Top 10 Cloud Mining Sites for Daily Payouts in 2023

Cloud mining of cryptocurrencies such as Dogecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin, and other Altcoins, among others, are one of the most profitable kinds of passive income. Let us choose a cloud mining platform that is both dependable and profitable based on our analysts’ suggestions. We are carefully evaluating the following points:

  1. HappyMiner(9.8 points)
  2. Nicehash (9.5 points)
  3. ECOS (9.3 points)
  4. IQ Mining (9.0 points)
  5. Genesis Mining (8.8 points)
  6. Bitdeer (8.5 points)
  7. BeMine (8.4 points)
  8. ScryptCube (8.2 points)
  9. Hashnest (8.2 points)
  10. Hashgains (8.0 points)

This type of Investment has many advantages:

  • There is no stress caused by expensive electricity, faulty visual cards, or ASIC cooling.
  • There is no rise in temperature or machine noise.
  • In the event that the price of the cryptocurrency falls, you have the freedom to break up your relationship with a mining service whenever you like.
  • There are cash and cryptocurrency as payment choices.

Of course, there are drawbacks as well. As with any specialized field, you could run with con artists looking to buy tools. Use the goods and services of reputable mining suppliers if you don’t want to fall for their tricks.

  1. HappyMiner

(9.8 points)

In 2018, HappyMiner, a legitimate cloud mining startup, was formed in the United States. HappyMiner, like every other reputable hash provider, has a big tech park of specialized Bitcoin mining equipment. Iceland, Canada, and Norway all have data centers. Currently, HappyMiner pays out cryptocurrency to over 2,800,000 users globally.


  • Sign upto get $10 immediately.
  • Automated daily payouts.
  • Offers free packages and can invest for free.
  • No overhead or electricity fees.
  • An affiliate program with 4.5% lifetime rewards.
  • Different mining contracts to choose from.
  • 24/7 online support.
  • DDoS and SSL protect the system.


Contract Price Contract Terms Fixed Return Daily Rate
$10 1 Day $10+$0.8 8%
$100 3 Days $100+$4.5 1.5%
$500 7 Days $500+$63 1.8%
$1,200 15 Days $1,200+$345 1.92%
$3,000 30 Days $3,000+$1,890 2.1%
$6,400 60 Days $6,400+$8,880 2.31%

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  1. NiceHash

A mining hosting & computing marketplace is called NiceHash. You can use it to connect your miners, deposit money, purchase mining packs to mine other cryptocurrencies, or offer hash rates to other users of the peer-to-peer network. Install the NiceHash program on your computer, decide the GPU you want to utilize, and then sell hash rates using the GPU’s hash rate.


  • Mining Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, and other coins.
  • Withdrawals of Fiat
  • In-app cryptocurrency trading platform
  • Remote mining management and supervision
  • Peer-to-peer trading with a hash rate


  • 2258 BTC at a one mH/s daily rate
  • 00001 BTC for the new world order fees
  • 3% as the hash power price
  • 2% when repurchasing hash power
  1. ECOS

ECOS is used by more than 100,000 users worldwide. Additionally, in 2017 the Armenian Free Economic Zone was created.

You can make the best decision by calculating mining yields using an accessible calculator. For ECOS, there are web and mobile applications.

Along with offering mining contracts and equipment, the company also provides bitcoin indices for investment. Additional indices include the NFT Index, Top 10 Index, Elon Musk Index, Defi Protocols Index, and Metaverse Index. A multi-currency cryptocurrency that enables users to store and exchange 247 different coins is also included in the smartphone app.


  • consistent payments
  • With a simple slider on the website, customized contract purchasing enables you to change the length, size of the hash power, and profit of your contract.
  • Use Android and iOS applications to manage your investments and other crypto assets.
  • The wallet’s ridiculously low withdrawal threshold is 0.000001 BTC.
  • A 180-day guarantee on their hardware for the hosting service and equipment. I can have gadgets for five years.
  • A one-month free trial miner contract to evaluate the platform.
  1. IQ Mining

A group of knowledgeable blockchain and IT experts with cryptocurrency experience runs IQ Mining. The business runs data centers in China, Algeria, Georgia, Canada, and Iceland. Trading in cryptocurrencies and options margin are combined.


  • Specialized mining agreements to generate extra income
  • Consumer assistance
  • Pledge your contract in exchange for trading funds up to the full contract cost.
  • promised mining contracts without funding
  • Information based on the mining of Bitcoin


  • Roughly $0.675 for every 0.1 mH/s
  • The maintenance fee for bronze, silver, and gold is $0.00013 per 0.1mH/s
  • There are unique packages with additional features available.
  1. Genesis Mining

Genesis Mining created the first mine in Eastern Europe from Hong Kong. It currently serves customers from more than 200,000 different countries. They offer a wide selection of cryptocurrency mining options for various miner types, including rookies, family miners, and large investors.


