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Top 10 Best No Win No Fee Lawyers in Queensland

Are you looking for the best No Win, No Fee lawyer in Queensland? A popular financing model for compensation law and personal injury legal cases is no win, no fee. This type of legal funding gives people the option of professional legal representation they might otherwise not be able to afford. When you have been injured and are struggling financially, it is likely you cannot afford the fees of an exceptional lawyer. But you need a great solicitor to win your case and get an excellent result.

Not all No Pay law firms are the same. Some will fund only their legal fees, leaving you to foot the bill for your medical assessments and professional reports, which can be several thousand dollars. Others provide Risk legal funding, which means they cover all fees and costs if you lose your case.

Getting justice when another party’s negligent actions injure you are more than how they fund your legal claim. You want to be sure your compensation law firm has the expertise to win your case and access all your entitlements. 

There are numerous No Win, No Fee Lawyers operating in Queensland. Choosing the best one for your claim is an important decision. To assist you in making an excellent choice, below is our list of the Top 10 Best No Win, No Fee Lawyers in Queensland based on the following:

  • Their reputation
  • How they fund your legal case
  • Their service offering
  • Their record of success         
  •    Splatt Lawyers

Splatt Lawyers is an entirely 100% No Win, No Fee Law Firm. Their No Fee policy means:

  • It’s free to get started
  • There are no costs during the life of your case
  • Splatt Lawyers funds your assessments and reports
  • You only pay our fees and charges when you win
  • You pay nothing if you lose
  • They will not ask you to agree to a pricey disbursement loan
  • Splatt Lawyers will fund your rehabilitation costs

This is known as the Splatt Lawyers No Win, No Fee, No Risk warranty.

Splatt Lawyers is a top Queensland compensation law firm. Since 1994, they’ve been assisting Queenslanders to know their legal rights when the unexpected happens. They have an expert team of solicitors and lawyers directed by a Queensland Specialist in Personal Injury Law – Kerry Splatt. When you need experienced guidance with any accident claim, contact Splatt Lawyers.

Locations: Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Ipswich, Logan, Caboolture, Logan, Toowoomba, Bundaberg

Phone: 1800 700 125

Check out Splatt Lawyers

  • Aussie Injury Lawyers

Aussie Injury Lawyers provides a range of insurance claim legal services with 100% No Win, No Fee legal funding. You pay nothing to begin your case, and there are no costs until you win. They will pay for your expert reports and evaluations that will be used as evidence for your claim. Aussie Injury Lawyers will not request that you sign a disbursement loan agreement, like some leading Queensland No Win, No Fee lawyers.

Aussie Injury Lawyer specializes in one area of litigation law – personal injury insurance claims. When you are seeking compensation for an injury, your settlement is usually paid for by an insurance provider. By choosing a law firm specializing in insurance litigation, you are tapping into an incredible resource of legal knowledge.

If you’ve suffered physical or psychological damage and can’t work, you could make a TTD or TPD claim through your superannuation insurance provider. TPD claims can be substantial and paid in a lump sum. Australian Injury Lawyers advise in various legal matters, including terminal illness, death benefits, life insurance, income protection, and permanent or temporary disability claims. 

Their legal team has more than 100 years of combined experience, so they know what they’re doing. With a claims success track rate of 99%, you are sure to get the benefit payout you deserve when choosing Aussie Injury Lawyers.

Location: Head Office Fortitude Valley with Queensland-wide support by phone and online. 

Phone: 1300 873 252

Check out Aussie Injury Lawyers  

  1. Firths the Compensation Lawyers

Firths are a solid Queensland law firm. They’re reliable, friendly, and knowledgeable. Ask them for legal advice if you believe you’re eligible to file an injury claim. They are another compensation lawyer based in Brisbane City that offers No Win, No Fee financing.

They help people who need advice regarding specific legal issues, including personal injury claims, insurance disputes, and some compensation claims. When you think you are eligible to make an injury claim, you can contact them for legal help.

Location: Head Office Brisbane CBD

Phone 07 3106 4111

Check out
4.Turner Freeman Lawyers

The lawyers at Turner Freeman are driven by their desire to help you achieve a positive outcome when they represent you in your injury claim. They have several experienced lawyers who can help you with legal issues. With Turner Freeman, you get dependable solicitors who focus on your needs. They offer No Win, No Fee funding with an initial free consultation. View more about this by going to their website

Location: Head Office Brisbane CBD

Phone: 1800 683 928

Check out Turner Freeman 

  1. Sinnamon Lawyers

Sinnamon Law Firm is a law firm of personal injury lawyers. They have experience in a range of injury cases. If you’ve been injured in an accident, they can assist you in accessing your entitlements.

Their lawyers provide free legal advice on a no-win, no-fee basis. If you lose, you don’t have to cover their legal fees. They also fund the expenses for your medical evaluations and expert assessments until you win your case, when they recoup those costs.

Sinnamon Lawyers will help you access funding for your treatment when they’re managing your claim. This means you won’t have to pay for your rehab costs in most cases.

Location: Head Office Brisbane CBD

Phone: 1800 007 277

Check our Sinnamon Lawyers  

  1. Attwood Marshall Lawyers

Attwood Marshall Lawyers was started by Eric Attwood and have grown to have several offices on the East Coast of Australia. They aim to assist people living through a tough time with experienced legal help. Ask for legal advice in family law, business and property law, and personal injury claims. They provide an after-hours contact service and No Win, No Fee funding for compensation cases.

See more about their legal services by viewing their website.

Location: Brisbane CBD

Phone 1800 621 071

Check out Attwood Marshall Lawyers    

  1. Carter Capner Law

When looking for a good compensation lawyer in Brisbane, Carter Capner is a reliable choice. They provide No Win, No Fee funding for their clients.

Based in Brisbane CBD, their law firm provides informed legal insights in various personal injury cases like insurance claims, public liability law, motor vehicle accident claims, and more. Call them for effective and efficient service when you have been harmed by someone failing their duty of care.

 Location: Head Office Brisbane CBD

Phone 1300 529 529

Check out Carter Capner  

  1. East Coast Injury Lawyers

Another Brisbane compensation law firm is East Coast Injury Lawyers. They help with a range of legal matters. Providing consistent and honest support when you need it most is their goal. No matter how damaged you are, they have the skill to support you.

No Win, No Fee legal help is available at East Coast Injury Lawyers. To see more about their legal funding, please visit their website.

Location: Head Office Brisbane CBD

Phone (07) 3010 9788

 Check Out East Coast Injury Lawyers 

  1. Ramsden Lawyers

Ramsden Law is an Australian law firm located on the Gold Coast. They were founded in 2003 and focused initially on commercial and property laws. They’ve recently expanded their practice into personal injury law.

They’ll examine your case and determine which approach would be most effective. They are committed to providing excellent service while remaining friendly and approachable. Ramsden Law offers personal injury legal advice on a No Win, No Fee basis.

Know more about their legal services by going to their website.

Location: Gold Coast

Phone 1300 749 709

Check out Ramsden Law   

  1. Rin Kim Law

Rin Kin Law is a No Win, No Fee personal injury law firm based in Brisbane City Centre. They speak Korean and English and offer a multicultural approach to compensation law. If you’re involved in an accident, you can get free initial legal advice from a lawyer specializing in these types of cases.

Like other claim lawyers, they offer a free case review. You can visit their website below to see more about their legal offering.

Phone 07 3188 1737

Location: Head Office Brisbane CBD

Check out Rin Kim Law    


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