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Top 10 Benefits of using Kissflow Workflow

A business requires a sequence of processes that enables it to complete a task, from start to finish, efficiently. These can be either linear or complex. The infrastructure that handles these processes and ensures they function efficiently is known as a workflow or a workflow management system. Workflows can be dealt with both automatically and manually. However, most experts agree that workflow automation is better than manual one as it delivers results faster, efficiently, and accurately. Various software enables you to automate your workflow. Still, the best one in the market is Kissflow Workflow, a cloud-based service platform that makes it extremely easy to manage your business process. What are its benefits and features, how does it work, and why should you have this automated workflow software?

What is Kissflow Workflow?

Kissflow Workflow is an end-to-end cloud-based workflow service platform that allows users to design and execute several business process apps. It offers the best inter-process integrations and helps you manage processes across multiple departments very easily. There are several unique qualities of this great software, one of which is that it requires no coding knowledge. Anybody can use it immediately after its installation, while its friendly interface allows you to create a workflow within a few minutes. It also provides the most potent no-code tools for this purpose. Because it has such unique features, it enjoys a distinguished reputation among prominent multinational corporations and companies worldwide. Interestingly, it has over two million users across 160 countries and is preferred by speakers of more than 11 languages.

How does it benefit your organization?

As mentioned earlier, the Kissflow Workflow platform offers your business plenty of benefits, and some of those are discussed below.

Streamlines your processes effectively

You can be assured of an effective, streamlined workflow with this automated platform. It provides real-time information on every process and presents it in an understandable and user-friendly manner. You can generate custom reports, use dashboards and get actionable insights. It also enables you to do data drilling into each process to remove any unwanted congestion in the system, also known as bottlenecks. You can also do a process audit for obtaining a paper or digital trail of the various steps involved in the process. It also aids you in visual process design by helping you create your workflow visually and carrying out changes anytime you want.

It is incredibly agile

It is rare to find an automated platform as agile as Kissflow Workflow. It offers you the benefit of dynamic routing, whereby items are automatically sent to the right team members based on Standard Operating procedures or SOPs. You can also handle complex decision branches and make changes instantly wherever required. Its agility is also visible in the deployment stage, as you can create your processes quickly, assign users to specific steps and launch the workflow without any delay.

As convenient as it gets

If convenience is what you are after, you will do well to choose Kissflow. It has an impressively easy user interface, allows you to create forms without any coding, and lets you access data from multiple devices, irrespective of whether it’s a personal computer or Android/iOS. 

Quite friendly for your team

It’s always wonderful to have workflow software that encourages smooth operations between and within teams. Kissflow enables a collaborative workplace with its process-based activity feeds. It is also mobile, as it lets your team members contribute to the processes regardless of where they may be located. Users can also assign task responsibilities across teams whenever necessary using the platform. The software also provides you with contextual information and alerts, thus enabling you to work smoothly and efficiently as a team. 

Top Features of the Kissflow Workflow Software

Perhaps no other workflow platform, cloud-based or otherwise, has the same kind of features that Kissflow Workflow does. It offers everything you need for your business, from streamlining the business processes to enhancing inter-team collaboration.

Attractive user-design interface

One of the top features of the Kissflow Workflow software is that it has a beautiful and friendly user interface. Having an intuitive interface is crucial because your business might sometimes decide to scale up its operations, and things could get chaotic without a proper workflow. However, this platform ensures that things remain organized and streamlined. Even when there are numerous workflows, anybody can track and manage the progress of each workflow under a single unified console. 

No prior coding experience required

As mentioned earlier, you do not need to possess coding knowledge while using the Kissflow Workflow platform. All you have to do is install it and start working almost immediately. You will not find any other software that enables you to automate your business processes so quickly, and even within a matter of just 15 minutes. It has features like drag and drop builders, by which you can build strategies regardless of how complicated they are. You can also create customizable workflows by using a user-friendly console. It is interesting that this software also lets you develop forms with rich content and media without writing a single line of code.

Smooth and straightforward integrations

Another fantastic feature of Kissflow is that it offers the smoothest inter-process integrations with third-party systems using various tools, including Slack, Dropbox, Amazon EC2, and Zapier. Since it is fully integrated with Google Apps, it provides flexibility and scope to alternate between different tasks. It also allows you to perform remote tasks efficiently and set automatic triggers that enable you to share data with external applications. 

Dynamic reporting and analytics

Using the Kissflow Workflow platform, you can generate customized reports and analytics to get a deep insight into processes with ready-to-use metrics. The pre-built in report feature allows you to analyze the various tasks and requests while letting you track the progress of the workflow at every stage. The software also offers an intelligent charting feature that suggests the right chart type depending on the kind of data chosen by you.

Fluid forms

The cloud-based Kissflow Workflow service platform also offers tailor-made fluid forms with which you can create a form, change its outlook, and configure the integration within a short period. Organizations will save plenty of time with the level of customization and flexibility that this feature offers. 

If you want to receive and enjoy the benefits of optimum workflow automation, you should consider the Kissflow Workflow software. With its wide range of features, you will manage your business processes efficiently while ensuring the highest productivity and customer satisfaction. 

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