solutions, Software Product Development, CMS Development, IoT development, web portal development, iPhone and Android app development, and many more. You can choose this software development company with advanced technology for your fintech app development. 


Launch Year Employees  Hourly Charges  Location
2010 51-200 employees $23 to $50 India,USA, UAE


Inoxoft is a fintech software development company with superior skills in creating an app that may help businesses handle digital zing financial services and many more. The company has a team of developers that help thousands of customers, investors, and businesses have digital experiences. The company offers services like web app development, fintech, IoT, Wearable devices, and many types of software development. If you want to create a fantastic fintech app, choose Inoxoft for its digital experience advantage. 


Launch Year Employees  Hourly Charges  Location
2014 50 – 249 $50 – $100  Lviv, Ukraine

  • Appinventiv

Appinventiv is an award-winning software development company offering excellent solutions for startups. The company has skilled developers who will help you build the best fintech app development. Appinventiv specializes in building Native & Hybrid Mobile Applications Development, PWA Development, Wearables Applications Development, End to End DApp Development, and many more. If you want to create a fintech app development company, then you can choose this company for the best fintech app developers to achieve better results. 


Launch Year Employees  Hourly Charges  Location
2014 501-1,000 employees $25 – $49/hr Noida, Uttar Pradesh

  • Uptech

Uptech is a software development company that is working towards building innovation creation. It is vital to know that Uptech provides product delivery of creative, innovative, and exclusive web app development. Uptech is a financial web development company specializing in Healthcare, Fintech, E-commerce, Real Estate, On-demand apps, Streaming app, and social media development with the capability of a user-friendly interface. 


Launch Year Employees  Hourly Charges  Location
2016 80 $27 – $58 Kyiv, Ukraine

  • Y Media Labs

Y Media Labs is another major software development company having years of experience in building innovative, genuine visual design, app testing, and exclusive web development for iOS and android. Y Media Labs has developers with impressive skills that deliver high-quality services to their clients. The company specializes in virtual reality, the Internet of things, Mobile Roadmap Consulting, Responsive Mobile Web, Consumer & Enterprise Apps, digital strategy, service design, experience design, digital product, AI, and fintech app development.


Launch Year Employees  Hourly Charges  Location
2009 201-500 employees $150 to $200 Redwood City, CA
  • Clarion Technologies 

Clarion technologies is another mobile app development company providing fintech, web apps, content management solutions, offshore products, IoT, and many other developments. The company developers are devoted to creating advanced innovation for clients. It has a team of skilful, experienced, and dedicated developers who invest their time and ideas into the project to make it successful—if you’re looking for banking app development, then choosing their team can work out for you in many ways. 


Launch Year Employees  Hourly Charges  Location
2000 250 – 999 $25 – $50  Pune,India

  • Blue Label Labs 

Blue Label Labs is an expert in mobile app development, design, and strategy. It works with ambitious organizations, businesses, and creators to enhance the authenticity of their work through customer-centric and genuinely user-validated digital solutions. Blue Label Labs helps clients reach their objectives more rapidly by collaborating on transformation and growth prospects. Additionally, the organization has a team of experienced fintech app developer’s adept at TV app design, mobile app development, android app development, ios app marketing & PR, app marketing & PR, and IoT app development. 


Launch Year Employees  Hourly Charges  Location
2009 64 $150 to $210 New York, NY

  • Praxent

Praxent specializes in developing fintech software and is key to raising conversion rates, customer engagement, and product usage to provide a simple, individualized, and seamless user experience. It is vital to know that praxent has fintech software developers who put the needs of their clients first. The company specializes in Custom Software Development, UX Strategy, Product Strategy, Fintech, Insurance, and Banking. Their fintech developers create engaging financial user experiences since they know how important it is to get a competitive edge. 


Launch Year Employees  Hourly Charges  Location
2000 50 – 249 $50 – $100 Austin, Texas

  • Appventures

Appventurez is a leading software development company that is working on technology improvements to enhance the expansion of the banking and financial sector. The company offers strong security by preserving the most incredible user experience as everyday transaction procedures, and payment systems become more digital. Appventures successfully provides banking and finance solutions to financial institutions, insurance companies, and banking institutions to improve workflow. Get maximum advantage of their financial app development to revitalize your business.



Launch Year Employees  Hourly Charges  Location
2018 50 – 249 $26 – $50  Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India



Hopefully, you liked this blog, and now you have some of the most fascinating fintech app development companies you can use for your peer-to-peer payment app development. Regarding peer-to-peer payment app development, it is essential to keep in mind that hiring the best mobile app development company will be a superior choice. You must look to hire fintech app developers with years of experience in fintech app development to get wise results. 


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