Top 10 Ed Tech for Fast Essay Writing

Today, technology offers students many efficient ways to improve their essay writing skills and techniques. Many students struggle with their academic papers without knowing there are several online tools that can help them become better writers. Some of the convenient ways students can boost their writing skills online are through the use of mind mapping tools, professional editing and writing services, and online tutoring services. Here are the top 10 ed tech tools for fast essay writing.

  1. Writing Challenge App

This app allows you to enjoy writing as it guides you in a fun, interactive way. The writing challenge app provides a prompt to get the writing started and every minute it supplies a new prompt so you can add fresh ideas, characters, words, sentences, actions, or places to the plot. This app is especially good for those students who are finding it hard to get started with their writing assignments. It has a fast pace game like set up that inspires students to write.

  1. Story Builder

Story builder helps students to improve abstract thinking and expression, inference, paragraph formation, and integration of idea. It has a feature that uses audio clips, this helps to promote access to writing skills especially for those with special needs. Also, story builder offers students a speech to text function that allows them to narrate their thoughts and see as they transform into paragraphs. This feature can be very useful for students struggling to write their essay assignments.

  1. Writing Prompts

This app helps students to master the skill of short writing, and it can generate fiction and non-fiction writing prompts. The app uses words, current events, pictures, scene elements, colors, and random tidbits from fiction works to inspire students to write both long and short pieces. The creative prompts of this app are available both online and offline. It encourages students to write wherever they may be at, whatever time of the day.

  1. Writinghouse

This is a citation generator that can save students from boring and stressful academic referencing. Writing House offers students a quick application of any referencing style their lecturer asks them to implement. You have no excuse to avoid formatting your paper according to your lecturer’s requirement as this tool is absolutely free.

  1. Hipster Sound

Writing is an art, and every student needs a particular type of environment to perform efficiently as a good writer. If you like to write with ambient noise in the background, this tool is ideal for you. This app can give you the great experience and feeling of working in a café. This can help to increase efficiency.

  1. Draft

This is an alternative to Google Docs and Microsoft Word. It offers a distraction-free interface to students. It has features that allow you to share your work with others with the option to either accept or reject these edits. Your work is backed up on this word processor immediately so you need not to worry about losing any data on your draft. Also, it can keep track of the daily word count goal and if you miss your target it sends you helpful reminders to meet your goal.

  1. MyAccess

This is a writing and assessment solution that provides students with instant feedback on their content to motivate them to write more. This program covers up to 1500 topics including language arts, social studies, sciences, and math. This tool will immediately give students feedback when they create a paper in the following categories: organization, content and development, language use, style, and voice, focus and meaning, and mechanics and conventions.

  1. Easy Bib

This is a great tool for those times when you write a paper that included a bibliography. Easy bib helps to make bibliography creation very easy. This app allows you to take a picture of the ISBN barcode and it will create a bibliography for the book. It allows students to choose the style formats that best suit their preference. This is a great tool for college research writers.

  1. Odyssey Writer

This is a tool that makes the process of composing your thoughts less time-consuming and much more efficient. This tool can help to stimulate a student desire to work on a paper as it makes the writing process fun. This tool will guide you through the phrases writing stage by using interesting techniques.

  1. Online Writing Services

Another way students can write fast is by enlisting the services of a fast essay writing service. The company has expert writers that will deliver contents that are of high quality and error-free. When you have an urgent need to write an essay assignment, these professional writers can deliver 6 to 8 pages or any other page count within 2, 3, or 24 hours. This allows you to meet the deadline even if the last minute is left – save each your hour.

These online tools can help students to learn how to write and also improve their writing skills. Whether it is a writing service or app, get all the benefits of using one right now.

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