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Top 10 Brazil Fintech Companies

According to Finnovista, there are at least 219 fintech start-ups that are causing disruption in the financial industry sector across different segments in Brazil. These start-ups are offering services like banks, raising big money and growing fast. This makes Brazil a major fintech hub in Latin America. Check it out the top 10 fintech companies in Brazil.

  1. GuiaBolso

  Founded by Benjamin Gleason, Thiago Alvarez and Thiago Alvarez in 2012, GuiaBolso helps consumers better manage money by automating financial management process and helping them to improve financial decision-making via an online platform. A major component of the platform is PFM, a service that automates the process of categorizing and importing transactions from user’s credit cards and bank accounts.   With over one million users, the company’s app is one of the leading references in downloads.

  1. Nubank

Founded in 2013, Nubank is one of the top fintech companies in Brazil, and the first Latin American company to win ‘the Marketers That Matter Award’. Currently, the company has three million customers that have signed up for its card.

  1. BankFacil

Founded in 2012 by Sergio Furio, BankFacil is a lending platform that focuses on secured lending. With its headquarter in São Paulo, Brazil, the company tackles the high borrowing cost problem in Brazil by reinventing the secured lending knowledge using data and technology as efficiency drivers. The start-up provides an intelligent service that helps people and banks to a better negotiation.

  1. ContAzul

Founded in 2011 in Santa Catarina, ContAzul is a management system that enables micro and small businesses to control stocks, sales, and finances; and send electronic invoices.

  1. Bidu

 Bidu is the first Brazilian company to offer a smart search, purchase and comparison of insurance services 100 percent online. The company’s platform is integrated with the systems from the top insurers and financial services, allowing contracts and prices in real time. The company boasts of over 600,000 customers.

  1. Vindi

Vindi is a major player in the subscription economy in Brazil. The company offers payment solutions, subscription and recurring billing to Saas companies, education, gym clubs, marketing, financial services, subscriptions e-commerce and all subscription based companies.

  1. Nibo

Launched in 2012, Nibo is a company that allows accountants and companies to control and manage their finances. The company enables other companies to manage electronic invoices, cash flow, slips, and vouchers.

  1. Iugu

Iugu provides the required infrastructure to run online payments and reduce current bureaucracy in Brazil. Founded in 2011, the company offers a dashboard to manage online payments, whether one has a SaaS, a mobile application, an e-commerce or a marketplace. Also, the company is an exception in Latin America since it contributes to the open source community. Their repository has solutions that range from deployment bots to fiscal documents that aims to boost the local businesses development,

  1. Konduto

  Founded by Milton Tavares Neto and Tom Canabarro in 2014, Konduto allows online retailers to lower the levels of fraud in e-commerce by analysing consumer behaviour. The service analyses how consumers browse the site to identify fraudulent patterns before requests are made.


Based in Sao Paulo, was founded in 2013 by Henrique Dubugras and Pedro Franceschi.  The company is a member of Arpex Capital group and works to make it easier to accept all types of payments on Internet. Besides having the best API in the market, the company enables businesses to accept major credit cards such Visa, AMEX, MasterCard, Diners, and HyperCard.

Brazil is a fertile ground for fintech because 40 percent of the population remains excluded from traditional banking systems. For more information on the listed companies, please visit their respective websites. Subscribe to our updates on Facebook and Twitter.

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