  • Daily payouts of mining profits to your digital wallet
  • Excellent customer service
  • It is possible to mine numerous coins simultaneously.
  • As payment methods, Visa, Mastercard, and cryptocurrencies are all accepted.
  • No ongoing monthly costs


  • $29 per mH/s
  • Minimum based on the cost of the contract bundle
  • between $499 and $4,498.5
  1. Bitdeer

Currently, cloud hosting services, multi-brand hash rate marketplaces, and cloud mining contracts are available through the well-known cryptocurrency platform Bitdeer. Customers from more than 200 nations can now purchase cloud contracts from Bitdeer, a well-known international supplier of digital assets. The company’s main goal is to establish strategic partnerships with the biggest mining firms and equipment manufacturers in the planet. The service provider manages data centers throughout a wide range of countries, including the US, Norway, and many others. Due to its better mining capabilities, Bitdeer promises a 100% uptime rate for its users.


  • A calculator for profitability and income
  • A marketplace for hash rates with a range of third-party sources
  • Direct payments received from the top mining pools
  • Charts of cryptocurrencies in real-time
  • Bonuses and promotions

For the time being, Bitdeer offers dependable self-run cloud mining options for both novice and expert cryptocurrency investors. The term of each sort of contract is 180 days. The chosen plan type has a significant impact on the hash rate and profitability. On Bitdeer, a 50 TH/s cloud mining investment costs a minimum of $542. You can read all relevant information on Bitdeer’s website pages or by contacting their customer care.

  1. BeMine

The company supports mining hash rates as well as buying and selling digital currency. Customers can also receive guidance on utilizing and investing in cryptocurrencies. They can also offer advice on e-commerce and ICO projects, business registration, and other services.

You can even request that the company set up your mining equipment remotely while you wait for earnings that can be transferred to the wallet of your choice.


  • You can test the service through 3 days of gifted Antminer S19 mining if in doubt.
  • Unlike other cloud mining companies, it offers 7% on referral purchases.
  • Cryptocurrency cloud mining has an inbuilt cryptocurrency exchange.
  • Four data centres with a total capacity of 70 mW/h.
  • The cost of electricity is $0.054 kW/h, and payment is made automatically from your account.
  • Depositing via VISA and MasterCard, PM USD, Bitcoin, and altcoins.


$61 one-time payment. Depositing and withdrawing fee is commission based on the amount of crypto Up to 0.05 BTC — 3%; from 0.01 to 0.05 — 5%; and under 0.01 — 7%.

  1. ScryptCube

Users who want to use the f2pool mining pool, control their equipment locally, or spend less money on equipment use ScryptCube to create Bitcoin. ScryptCube pays its users and takes payments via f2pool, according to an analysis of the wallet addresses over time.

An investigation of the locations on the photos revealed that the persons in the pictures that various users shared on the company’s Telegram channel had been paid every month since 2020. Customers may mine Ethereum on the Bitcoin cryptocurrency mining platform, and it eventually hopes to offer Laser mining.


  • To calculate the profitability and possible income of the hash rate package you want to purchase, there is also an electronic mining calculator available.
  • There are no ongoing fees. Payment for packages can be done with BTC, MasterCard, and Visa.
  • Daily receipts imply that daily mining proceeds will be applied to your account. You can immediately view them on the account.
  • Withdrawals are made as soon as mining begins.
  • The reward for recommendations: 3% of each sale that results from your suggestions.
  • Get statistics on recent mining activity.


  • Plans for mining bitcoins start at $4.9 per 100 GH/s for one year.
  • For a two-year contract, it costs $7.5 per 100 GH/s.
  1. Hashnest

Bitmain Technologies, which Wu Jihan and other investors created in China in 2013, controls the cloud mining firm and website. In 2014, the company bought the cloud mining platform As you may already be aware, Bitmain is the industry leader in the creation of Bitcoin mining hardware.

You may mine for Dash, Zcash, Litecoin, and Bitcoin through the company. There are more than 400,000 users globally, claims the website.

Hashnest, a division of Bitmain Company, leads all miners to Antpool.


  • Investing funds in these Cloud Bitcoin mining
  • Managing services can be done with a mobile app.
  • The option to trade Bitcoin for cloud investments with other users on a public market. It is simple to accomplish this via the user’s account panel.
  • Users’ accounts are credited with daily earnings.
  • Bitcoin is the only currency that is accepted for payment.
  • Trade computing power or mining machinery.

Pricing: Not available

  1. Hashgains

The company runs its mining data centers with renewable energy. Both China and India possess mines. Mining will begin between 24 and 72 hours after payment has been confirmed. The money will be issued to your wallet once you’ve satisfied the fundamental mining conditions. However, the process is not automated at this time.


  • Mining Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies.
  • Low costs for maintenance and support
  • Visa, Mastercard, and cryptocurrencies are all accepted as payment methods.
  • The dashboard keeps an eye on hash rates and revenue.
  • Along with client service, assist with technical


  • mH/s at $29
  • Topaz plan pricing begins at $125.
  • Ruby plan (25 mH/s): $625
  • 2,500 dollars for 100 mH/s



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