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Top 10 Creative Tools for Digital Marketing

After launching a business, your primary goal will be to reach as many people as possible and sell to them. To achieve this goal, you want to publish your brand name and business logo design to as many people as possible. Most business owners use the traditional forms of advertisement, such as, coupon mailers, print ads, and outdoor advertising/marketing.

But some believe that they just need to offer quality products or services to attract customers. While the strategies work, you can reach many potential customers easily by using digital marketing channels.

Digital channels allow users to interact with many potential customers and know the type of services or products their audiences are looking for. Even more, they allow them to save money and get to know all their customers on a personal level, and track their responses. Below are the top 10 tools that might help you launch your digital marketing.


1.      Google Analytics


Google Analytics is the first tool on our list of the top 10 tools for digital marketing. This tool is free to use and it provides users with valuable information about the people who visit their sites and how they navigate them.

You can further pair Google Analytics with Google Search Console to identify the problems on your website and optimize the traffic. Some of the data points to expect from Google Analytics include the number of people who visit your website every day, every week, every year, or any other period you select.

2.      BuzzSumo


Research shows that around 60 percent of the B2B businesses with successful content marketing have well-formulated strategies. On the other hand, only 21 percent of the companies with the least successful content claim that they have documented content marketing strategies.

Therefore, you have to do enough research before launching your content marketing campaign and this might be the primary reason you need BuzzSumo.


BuzzSumo provides a list of the topics trending on social media at any given time depending on your industry. All you have to do is search for a topic and it will provide you with a list of ideas. Even more, the tool provides several other tools, including keyword research, topic-based social media feeds, influencer search, crisis management, content analysis, and brand monitoring tools.


3.      HubSpot

This is the best digital marketing tool for people who would want to execute a seamless marketing strategy. Most digital marketers use it as customer relationship management (CRM) software and a content management system (CMS) but some use it for blogging, email marketing, social media management, and as a landing page builder.

HubSpot further offers new and improved analytics tools to allow easier reviewing of KPIs. And if one of your goals is to learn about inbound marketing, you will find the HubSpot Academy, which offers free certification courses, more helpful.


4.      Audiense

Social listening is an important part of digital marketing that helps business people identifies potential customers and their buying trends. One of the best tools that make social listening possible is Audiense. The tool enables marketers to identify and segment their target social media audiences so that they can develop properly targeted ad campaigns. That alone helps them dive deeper into the customer personas.


The platform of Audiense focuses on Twitter, something that makes it a perfect choice for B2B brands and the B2C companies that have an aim of understanding their target audiences. You can choose to use the free version or the premium version.


5.      Lemlist

This is another great digital marketing tool on our list. Unlike many other tools, Lemlist is mainly focused on deliverability. Lemlist emphasizes the best times of the day to send your marketing emails and how often you should send them to get more clicks and opens. That means it is the best tool for individuals who would want to optimize their existing campaigns.


Lemlist eliminates the guesswork in digital marketing and it will help you warm up your email lists. Some of its additional features include personalization tools, which will eliminate the chances of your emails landing in the spam folder of your prospects, and follow-up emails to encourage responses from the cold customers.


6.      Moosend

Moosend is an affordable and user-friendly digital marketing tool. The tool provides a robust email solution for digital marketers, especially those who would want to build a long email list within a short time. It offers easy-to-read reports, simple automation tools, and codeless campaigns.

Additionally, the premium version offers several landing page features such as countdown timers and mobile popups.

7.      SEMRush

If you have been searching for a digital marketing tool that would help you improve your SEO strategy, then SEMRush might be the best choice. This tool makes position tracking, keyword research, and identification of backlink opportunities a breeze.

It offers social media, advertising, and content marketing tools and you can use it to conduct SEO audits. While it is a premium tool, it comes with a 14-day free trial period, therefore, offering the users a chance to explore its main features.

8.      Moz

Moz offers a list of free and premium SEO tools to help marketers complete keyword research, and site audits, and monitor their search engine rankings easily. It also comes with a Chrome plugin, known as Mozbar, which offers instant metrics after the user opens any website page or SERP.


9.      Design Free Logo Online


Design free logo onlinewebsite makes the creation of professional-looking logo an easy task. You can use it to make your brand name logo at no cost regardless of your design experience. It comes with many templates, fonts, and clip arts to allow customization of every project. It is an excellent choice for individuals without access to advanced design tools like InDesign and Photoshop.

10. Frase


Almost every digital marketer will tell you that content takes many hours. For that reason, you will need a tool that can automate the whole process and provide you with good results. Frase is among the best tools for this task. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) to provide the advanced content insights that you require to boost your visibility on the search engine and boost traffic to your website.

It will provide you with an intelligent list of the headers, FAQs, related topics, recent news, statistics, and the interesting facts you require for your digital marketing. While it is a paid tool, you will benefit from the free trial period.


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