Top 10 AI Sales Tools

AI sales tool

If you work in sales, you’ve more than likely had some thoughts about how you can automate some processes or generally improve the performance. This is where the rapidly growing artificial intelligence sector can offer effective solutions. In this article, Metaverse Post will provide you with the top 10 AI tools for your business.

Before we get to the main list of the instruments, let’s understand how AI tools can be useful now.

Large volumes of data may be processed by AI sales tools automatically, which can then deliver insightful information about clients, market trends, and trading patterns. We should underline the word “automatically” since it will help speed up processes several times and free people from monotonous work that can be done much faster by a machine.

There are situations where artificial intelligence algorithms can predict results more precisely than traditional approaches. AI tools for sales can offer more accurate forecasts by analyzing past data together with outside variables like competitive activity and market circumstances. Also, by identifying which prospects are most likely to convert based on past data and behavioral patterns, sales AI tools may assist teams in prioritizing leads.

Best AI tools for sales, according to MPost

Einstein GPT

Combining CRM data with both public and private AI models, Einstein GPT is an effective tool for the sales industry. This enables users to ask questions within Salesforce CRM using natural language prompts. As a consequence, content produced by artificial intelligence is constantly modified to reflect the knowledge and demands of its customers. Users no longer need to spend a lot of time creating material by hand thanks to it.

Viva Sales

Microsoft created an innovative cloud-based platform known as Viva Sales. The goal of the solution is to improve corporate CRM. With the help of its features, it provides teams with a comprehensive solution that maximizes their business efforts, fosters stronger teamwork, and increases productivity.


With the use of AI and automation, Clari’s Connected Revenue Operations platform enables go-to-market teams to establish complete funnel accountability, which helps B2B companies boost win rates, reduce cycles, and enhance forecast accuracy.


Taplio assists its clients in finding and converting leads into subscribers or customers, measuring all of the outcomes, and producing powerful LinkedIn content more quickly.


For B2B sales teams, Gong is the best revenue intelligence tool. By shedding light on the discussions within your team, it assists you in making more deals. All conversations are recorded, transcribed, and analyzed so that you can increase business performance for your whole team.


SetSail records and examines each email, meeting, and sales call. Teams receive transaction intelligence, MEDDICC assessments, and other deep insights directly to their work location. In addition, a chat-like interface provides immediate responses to important queries.


A cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) – Freshsales assists companies in a variety of industry verticals in managing their contacts with both current and future clients. One-click phone, event monitoring, lead tracking, management, and other features are included.


Sales executives may boost deal velocity, pipeline conversion, and representative productivity by using Outreach, which provides them with a comprehensive view of the whole cycle. Sellers are equipped with all the tools and knowledge necessary to handle agreements through to completion, conduct meetings, navigate buying committees, and create pipelines.


One conversation at a time, Drift encourages companies to provide more interesting customer experiences. It assists tens of thousands of clients worldwide in converting buyer behavior and conversational data into stronger bonds, increased pipeline, and increased income.

Velocity AI

With real-time insights, best practice plays, and customized recommendations for each unique selling style on your team, this solution, which was developed by salespeople for salespeople — helps customers realize the full potential of their teams and close more deals more quickly.

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