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Top 10 Best Decision Making Games To Play In 2023

 Everyone loves playing computer games and they even want to read every inch of information available on the internet about the games they play online. Some people love to play story based games while some love to play it with their friends.

Open world games have been loved by users since the last 10 years. These games improved the decision making of players inside the games as well as in their real life. There are many publishers online but finding a trusted one is just like finding a ring lost in the river. 

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There are many benefits of playing decision making or roles based games, some of these benefits are given below:

  1. Increase their Decision Making Capabilities
  2. Make them critical thinkers
  3. Increase their reflexes in real life as well
  4. Source of entertainment for many

Following are the top 10 games based on decision making, critical thinking and focus and accuracy:

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt: 

Open world RPG Games are loved by thousands all over the world and when Witcher 3 was released, people went crazy in the first week to own this game somehow. Initially it was released for consoles but later it was released for PC users as well. 

Witfcher 3 is based on a character hunting witches in a wild land. The game go thorugh many environment, and on different parts the user playing this games had to make some decision and the story proceeds based on the user input. 

We ranked Witcher 3 as the no.1 decision making games.

Mass Effect 2:

In Sci-fi filsm, Planet earth is always shown under attack by the Alien and our next pick in this list is based on such a game in which the eart is under attack. Mass Effect 2, is based on a shepard character who is assigned to assemble a team of warriors and fight against the loaming threat to the planet earth. 

Mass effect is based on decision making and team work, if you are a good decision maker in real life, you wont face any trouble completing this master piece in few weeks.

Life is Strange: 

Life is Strange is developed by Dontnod Entertainment is based on a story of Max, a Photography student having the ability of rewinding time. TIme Traveling or rewinding time is one of the most loved topic by many around the world. 

Life is Strange is based in a town Arcadia Bay, and Max the main character roam around in this town interacting with its inhabitants. It is full of adventure, on every new step she took around the town comes new challanges for her. The main story rovolve around Max trying to investigate the mysterious disappearance of her school felow, Chole Prince.

Detroit: Become Human: 

Detroit: Become Human” was released in 2018 by Sony Entertainment for PlayStation 4. The story of the game revolves around Androids in the city of Detroit. Inhabitants of Detroit, the near future city, used androids for their daily tasks. The game is a third person perspective game. 

The story revolves around 3 android characters, Conor Markus and kara. Conor is trained to figure out the androids involved in a revolution against the human, Markus is the main character leading the revolution in detroit and Kara is a female domestic android character who run away from her owner with her charge.

The Walking Dead: Season One: 

The walking dead: Season one is the first game of the series and is actually based on the famous comic series by Robert Kirkman with the same name. 

The first series of the game was a big success for the publisher and had reportedly sold 8 Million copies around the world in 2012. People love the walking dead for its story, selection of music and character selection.

The Story revolves around two characters, Lee Everett and a teenage girl Celemntine. Lee was a convicted criminal but the governor gave him a second life to escort Clementine to safety in a world full of Zombies.


“Firewatch” is based in Shoshone National forest in Wyoming wilderness. The game was released by Campo Santo for Consoles and PC in 2016. The story revolves around a fire lookout boy Henry, whose responsibility is to look out around the firewatch tower for potential fire in the forest. 

Throughout the game, Henry explores the vicinity around the firewatch tower and finds many clues for mysterious things. The game story process with the decisions Henry took throughout the game. 

The only thing Henry had to contact the outside world is a piece of radio device with which he communicated with his supervisor Deliliah. The game was a commercial success, selling over 2 million copies around the world.

Papers, Please: 

“Papers, Please” was developed by Lucas Pope in 2013, is an indie point and click adventure series game. The player control the character in the imaginary city of Arstotzka, on the border checkpoint. The main duty of the character is to check the documentation of the immigrants entering the city of Arstotzka. The player needs to check for every inch of document and make a decision either to allow the immigrant to pass the border checkpoint or not. The story also progresses on the basis of the decision players take for specific immigrants trying to enter Arstotzka.

The player must impose the complex and difficult immigration laws of Arstotzka, and if he failed to properly make the decision on time either to let a traveler in or not, he might be fined or fired by his supervisor.

The Stanley Parable: 

“The Stanley Parable” is first person perspective game developer and published by Galactic Cafe. The story of the game revolved around a character, Stanley working at an office and suddenly discovered that his fellows are missing. 

Stanley, after discovering the mysterious disappearance of his co workers, went out on a journey to find the wear of them. During the journey the player is guided by a Narrated voice but the players have the decision power to either follow the voice or not.

The story proced with the decision taken by the character in accordance with the naracted voice. The game won many awards for its unique and humor full story.

Fallout: New Vegas: 

In “Fallout: New Vegas,” one of the best first person post-apocalyptic shooter games developed by obsidian entertainment in 2010. The game was released for windows, linus and console. 

The story revolves around a courier guy who was shot in the head and later awakened in a post-apocalyptic deserted wasteland of the former United States of America. The player is on the hunt to find its killer. The player had many options to either go stealth, do combat or keep it the dialogue way. 

The game was praised for its story and graphics by the gaming pundits and won numerous gaming awards at that time.


Decision-making games provide an immersive and engaging experience where players’ choices have a profound impact on the game’s narrative and outcomes. From morally complex worlds to strategic battles and emotional dilemmas, the top 10 games mentioned in this article showcase the diverse range of decision-making experiences available. By playing these games, players can sharpen their critical thinking skills, develop empathy, and learn the art of decision-making in a virtual setting. So, dive into these games and embrace the power to shape your own destiny!


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