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Top 10 Companies Using AI to Look Out for in 2022

At the close of 2021, McKinsey & Company published its ‘State of AI’ report. This report detailed many findings, but one that stood out was that of the respondents, 27% of them report, “at least 5% of EBIT attributable to AI.” This is an important finding, as it illustrates the potential for AI to increase business profitability and success. AI is growing in use, and many companies are beginning to assess how they can incorporate its technology into their business operations. 

2022 is another year where AI technology is growing and expanding. Many AI projects are beginning to gain popularity and wide use. 

1. Mech-Mind Robotics

Mech-Mind Robotics is an AI industrial robotics company that has raised approximately $160 million in funding. This positions Mech-Mind to be one of the most well funded robotics startups globally. The company has completed work for automotive plants, logistics warehouses, and manufacturing industries.

Mech-Mind is a standout AI project due to its fully comprehensive service. The company specializes in creating not only 3D cameras, but vision system, robot programming environment, and solutions. Many other AI projects and companies only provide a product, whereas Mech-Mind delivers a product, a solution, and a service. 

2. Amazon

Amazon creates AI technology that is geared towards voice recognition and machine learning . The company is extremely well known for its website, but its AI division was only initiated in 2015. This came as a result of the launch of Amazon Alexa devices, which makes use of voice recognition technology. In 2020, Amazon accrued over $386 billion, and this includes all profit from AI engineered technology. 

Amazon’s SageMaker is a machine learning platform that allows developers to utilize its services to create machine learning products online. This is notable as Amazon uses its own platform for its website, and therefore ensures quality. 


NICE mainly focuses on creating AI technology for customer experience systems. It uses AI to reinvent and automate contact centers, and aid businesses in truly understanding their consumer base. 

NICE is an interesting AI company, as they allow businesses to incorporate AI into their customer service methods, and improve customer experiences. It is further notable as a result of its status as a company using AI in almost every aspect of their operations. Businesses can even access their services for a free trial period of 60 days.

4. DNSFilter

DNSFilter is dedicated to changing and improving the way that remote and online work is done. The company provides security and safety solutions to businesses that operate in the online space.The AI technology that the company uses works to detect malware, ransomware and phishing attacks. This is in addition to helping businesses avoid contact with potentially harmful or sensitive websites. 

The company makes use of an AI-powered domain categorization tool which works to protect companies from harmful activity. DNSFilter was only founded in 2015, but now considers itself the most powerful security tool in the industry. 

5. Nate

Nate makes use of AI-driven technology in the e-commerce space. The company accesses the most popular and high quality products online, and allows them to be purchased from a single source. The app allows consumers to list products as their favorites, and then uses AI to simplify and speed up the purchasing process.Within this, users can divide their payments and create unique payment plans.

Nate also creates ‘virtual cards’ for shoppers, so that their personal information is protected and private. Similarly, because Nate handles the checkout process, other websites cannot use cookies from the transaction, and users will not have their information used for targeted advertisement. The app can be found on the Apple App Store. 

6. Meta

Meta Platforms create AI primarily for social media. In addition to this, they have many other projects in the works, including work for immersive technologies like virtual reality. They also have a platform in the works that does similar security and safety work to that of DNSFilter. The company is notorious for creating technology that connects people with advertisements, products, and online information. 

The company has also created AI for facial recognition on social media platforms. Whilst Meta Platforms are free for consumers, businesses can pay for services like advertisement. The AI will then work to distribute advertisements across social media. 

7. AlphaSense

AlphaSense uses AI to drive a search engine. This search engine is used by investment firms, large scale companies, and banks, to locate vital information relating to news, law and research.  The AI technology learns to locate and grow keyword searches in order to locate specific information across the web.

AlphaSense is geared towards helping companies make accurate decisions on important matters through the presentation of vital and accurate information.

8. Piaggio Fast Forward

Piaggio Fast Forward creates AI-driven robots that act as extra hands for users. The robots can be used in grocery store settings, or for any storage purposes. The robots are able to follow their owners in any setting. 

In addition to the purpose of their products, Piaggio Fast Forward is dedicated to leaving a minimal carbon footprint. They do this by using long lasting, energy efficient materials. 

9. IBM

IBM is another leader in the AI world. The company created Watson, an AI engine that is frequently used for research. Watson is a great way to ensure accurate decision making, as well as swift automation. It has a unique versatility, making it a successful partner in any business. 

Watson is known for being able to answer questions in a manner that is appealing to users.

10. Ascent

Ascent is a regulatory platform that utilizes AI technology to create lists of obligations that are connected to any business. This is particularly important for individuals and businesses in the financial sector, as they need to be up to date with regulations. The AI alerts users to any change or additions to regulations. 

The company is notable as they incorporate human experience and knowledge with the capabilities of AI and machine learning. This service can save many businesses time and money. 

Final Thoughts

AI is often seen as the future of the technological world. New and interesting AI-driven technologies are becoming available every year, and 2022 is no exception. Many existing companies are dedicating themselves to applying AI technology to their business operations. Similarly, many companies that are entirely AI-powered are gaining traction. 

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