Top 10 Advanced Car Technologies by 2020

Car Technologies

In the current digital world, car manufacturing is one of the critical industries that has greatly been affected by advancements in technology. There is no doubt that automotive technology has evolved tremendously, especially over the past ten years. 

Today, advanced cars can hit speeds of up to 300 Mph or towing loads of up to 50 tones. Even so, what advanced car technologies should we expect this year? Will there be flying cars? Read on as we have prepared a detailed insight into some of the advanced car technologies you should expect this year.

Below are the top 10 advanced car technologies by 2020:

1) Driver Override Systems

What if a car could be able to make its own decisions and override the driver’s command? Wouldn’t it be awesome, especially when you make a wrong judgment? By 2020, cars will be capable of hitting brakes- even when the driver has the gas pedal floored. The kind of sensor technology integrated into most vehicles today will be capable of feeding the car with the final command. It is possible to doze off or make wrong judgments on the road, making a driver override system quite a beneficial technology.

2) Autonomous Vehicle

This relates to driver overrides. However, in this case, autonomous vehicle technology is capable of assuming full control of the car. By 2020, we will have cars capable of controlling themselves without human oversight but in certain circumstances. Why? Because it might take more than five years before a vehicle can drive itself anywhere- even in the rural areas. Some of the roads in remote areas are not connected to Google Maps, which will, therefore, make it hard for autonomous vehicles to move around.

3) Biometric Vehicle Access

The automotive industry has experienced quite a change, especially in how we access or power up our cars. We have seen a shift from keys to keyless entry and the latest key-fob-less entry. In 2020, individuals will be able to unlock or start their cars with a touch of a finger. Sounds a lot like the latest mobile phone security technology, right? Well, it should, because the criterion of functionality is the same. You will only be required to open the back door or your boot with a touch of a finger.

4) Active Heads-Up Display (HUD)

From washed-out green digits display to the current Heads-Up Display, this type of technology has come a long way and is projected to advance even further. By 2020, active HUD will be capable of displaying vibrant images, highlights, and navigation to car owners through their windows or windshield. It will not only enhance mobility but also ease of use.

5) Comprehensive Tracking

One of the biggest concerns for car owners is insurance. The majority of insurance companies charge a fixed rate- regardless of whether you drive a lot or not. This year, we will get to enjoy a comprehensive car tracking technology that will be capable of monitoring your car’s movement. Car owners will be able to pay for insurance based on the movement of their cars.

6) Flying cars 

Believe it or not, a company in Slovakia is supposed to sell its first flying car this year. Aero Mobil 3.0 is tested and certified to be safe to drive or fly anywhere across the world. This technology will allow individuals to fly and land at any airport and stop in any gas station for a refill. It is one of the most anticipated automotive technology in 2020.

7) Health Monitoring

What if your car would be capable of telling when you are sick or not? In 2020, cars can be capable of integrating with steering wheel sensors and can pair up with wearable to tell when you need to see the doctor. It will be great, especially for the elderly or individuals with health conditions such as diabetes or heart problems. What’s more, the technology will also be connected to an emergency contact that will automatically dial itself in case of an emergency.

8) Remote vehicle shutdown 

Today, most car manufacturers are already integrating this form of technology to shut down stolen cars or end police chases. Some microchips can be installed in your car systems. The technology can be used to perform a myriad of tasks, including starting or shutting down your car remotely. 

9) Supercars: Four-Cylinder

There are cars such as the all-new GT supercar that boasts remarkable performance features such as a twin-turbo V6. In 2020, we will see supercars capable of delivering over 600 horsepower and world-beating performances.

10) Personalized and Location-Based Ads in Car Display

Almost everybody in the current society is connected via Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, or other social media platforms. By the end of 2020, the average car will be fully connected to the internet. It will provide marketers with an opportunity to connect with car owners anywhere and on the go. Hopefully, the technology will integrate an opt-in or out feature. Even so, brace yourself for a more personalized and location-based ads in-car marketing technique. 


As the year progresses, there is no doubt that automotive technology will continue to grow. Even so, it is imperative for car owners, futurists, or car enthusiasts to remain updated to help them decide on what to anticipate. At, we have got you covered,  if you have a junk or used car that you would like to dispose or intend to get cash for cars. The above car technologies will ensure you brace yourself for the future and help you make the right adjustments.

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